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Learning Through Play With Fisher Price Apptivity Toys!

Tuesday, 9th October 2012

Learning Through Play With Fisher Price Apptivity Toys!

*** UPDATE***

The lovely people at Fisher Price® have seen how much you all like their toys and have offered me one Apptivity™ Monkey to give away!!! Yey!!

All you have to do to enter is:

Tell me what your baby will like most about the Monkey toy!!!

If you have left a comment already, please feel free to comment again to be in the running.

For terms and conditions of this comp, please click HERE!!!

Winner will be contacted via email – Check your inbox and junk mail box!!!!

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We all love toys, and let’s be honest, Fisher Price® make some of the greatest toys there is on the market today.

With the constant advances in technology, Fisher Price® have taken the next step and designed a range of toys suitable for babies and toddlers that incorporate the use of iPhones® and iPads®!

Introducing the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn™ Apptivity™ Monkey and The Laugh & Learn™ Apptivity™ iPad® case.

Fisher Price Apptivity Toys

AWESOME right? , I know.

Now if you’re like me and have shoved one of these devices at your little one in desperation of a moments silence, you’ve probably spent more time wincing at the dribble seeping into the cracks than enjoying the silence. Correct?

Or do you just shudder at the thought of a cracked screen every time they become upright and move with the device? Yep, me too.

So of course, when road testing these toys at Chaos HQ, the first thing that appealed to me beyond any other feature was knowing that these expensive devices could be placed in sturdy lockable cases.

Then they told me to download the FREE Apps from the Apple iStore.

Well, I was nothing short of mighty impressed.

Not only was there an array of different applications to choose from, many of them were FREE.

Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and Colours plus more.

How cool is that?

Here’s one for you to check out:


Play time is so important for little people. It’s when they learn and soak up all the knowledge that they will use growing up.

As a mum of 6 little monsters and a childcare worker, I have seen first hand the benefits of playtime and learning through music, games and play.

Make the educational side of anything ‘fun’ and the information is so much more likely to remain with the learner. (Works with adults too!!! )

Since introducing my MonsterSquad to the iPad®/iPhone® products, I have noticed huge improvements in their fine motor skills and their hand/eye coordination. I wonder if they’d love playing it all so much if they realised how much they were actually learning through play??? hehehe.

The Laugh & Learn™ iPad® case is a fantastic way to protect the device from drool and accidental pressing of the home button. It’s baby friendly and would make an excellent interactive ‘learning table’ suited to babies from 6mths to around 2 years of age. It comes with an inbuilt rattle toy on the top handle and rocker legs on the underside to make it sit like a mini table.

You do have to ‘unlock’ the case every time you want to switch to a different App, so the older toddlers may lose a little interest after a while. I can’t wait until Elijah is around 6-8 months to sit up and interact with all the different free Fisher Price® Apps I have downloaded for him.

Fisher Price Apptivity iPad Case

The Laugh & Learn™ Apptivity™ Monkey toy is my new favourite thing, errr……. and Elijah’s too and maybe even Levi aswell (Ok we all fight over it!).

It talks, sings and counts for your baby like many other ‘learning toys’ out there but the best part about it is you can put your iPhone® in it, load up the free Fisher Price® Monkey App and your baby can then play and learn on a whole new level with their super cute monkey toy.

And of course, like the iPad® case, your iPhone® is completely sealed in the compartment on the Monkey’s tummy.

Fisher Price Apptivity Monkey

Levi enjoys all the counting and alphabet Apps, but Elijah’s favourite App is the Fisher Price® Learning Letters Monkey App. As soon as we show him the monkey he starts to grin, and when we set off the songs and giggles he gets a smile to rival the Cheshire cat. And that is worth more than anything in my eyes!

Happy baby = Happy mum!

The Laugh & Learn™ Apptivity™ Monkey is compatible with iPhone® 3GS, 4. 4S, and the iPod® touch 4th generation.

At the rate this baby boy of mine is growing, he’ll be singing me the Alphabet song before Christmas!!!


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    1. My son's just discovered how fun mummy and daddy's iPhones can be with the games we have on there for him! I also am desperate for an iPad to entertain him on upcoming international flights next year. These look great for him!

    2. Aren't they awesome.. our 14 month old loves the iPad and I have been meaning to pick up one of the iPad cases for a while now. We have the iPhone one already.. :)

    3. It is a great idea, and a good way to protect your iphone/ipad. I think that it will sell really well. Personally though we have a no phones/pad rule for Miss 4 because I just don't think toddlers need to be plugged in so young. I am a bit old fashioned though and it is probably good for car trips and the like.

    4. I definitely think we need something like this for my little man. My girls are able to play with my phone and iPad with no trouble but Jazzy is just a bit rough and is constantly pressing the home button and complaining that he's left his game.

    5. I think my kids would enjoy the singing that the monkey would do. They are Still just learning their alphabet and counting. The 17mth old starts counting from 5 sometimes.

    6. I think my little man would love the music and bright colours this would make a perfect Christmas present for masons first Christmas .

    7. Catherine

      The monkey apptivity toy would be wonderful for my 6 month old baby boy. He loves to watch "twinkle twinkle little star" on my iPhone, it is our saving grace with his reflux as it distracts him. It would save mummy and daddy having to hold the phone up for him!! Also his older brothers having to hold the phone for him on car journeys when he is unsettled :)

    8. Darlene Broadbent

      My son always plays with his brothers and sisters ipods or their ds consoles so I think one of these would be great.

    9. Carolyn E

      She'll like playing with my phone the best as I've never let her play with it yet - I'm too scared it will be destroyed!! She loves music too so she will love the songs as well.

    10. Courtney

      Purple Monkey Apptivity Dishwasher! I loooove this, I don't know why it is hard wired into toddlers that chewing and playing with iPhone's is THE best fun you could ever have??! Please save my iPhone!

    11. Kimberley Belford

      I always am so scared when my 2 yr old wants to play games on my new iphone Jacks fav jungle animal is the monkey so this is a win win situation :)

    12. Han moran

      I think what he would like the most is having mummys phone without me constantly nagging him to be careful lol

    13. nikki montague

      Master 10 months is in a huge rush to catch his sisters. He just loves the alphabet, and with older siblings cant get enough of technology.

    14. Caris

      As a mother of two children under 1 and a half I am always looking for products which will keep them occupied as well as being educational through exploration. I think the Apptivity range from Fisher Price is really innovative, especially the Apptivity Monkey. My 16 month old son; Jayden would love this and can see it being his favourite toy of choice to play with.

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