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Mashing Meals In Moments with Phillips Avent’s Combined Steamer/Blender {+ WICKED GIVEAWAY}

Monday, 15th October 2012

Mashing Meals In Moments with Phillips Avent’s Combined Steamer/Blender {+ WICKED GIVEAWAY}

When we had our twins 8 years ago, we didn’t really know that much about feeding babies.

They were our ‘learn as you go’ kids so to speak.

They progressed from being breastfed, to drinking formula, to spitting Farax at us and eventually taking to some tinned apples, custards and veges.

We followed the age ranges on the supermarket shelves to guide us through the stages of feeding our 2 little monsters.

As the years went by and we had more babies our knowledge became much much broader as did the menu for our little ones.

By the time we started feeding Levi (number 5) solids, time became a major factor and we often slipped back into using pre-prepared jar baby food.

You do what you have to do.

Elijah (number 6) is almost 4months old already and sometime over the next 2 months will be looking for something a little more than milk.

This time around I want to avoid jar/tin food whenever possible, and make my own baby food.

Not because I am totally against jar/tin baby food, or don’t approve of it, but for 3 reasons really….

1. Home made food is healthier. I know what goes in it and know what nutrients bub is getting.

2. It’s a massive money saver to make your own baby food simply using what you cook at home anyway.

3. I never, ever (did I say NEVER??) want to have to taste that fake processed baby food taste ever again. Without a doubt I will always accidentally check the temperature of the food by shoving some in my mouth. It’s not yum people…. not yum at all….

So I got my mitts on a Phillips Avent Combined Steamer / Blender, which promised nutritious food made quick and easy and just quietly, it did not disappoint!

Within 20mins I had fresh baby food ready to serve.

Avent Combined Steamer Blender 1
{To test out this great product I used a potato, a piece of pumpkin, half a carrot and some peas. I just saved the ingredients from a family meal I was cooking. Too easy!}

In the box you also receive a little recipe book to help you put together some baby meals but I thought I would just get all creative with what I had left in the kitchen!

Phillips Avent Steamer Blender 2
{You simply add the ingredients to the steamer blender, add the desired amount of water to the tank, flip the jug-like piece over to steam mode and switch it on. The food steams away in the blender while you go about preparing the rest of the dinner!}

For this combination of vegetables I put enough water in the steamer for it to steam for 15mins, which was just right!

Avent Steamer Blender Book
{While the vegetables were steaming away, I checked out the recipe book that came with the Steamer/Blender for future meal inspiration.}

Once steamed, you simply flip the jug-like piece over and hold the knob on the blend setting.

To get that ‘first time feeding’ type consistency, I kid you know I blended it for approx 10 seconds! Super quick!

Avent Steamer Blender Mooshy Food
{Blending the actual food only takes seconds, and the smell was delicious when I opened up the lid.}

Now, I had a quick taste test of this and it was yum. Nothing plasticy tasting about it.

Since Elijah is a few months off having a go at it, I called on the services of ‘Monster Levi’ to give it a crack.

At first he wasn’t so sure, silly mum mentioned it was ‘baby food’….

After some convincing he had a go, then a second go, then gave it the big thumbs up.

Apparently I am allowed to serve this up to his ‘whittle ewhy’,(little Eli).

Avent Steamer Blender Levi Eating Food
{So Levi thought his baby brother's food was so tasty that he only let me keep half for the freezer, and took off with the remaining food to scoff down for his lunch! - TRUE STORY!!!}

So in my opinion, the Phillips Avent Combined Steamer Blender is getting the big thumbs up.

It’s easy to use, it’s quick & convienient, it’s easy to clean and the food tastes fresh and yum.

I am even going to make up some meals and freeze them for Elijah to save even more time.

Now for the great news:

I am giving away one Phillips Avent Combined Steamer Blender to a lucky Common Chaos Chronicle reader.

Exciting… YES?

All you have to do to be in the running to win this cool prize is tell me what you would put in the blender to make a delicious baby meal????

(yes, I’m using you guys for inspiration!)

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* Competition is open to Australian Residents Only – Sorry everyone else, but thanks for supporting Common Chaos with comments and love :-)xox

* Winner will be selected by Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle and my decision will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

* Winner will be notified via email – make sure you supply the correct email addy and check your email inbox and junk folder!!!

* Winner will have 48hrs to contact me after I send off the email. After this time a new winner will be selected.

* Competition ends on Friday 26th October 2012 at 7pm AEST.

* Phillips Avent supplied me with this product to review. They must have heard me moaning about time constraints too! All opinions are honest and my own. Photographs taken in the kitchen of CHAOS HQ.



Luv Jac xoxo


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    Written by:

    1. Jess

      Pumpkin, sweet potato and corn! its always a winner on mine and my other halfs dinner plate so why not steam and mash it? :) i enjoy reading your blog although i dont always comment.

    2. Larissa

      I would do potato and apple (since apple puree tastes good in mashed potato, surely they'd go well together when steamed/blended). Or maybe a berry mix - although that colour might not look good if I used something like strawberries and blueberries!

    3. Erin

      A family fav meal at our house is pumpkin, ricotta and spinach pie. A great meal for filling up four hungry boys. Using the baked pumpkin, with the ricotta and baby spinach leaves makes a tasty baby food or toddler mash. Would love to win this as my youngest is 10 weeks and I'm sure he will be looking for food soon as he is one hungry boy. Love your blog. Makes me feel normal :-)

    4. Claire Lewis

      I know it is recommended to start with vegies, but once my little girl got her first taste of sweet and tasty fruit it was all over! Her favourite was apples cooked and purΓ©ed, add some banana and mash and then mix through a little breastmilk/milk or some baby rice cereal. Thinking about it now, this would be sooooo much easier with the Philips Avent machine!

    5. Sweet potato pasta sauce little olive oil 1/2 small onion, chopped 1 clove of garlic, crushed 1 small sweet potato, peeled and cut into cubes 4 fl oz (1/2 cup) milk (use breast milk or formula if you wish) Saute the onion and garlic in the oil over a low heat until tender. Add the sweet potato and enough water to just cover it, then bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, then simmer very gently for 20 mins. Cool, then place in a food processor with the milk and blend well. Serve over cooked pasta. Read more: This could be adapted and done in your blender.

    6. Meg

      I would not only use it for the bub but for my big girls to hide those beautiful veg that they run from... soup's, beetroot dip and yummy healthy snacks for all of them. This little treasure the Phillips steamer and blender would be a time saver and a patience g-d.

    7. Dee

      Home grown corn, potato and chicken breast. A condensed, baby friendly version of my favourite chowder.

    8. Diana O

      Pumpkin and potato, to make 'magic mashed potato'. As a kid I hated pumpkin with a passion, yet would eat it when Mum presented it to me in this utterly discreet way (not!). And sadly, the same trick works on my little one too!

    9. karina w

      Sweet potato. It's yummy and sweet, two essential tastes to make a kid eat!

    10. kerry santillo

      Pumpkin, potao and leek!!! bub loves β™₯

    11. Karlene

      Steam some cauliflower and corn then mash it with some cheese. Yummy!

    12. Judi Adams

      What a delicious mash jerusalem artichokes make, When mixed with carrots and pumpkin for goodness sake.

    13. i would probably try out chicken pumpkin ,rice and cheese ,would be great for when Mason starts solids i wish they had these around when the other kids were younger.

    14. Michelle Crossley

      What a terrific machine! I'm getting ready to start bub number one on solids and this would be a Godsend! We love potato, pumpkin and sweet potato together here in our house and I hope our little blossom will too! Fingers crossed

    15. Madonna

      Blend some turkey, apple, cauliflower & rice (or cereal). Yummmm. The combined steamer/blender would be fabulous to win. Good luck everyone :)

    16. Kim m

      I would put whatever we ate in and blend it up, hopefully they will learn to eat what we do, thats the theory anyway!

    17. Paula D

      Apples & prunes makes a delicious sweet treat for littlies & grown ups too. I find it helps my babies in the transition to solid food!

    18. Caroline

      Carrot, parsnip and cauliflower. All of my children so far have enjoyed it as one of their first foods and I am sure number 4 will be no different when it is his/her time. Sweet and very yummy.

    19. Jess m

      So many things you could make! From veggies rice or vegis And cous cous! Or even something really special like custard Bananas and choc all mushed together! Although I'm thinking My favourite would be corn, chicken, parsnip and cous cous.

    20. Carrot, Parsnip, Potato, Onion, Chicken and a little chicken stock!! Makes great baby food meal (and soup for the adults!)

    21. Melinda

      Anything would go into this steamer, as long as its eaten. I don't care what it is. Just as long as they eat it!

    22. Kellie Heitman

      Both of my kids were huge fans of purΓ©ed pumpkin and sweet corn, and they're pretty much the only veggies they'll eat now without complaining first! I'm betting it will be a favourite of the new baby too when we reach that stage.

    23. domestic diva

      Cauliflower (with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper it's fantastic).

    24. Kimberley Belford

      Apples - I used to cringe every time it was time to do apples again for my babies

    25. Han moran

      My sons favourite was peas, potato and broccoli so maybe bub number 2 will love that too

    26. Kelly (insaneocrazymumma)

      Spinach , sweet potato pumpkin or for sweet mash pear n apple xxx

    27. Brooke Grimshaw

      Everything and anything! I am a terrible cook, and both my kids lived off jars of baby food because I had no idea how to do anything else. All my friends posted pics of their 'weeks supply of homemade baby food' and i was like yeah I suck haha I reckon I'd like to have a crack at those fruit gel things. Child number 1 would only eat those and custard, and child 2 is still obsessed with peaches. I wonder if you could steam and blend 'jelly friendly' fruit like peaches and apples then get it to set in a lite jelly. No big chunks like the ones in the supermarket but a healthy fruit snack for big and small alike. Thats my take on it anyway, since everyone else has covered the obvious stuff like carrots potato and pumpkin lol

    28. Rebecca

      This is my 3rd baby and I've decided to make all the baby food this time, this would make it so much easier! At the moment I'm having to mash it with the potato masher, then a fork to make sure there's no chunks. There's always so much to clean up afterwards! The batch I made yesterday was butternut pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli and zucchini, then apple, banana and strawberry for dessert. She seemed pretty impressed with it! She's just hit 7 months, so I'm thinking it's time to start introducing some meat. The first meal I would make with this would be apricot chicken with apple, peach and mango for dessert. She'll be lucky if there's any left to freeze after I taste test to "make sure it's ok"! Home made baby food really does taste so much better and it's such a nice feeling seeing your baby enjoy what you've made :)

    29. bubble936

      I would like to make Cauliflower and Apple Mash using Phillips Avent Combined Steamer Blender . it would be really handy as it will save lots of time and there will be no extra utensils to wash.

    30. Renee Ballantyne

      I would mix all the vegies that we are having that night and then I would make a chocolate custard for dessert

    31. Virginia Mason

      Time is precious, so I would try to make meals that both my baby and the rest of the family could enjoy. I also have children with allergies in my family so making and knowing what goes into my food is very important. We really like soups in our family and it is a fantastic way to hide lots of vegetables in my children (and husband) wouldn't normally eat. I would make a Pumpkin and Sweetcorn Soup - made with pumpkin, onion, celery, sweetcorn (tinned or fresh), leek, water. This would a perfect recipe to try as it needs to be steamed and then blended. Milk or yoghurt can be added (depending on bub's age) and served with some nice bread. Then for desert some Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt - made with strawberries, apple puree (which could be made in the appliance), yoghurt, cream and vanilla extract. This needs to be blended, frozen and then re-blended. This would be done in a flash in the Philips Avent appliance and it tastes absolutely devine!

    32. R Skinner

      Avocado and apple. A bit of an odd combination but my kids absolutely love it and its perfectly balanced meal of vitamins, minerals, good fats and good sugars.

    33. Carol .J


    34. Olivia Glynn

      Carrots, peas and... blueberries. It probably won't taste good, but you never know until you try it!

    35. sarah

      Apples or sweet potato. Yummy some for bub and mummy!

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