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Love To Dream Baby Swaddles Have Harnessed Our Night Time Ninja + {AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

Tuesday, 25th September 2012

Love To Dream Baby Swaddles Have Harnessed Our Night Time Ninja + {AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

When baby Elijah was in my tummy, we would often joke around about him being a little bit of a ninja.

The arms and legs never ever stopped.

Now he’s out and all of 12 weeks old, nothing at all has changed.

In my 8 years experience of wrapping up babies to get them to sleep, never have I come across one so eager to escape the wraps and get their wriggly arms free.

So I started researching baby swaddles.

Love To Dream came to the rescue with their fantastic and easy to use baby swaddle.

Love to dream UP swaddle

The ‘Love To Swaddle UP’ differs from many other swaddles on the market as it allows the baby’s arms to remain UP rather than strapped down to their body.

Elijah is still able to get his hands up near his mouth and rub his cheeks with the super soft cotton of the swaddle.Β  The double ended zipper allows for easy access and it even has a slot so you can transfer bub into the pram too.

So now, when we prepare Elijah for bedtime, he is secure in his swaddle with his arms up right where he wants them to be.


Love to swaddle up

We now have a snuggly little Swaddled UP baby that sleeps through the night and no longer wakes himself up with the startle reflex.


I have been trialing the Love To Swaddle UP for over 2 weeks now and I cannot say enough great things about it.

Our quality of sleep has improved immensely and I am now getting 8+ hours sleep a night, which is amazing compared to the 3 hours of broken sleep I was getting!

The difference is incredible and I wasn’t expecting such a fantastic result.

I am definitely sold on these swaddles and will be purchasing another so I don’t have to have it washed every day.

The Love To Swaddle UP comes in sizes to suit newborns right through to toddlers with a range including organic swaddles and 50/50 swaddles that can be turned into a sleeping bag.

For more info on these products you can check out their website at .

Now if you’re expecting a newborn or have a bub that doesn’t sleep well, I have some great news for you!!!!

The awesome people at Love To Dream have given me a prize pack to share with one lucky winner.

To be in the running to win:

1x Original Swaddle

1x Love To Dream Beanie

1x Wash Bag To Protect The Swaddle

all you have to do is….




Tell me in a comment on this post, what a decent night’s sleep means to you!

It’s that simple.

The Fine Print…..

* Competition is open to Australian Residents only (Sorry overseas peeps)

* Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.

* Entries must be written in the comments section of this post. Entries on the Facebook wall will not be accepted.

* Competition closes on Friday 5th October 2012.

You have to be in it to win it so enter NOW!

Thank you all for entering.
Luv Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xoxo


    Written by:

    1. Brenda Edwards

      I too am sold on these Swaddles. After 2 girls that were wriggle worms and didn't sleep well as they wanted their arms up near their face and I kept wrapping their arms down, I did the research with my 3rd baby on all the different swaddles available. The first night that my son Campbell was in the Swaddle he seemed so much more settled. I recommend these to every new mum that has a baby that wants their arms up all the time. Now he is nearly 8 months I have just purchased the 50/50 swaddles as I know that I will need to let him free soon.

    2. Crystal

      What is a decent nights sleep? I couldn't even tell you. It would certainly mean more patience and energy to do fun things with my 4 kids (7wks, 2,3,10) and then some energy left for hubby later ;)

    3. Melissa White

      Ah a decent night's sleep ... I think I have forgotten what that is! I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with baby #4 and sleep is eluding me already. Preparing me for the newborn stage no doubt! I wasn't aware of these kinds of swaddles when my last baby was born so I'm off to do some research :) Thanks!

    4. Linsey Scamp

      I have 5 kids so it's very rare I get a decent nights sleep. My youngest is 5 months old and not the best sleeper. I would love a night of uninterrupted sleep so I can finally feel refreshed in the mornings and it would be great to have a full dream for once.The swaddle sounds perfect for my son :-)

    5. Kellie H

      A decent nights sleep to me is the difference between a good day and a bad day! I'm not a morning person at all, and that's magnified if I haven't had a decent amount of hours the night before. With a new baby on the way and two kids who sometimes don't feel like staying in their beds all night, maybe this is what I need!

    6. Kellie

      Having a fresh and brand new 4 week old at the moment, a full nights sleep would be HEAVENLY! Especially when I put hot boiled water into my canister of coffee instead of my cup of coffee yesterday morning......hello, sleep deprivation! :)

    7. Michelle

      It means the world to me. I can just function so much better. I definitely need a solution to my sleepness nights too

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Reminder everyone to head to the Common Chaos Chronicle & Love To Dream Facebook Pages and 'Like' our Pages! xox Thanks for your entries!!!

    9. as i write this with my eyes hanging out of my head i can not even begin to put into words what a decent nights sleep would mean to me because I'm too damn tired !

    10. A decent night's sleep, Ha, what is that? If I'm not disturbed by Hubby's snoring, My head is being sat on by the cat! My babe's are a dream, They barely disrupt, Little C wakes regularly, But 9 times out of 10 I'm already up! I'd love to win this swaddle, To wrap my little girl tight, She wakes herself by hitting her face, This would help her sleep all night :)

    11. Julie

      A decent night sleep... Honestly, I'm not too sure what that is! My middle child(miss 3) wakes every night, and more often than not its an hour temper tantrum. New Miss is due is 4 weeks and we were just saying last night(during the 2 hr tantrum) how will we cope with awaking newborn and Miss 3? I guess now I know, New Miss can swaddled in a Love To Dream! I can't wait to feel like a normal person again!

    12. Do they make adult sizes ones, because that looks so comfy and cozy! I remember those nights...feeling like a zombie, walking the hallway with a baby that doesn't want to fall back asleep. Both of my babies were escapees from their wraps. This would have been an absolute lifesaver.

    13. Jessie Hay

      A decent night's sleep means... Not feeling like I've been out on the town, When instead my baby partied with me, Not having massive bags under my eyes, Not needing another coffee, It means the milk goes back in the fridge, Instead of in the pantry, It means I'm more fun to be around, And not extra grumpy, Most of all it means I feel myself, And have the energy, To be a fun mum to my kids, Which is important to me!

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