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Less Time In The Laundry! Washing Made Easy With Colour Catchers + {An Awesome Giveaway}

Tuesday, 5th March 2013

Less Time In The Laundry! Washing Made Easy With Colour Catchers + {An Awesome Giveaway}

This post is sponsored by Colour Catchers.

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Those of you with a larger family would know what I mean when I say “The washing pile never ever ends”. In fact, I think that any size family creates a decent pile in the laundry but with 8 people to wash for, 6 being kids, you can imagine the state of Mount Washmore after I miss a day or two.

The people who make the COLOUR CATCHER sheets have been in touch with me after my constant moaning about the state of my laundry and the amount of time that I spend in it.

They believe that their product will dramatically reduce my time in the wash house by eliminating the need for me to separate the colours and the whites.


Yeh that’s what I thought.

So I replied with a great big YES PLEASE as I am willing to give anything a go to escape the mundane and lessen the housework load.

As it stands, we already have separate piles for

* Uniforms

* Clothes

* Towels & Linen

* Whites

* Other

To wipe one of them out would…..

a) Obviously save me time in the laundry.

b) Save me doing an extra load of whites even though there is sometimes only a few socks and jocks.

c) Make a little more room in my already tiny and squishy laundry room.



Colour Catcher 1
{Excuse the photo-bombing cat 'Luna'. She is looking forward to me spending more time with her and not in the laundry..... Hahahaha.}

So I gave them a burl……

I approached the laundry with as much caution as I usually do, and opened the washing machine lid like a woman on a mission.

Firstly I placed the Colour Catcher sheet in the bottom of the machine. We have a top loader but they can also be used in front loader machines too. This ‘magical’ sheet looks and feels a bit like a piece of hand towel paper you get in public rest room only a whole lot thicker and stronger looking.

Then I put in some white and light grey items in the machine, with an added bonus of a delinquent pair of bright purple denim shorts that seem to make a menace of themselves each and every time they’re washed.

Colour Catcher 2

I closed the lid and hoped to hell these Colour Catchers worked as I was going to be in a world of girly whinging if the ‘favourite white and pink shirt’ ended up a cute shade of purple.

An hour later I slunk back into my own personal hell hole…..ahem….. I mean laundry and grabbed the washing out of the machine.

The Colour Catcher Sheet had ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!

Whites were still white and the much loved shirt looked as clean as ever.



Community Announcement:

“Prepare yourself men of the world, the laundry now awaits you…. It is now completely ‘MAN-SAFE'”.

You’re welcome ladies, you are welcome!

(No seriously, I know there are many man-folk out there that are perfectly wonderful and do washing without a hitch, if you have bagged yourself one, freakin’ awesome, but from my own personal experience, and heck, honesty is what I promised you all, men just don’t obsess over the small things like women do, hence my new found excitement!)

Colour Catcher 3
{I have included a fresh new 'Colour Catcher' in the photo so you can compare the colour difference. There is a big difference in natural light. These purple shorts have been washed 3 or 4 times already and were not brand new, and it still collected a heap of colour out of them.}

So, the best part about me reviewing these laundry time savers, is that I have scored a giveaway for 10 lucky readers!

Share the love I say.

All I want you to do is head over and ‘LIKE’ the Colour Catchers Facebook page so they know that I just don’t blog to myself, and tell me (in a comment on this blog post) what you will be doing with your spare time once Colour Catchers are in your washing routine???

I will then judge the answers on creativity and entertainment value!

It’s that easy.

The Fine Print:

* Competition is open to Australian Residents Only – Apologies to my international readers.

* Competition will run from 7am 5th March 2013 – 7pm 19th March 2013.

* Entries will be judged on creativity and the judges decision is FINAL.

* Please use a valid email address as winners will be notified by email. CHECK YOUR JUNK BOX TOO!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t forget to check out the Colour Catcher’s FACEBOOK PAGE as they’re running a competition to win $1,000.00 to spend on a new wardrobe. Click HERE!

{This is a sponsored post. All views are my own and payment does not and will not sway my judgement of an item. Payment simply locks in a publish date on Common Chaos Chronicle.}




    Written by:

    1. Skye

      I would use my spare time to actually have five minutes to sit down! Haha

    2. Emma

      I shall spend my 'free time' out of the laundry wisely. I shall be in the garden. May not be creative or even an entertaining answer but it is what it is. ;) By the way I shall be seeking out this product out. Thanks! :)

    3. Megan M

      With all the colour runs I no longer will see, I will have so much more time for just me! I'll have time to clean out the spare junk room, and utilise the outside broom :( ONLY KIDDING as if I would! (even though I know I should) I'll play with my kids, and we'll watch the sun shine, as we see our colour-run free washing on the line.

    4. Jessie Hay

      With colour catchers's help, In my spare time, So many things I could do, And the decision would be mine- I could dance around silly with the kids, Sing more than a little out of tune, So then the neighbours would think, I was a crazy loon, I could spend some more time reading, My poor neglected book, You see it's been 3 months, Since I even had a look, More time spent baking, Yummy things for the kids lunch, That's of course if I don't eat the treats first, I'm pregnant and need to munch!, I could shave more than once a fortnight, Shhhhh- oh yes it's true!, And stop that blowing in the breeze feeling, From leg hairs that quickly grew, Of course there would be more time for cudding, Which I'm sure my kids would love, Because with Colour Catcher's help, I could give laundry time the shove!

    5. Ok, WOW! How simple!! I'm forever having a go at hubby for mixing up the colours and whites. Looks like you've just shared the answer to our laundry issues. Huzzah!

    6. I be swinging blissfully in my hammock reading my book My hubby is very guilty of mixing everything and ruining beautiful chinos with a red t shirt - that even 3 yrs later still gave off red.

    7. Oh I won't be so blue I will have more time for the important things I can do Listen to some music, watch a movie Read a book or go to the loo Have a nap in the quiet time I have My old clothes would look new I could soak in a bath with lots of bubbles Lots more things for me to do And colour catcher I'm sure I will love to!!!! Hehe

    8. I just love the way you have written this post - I can definitely relate, especially when some kids in my house can go through 3 sets of clothes in 12hours and want them all washed! If I saved time on the washing, I could spend more time drinking champagne.

    9. Wah! I so need this!!! What will I do with that spare time? Chill out, blog & then do some reading ;)

    10. Oh.My.Gosh. With my free time, I would probably at first be so excited I would not know what to do with myself. Then, I would get out my paints and make a mess!

    11. I can't enter, but these are the lifesavers of quilters when washing brand new quilts!!!

    12. So simple! What a fab product. I'd use my extra time to sew and quilt. There always seem to be about a squillion other more important things to do, so sewing would be my priority.

    13. Kim m

      I would read with my spare time, always reading, whenever I have spare time!

    14. Kay

      Well I am slack and throw my clothes in together so the laundry is a little less time consuming BUT the clothes all look a bit dull and oddly coloured. So I would probably use the extra time to brag to hubby and kids about how fantastic and white the whites look and how bright the colours on their clothes are now. :) :)

    15. Jodie Daniel

      If I did less laundry... I would definitely sleep more. Or maybe get my feet massaged and nails painted. Or get a back massage. Or have a bath. Or read a book. Or even a magazine. Or pluck my eyebrows. There are soooo many things I want to do... and I just need more time in my day.

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