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Keeping Clothes Clean at Chaos HQ with VANISH NapiSan Oxi Action Stain Remover!

Tuesday, 17th September 2013

Keeping Clothes Clean at Chaos HQ with VANISH NapiSan Oxi Action Stain Remover!

Washing. It never ever ends, especially if you have a large family like we do here at Chaos HQ.

After all my whinging and moaning about the state of ‘Mount Washmore’, I was recently given the opportunity to try out some Vanish NapiSan Oxi Action Stain Remover, and I’d be a crazy lady not to try anything that promises to make my job easier in the laundry.

Vanish 1

So ordinarily, I’m a ‘basics’ kind of laundry girl, that uses whatever laundry powder and stain spray that is on special when I visit the shops. This is a fantastic way to save some $$$ when your dirty washing is just ‘worn’ with no real marks or stains, but when things are messed up, with those impossible stains like coffee, red wine and blood, it often doesn’t make the cut.

I have been known in the past to wash and rewash and wash again to try and move the stains and in the big picture, that’s not saving me any money at all once you factor in the washing powder, water & electricity used to do it.

So I put Vanish to the test on a grubby load of washing and a load of school uniforms to see what kind of difference it can really make, and to judge whether it would be worth me spending those extra $$$ on it to save me time and money in the future.

Vanish 2

The results?

By adding a scoop of Vanish to the washing load with my usual washing powder, the bright yellow school polo tops were noticeably brighter and the shadowy grease-like marks on the grey shorts were all gone.Β  This saved me the time of individually spraying each item with a stain spray. YEY!

The biggest difference I noticed with the other clothes was the marks and stains that came out of the baby bibs, which have had all sorts of things smooshed into them. The big chocolate custard stain on one bib had faded dramatically and by soaking it for a further 2hrs, the stain was completely gone. WINNING!

Before using the Vanish I had resigned to the fact that the bib in question was destined for the bin!

The Vanish Website is an amazing resource for tips on how to remove different kinds of stains.

So next up in my line of impossible stains to remove was is top I wore in the van whilst juggling a hot take-away coffee and a speed bump, closely followed by the pale pink top Veruca was wearing when she developed a rather large blood nose during the warmer weather a week ago. Follow the links for instructions on how to remove these types of stains!! It’s too easy…..

And the list goes on.

I am a Vanish converted washer woman from now on! I will definitely purchase Vanish in the future as clean washing the first time sounds like a bonus to me, and the best part is…..

IT’S MONSTERSQUAD DAD PROOF!!! No more forgetting to spray clothes before he washes them anymore! WOOHOO!

Now, I’m keen on using other Vanish products as well, especially the carpet stain remover. Have you tried it?

{This is a sponsored review post.Β  All photos and opinions are my own and have been written in all honesty. Product or payment does not alter my opinion, however a full time cleaner may sway it a little!! HAHAHAHA}

Have you used Vanish in the past?

What are your best tips for removing hard to budge stains?


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    1. Hi Jac, glad you have discovered Vanish, I have been using it for years and it really does work, and as you said if you soak any bad stains they do come out. we also have one White Vanish which is for whites plus the pink one which can be used on colours. ie jumpers I think that is the one you are using. A really great product, we also have a product called Ariel washing powder/tablets/ and gel things too plus they do their own whitener/stain remover similar to vanish which is also excellent. so look out for that too. Love to you all Joan xxx

    2. Krystal Ferguson

      Yep I'm a vanish convert, can't believe how easy it is! Anything that makes busy mums lives easier is a bonus!

    3. I havent used Vanish for a while but by looking at those pictures I think I need too!

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