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Making Meal Times FUN With Fantasy Feet Drink Bottles + {Giveaway}

Monday, 12th November 2012

Making Meal Times FUN With Fantasy Feet Drink Bottles + {Giveaway}

Any parent of a food and drink consuming child will tell you that meals times can be a nightmare.

I know myself how full on, messy and stressful they can be.

If they’re not refusing to eat/drink it, they’re spilling it everywhere.

I mean it’s nothing to be alarmed about, all little people do it, but let’s be honest, if there is an easier way to do things then I am going to give it a whirl.

Levi messy eating

The best part about me giving an easier way a whirl, is that I can share it with all my lovely readers, hopefully easing the meal time pressure off some other busy mums and dads.

The lovely folk at SMASH have contacted me and asked me to check out their new FANTASY FEET Drink Bottle range.

Drink Bottles, we have a plenty at Chaos HQ, however there were a few features that made me accept the offer and give these funky looking things a go.

Fantasy Feet 4

* They’re BPA Free. I don’t know about you, but I cannot tell you if the last lot of drink bottles we purchased were BPA Free. Anything with less chemicals in it is going to be a win in my book!

* They’re 280mls so they’re not going to be too heavy for me to lug around on outings unlike the 700ml ones we’ve had in the past. (700ml x 5 kinda gets heavy real quick!)

* They have a leak-proof lid, so no more spills at the table and out & about gets another big tick from me!

* The recommended retail price on these items is very reasonable. Prices start at $4.99 – $9.99 and the Drink Bottles are $5.99.

* Funky designs. Seriously. 6 different animal type designs to choose from, which the legs can be interchanged for a little bit more fun.

Fantasy Feet 1

Since Levi is OBSESSED with dinosaurs right now, and he struggles to drink much during the day, I am using the awesome Dinosaur Drink Bottle as an incentive to keeping him hydrated in the heat!

So far so good.

Fantasy Feet 5

Levi love’s it, he want’s to drink, and we haven’t had one dinner time spill since we’ve had it.

It’s relatively easy to clean (unlike some of the sippy cups on the market), and is also dishwasher safe too – if you have one, unlike me who still lives in the stone-age!

I have been really happy with the Fantasy Feet Drink Bottle and can’t wait to try out other items in the range once Elijah is ready for solids. (Although Levi has now claimed the bowl as his own too!!!)

Smash have also included a FF Snack Cup, FF Bowl with Spoon, FF Cutlery Set, FF Sipper Cup & FF Food Pots in the FANTASY FEET range, if you just love matching accessories like we do here at Chaos HQ

Fantasy Feet 2

You can find selected items from the Fantasy Feet range at Woolworths (Safeway) & Big W stores across Australia, and for the FULL RANGE of products, shop online at

I can already see many little people receiving these as stocking fillers this Christmas, a fun and practical gift!


SMASH want me to reward 2 lucky readers with 2 drink bottles from the range each.

I am now using these easy to fill out entry forms, but please be aware that I still need you to leave a little comment on the blog post too!!!

(Even if you just copy & paste your answer, I’m not fussy, I’ll leave it up to you :-))

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    Written by:

    1. Ying Ying TAN

      Cannot wait to try this out on my little one, am sure she will FINALLY love drinking water!!!

    2. Emma

      They are cute!! :)

    3. Brenda Edwards

      I need to encourage my kids to drink more water in the summer and I keep buying bottles that leak on them

    4. cherie backhouse

      my littlest man would love these as he is totally dinosaur obsessed. He is only 21months old and loves anything Dino. I already got him the bowl from this set last week. Sooo need the drink one

    5. cherie backhouse

      i have a Levi also and i also call him my Little Levi. I think Levi's r super cute

    6. These look great. Love them all.

    7. Kirsty

      My little terror loves water like nothing else but I think mos tof it ends up on the couch/floor/carseat/clothes he is wearing! This would ensure it all gets to his mouth where it belongs..!! Plus he makes the cutest dinosaur 'roar' which I'm sure would come out alot while drinking from this!

    8. My nephews have complex medical needs which mean they need to drink a lot. They struggle and these fun bottles may help them do it. when I can afford 3 I will go buy some.

    9. Shireena Datta

      My 17 month old would love these! We have oodles of drink bottles but they do all leak even when they claim not too! Would love to give these a test drive :)

    10. what a lovely giveaway!! I hope they don't leak like alot of bottles on the market do!

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