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Make This Summer A Natural One With Ridge Organics!

Wednesday, 11th December 2013

Make This Summer A Natural One With Ridge Organics!


With all the crazy hustle and bustle of December, Christmas and bringing in the New Year, it’s easy to become run down in every aspect of your life.

It’s something I know all too well about at Chaos HQ. We get so busy, we eat the wrong foods, we buy what is the quickest most convenient option when it comes to household products and we forget to really TAKE CARE of ourselves. Before I know it, we have exzema and other conditions popping up all over our bodies.

A month or so ago I was introduced to Ridge Organics. Ridge Organics is an online store created by Jo Deacon a registered nurse who recognises the health benefits of using natural products everyday around your home.

Every product in the store is trialled and tested by Jo and her friends and family before it makes the cut and is added to the website.


Since discovering Ridge Organics, I have slowly begun to adapt and change some of the ‘everyday’ products that we use here at Chaos HQ, knowing that when I do purchase, I am making a healthy choice for my family’s sensitive skin issues.

So far we have tried the Eco-Store range of cleaning sprays which have really stood up to the grime test. I have also been working my way through some of the organic laundry detergents in the hope that the eczema on the children clears up.

In my next order I will be checking out some of the skin products including an aloe moisturising cream and some of the natural soaps they have available.

By making a gradual swap over to organic products, the change has been affordable and so far, easy to maintain within our tight budget. With $9.95 flat rate shipping and free shipping with orders over $90, I think it’s time for me to stock up again before the summer holidays!


Also, if you’re looking for a fantastic school/kinder fundraiser, check out the fundraising options that Ridge Organics offer. Purchasing everyday useful products and supporting local schools and venues etc seems like a much better option in comparison to the usual chocolate drives most places do!

**This post was brought to you by Ridge Organics. All words and opinions expressed are my own.**

Do you try to purchase organic product where possible?




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