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Meeting Mrs.Claus, Santa’s Terrible Weight Gain & The Designer Carrots – SANTAS MAGICAL KINGDOM GIVEAWAY!!!

Saturday, 26th October 2013

Meeting Mrs.Claus, Santa’s Terrible Weight Gain & The Designer Carrots – SANTAS MAGICAL KINGDOM GIVEAWAY!!!


Santa’s Magical Kingdom is back in Melbourne this Christmas Season and we were lucky enough to catch up with  the amazing MRS CLAUS again at a very special preview event. Here’s a sneak peek at what we got up to to spark off the Christmas Spirit.

Mrs Clause 1

Mrs Claus is quite the party host, she has all the moves to keep the kids entertained and entranced with Christmassy magic!

The MonsterSquad were treated to a story or 2, a dance and some very special Christmas activities that Mrs Claus had put together for our morning tea meet up.

They kicked off with some cupcake decorating. I’m not sure how many lollies ended up on the cakes or in their mouths, but the Monsters were in crafty heaven!

Mrs Claus 2

Did you know, that Santa has put on quite a bit of weight this year in the lead up to Christmas? Mrs Claus has put out a plea to all children to share healthy snacks, like oat biscuits and milk on Christmas Eve to keep Santa in tip-top shape as he cruises the globe on Christmas night.

Mrs Claus 3

If you’d like to see just how much fun we got up to at last year’s Santa’s Magical Kingdom, and the MonsterSquad’s personal interview with Mrs.Claus, click HERE.

Mrs Claus 5

Mrs.Claus likes to tell a good yarn or 2 and she did let us in on a little tip about Santa’s reindeer. Whilst the jolly fat man is watching his figure this coming Christmas, it is important for the children to provide his reindeer with a supply of fresh carrots, so they can make the long trip around the globe on Christmas eve. Now, here’s the tip…..

Santa’s reindeer aren’t fussed on those “pretty little designer carrots” you get in the city. These are hard working hungry reindeer!!! They need those big chunky carrots used for juicing, to see them through the night.

Trust me, it’s from the mouth of Mrs.Claus!!!

Mrs Claus 4

And what’s Christmas without a little sugar overload?

Mrs.Claus shared her own personal lolly bar & chocolate fountain with her morning tea guests. WOW! I’m not sure the MonsterSquad knew what to think when they were given personal permission by Mrs.Claus herself, to fill up themselves, & a lolly box with sugary goodness.

Ah, if she hadn’t won their hearts enough already, she now owns them!

Mrs Claus 7

The MonsterSquad want to say a MASSIVE thanks to Mrs.Claus for inviting them to her morning tea party. They had a blast and are looking forward to catching up with her again real soon at SANTA’S MAGICAL KINGDOM.

Now for the REAL MAGIC!

Santa’s Magical Kingdom have given me the opportunity to give away a family pass to the event on Sunday 17th November at 3pm. So if you’ll be in Melbourne and can attend at this time don’t miss this amazing opportunity to win a pass to an event that your little monsters will never, ever forget!

All you have to do to enter this competition is tell me in a comment on this blog post…..

What would you/your child ask Mrs.Claus if you met her at Santa’s Magical Kingdom?



Michelle G – My daughter would ask, “Mrs Clause, can you please change Santa’s phone number, I don’t like how Mum rings him every time I’m naughty”.

It’s that easy!

Now here’s some more details if you’d like to go ahead and book yourself some tickets because they’re predicting another year of sell-out shows…

What do you get for the ticket price???

A magical Christmas walk-through wonderland

Snow Land where artificial snow falls!

Meet Santa and receive a free gift!

Amusement Rides and Sideshow Games

A spectacular Christmas themed circus show

Roving Christmas characters

A Christmas craft area where you can create your own sand art and decorate a gingerbread man

Interactive story reading with Mrs. Claus, followed by warm cookies and milk

Write your letter to Santa and send it to the North Pole

Plus so much more fun for the whole family!

Sessions run from the 15th November 2013 through to the 23rd December 2013.

For more detailed information please visit, and to read my SMK survival guide click HERE!

Competition Fine Print

* Competition open to Australian residents only.

* Competition ends on Monday 11th Nov 2013 at 5pm ESDST.

* Judges decision is final. Answers will be based on creativity and whether the competition question was answered!

* Winners will be notified via email and have 48hrs to respond before another winner is announced.

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    Written by:

    1. Ann S

      My Daughter would ask Mrs Claus how does Santa know all the children have been good or bad ? something she asks me every year :) Thankyou we wanted to go last year but never got there

    2. Sandy Burton

      Ebony would ask her what does she do to stop santa from putting on more weight after xmas because he does eat and drink lots of milk in 1 night?

    3. Rachel

      Tay would ask mess Claus "what is your favourite food?"

    4. Lizz

      When the elves Santa sends some families to watch them in the lead up to Christmas, return to him each night, do they talk about the kids they watch and have a party or do they go one by one?

    5. Stephanie Veljanovska

      My Sons favourite Current book is Santa Visits Australia. I am sure he would love to ask Santa about his Holiday in Australia.

    6. Michelle V

      Although I have three daughters Their question is the same "Excuse us Mrs Clause, But what is your first name? Is it Marg, or Janey? Or is it Josephine? We've looked in all our books But your name's nowhere to be seen! We even scoured the internet All to no avail We all think maybe Mrs Clause You could be an Abigail! But we hope to hear your answer If we win this prize For it would be the most magical Awesome Christmas surprise!!!

    7. Jodie Farnsworth

      Both my girls said they wanted to know what Santa gets her for Christmas and does she ever get to go in the sleigh?

    8. Rebecca Andrew

      My daughter (Abbi) would like to know if Santa gets presents for himself?

    9. Judith Maunders

      Miss Seven - always the animal lover - would ask Mrs Claus about the reindeer. How many reindeer are there? Can she meet them? What do they eat? She'd tell Mrs Claus all about her crazy dog Kassie and how she is currently looking after her neighbours' goldfish Silvester and Barnaby. And that would only be the start of it!

    10. Di

      In a very sneaky fashion, I'd whisper my question in Mrs Claus's ear as to not embarrass her at all. And it would be, 'Is Santa a Boxers, Brief's or G-string kind of a guy? And I mean on him, not you you my dear lady!'. I'm sure it'd give her a chuckle, and I'm genuinely curious to know! I only hope she doesn't answer 'Commando'!!!

    11. DIANA O

      My kids would ask her if one or two of the elves could come and live at our house!!!

    12. Kim Featherstone

      My daughter would like to know if the reindeer behave all year, if they don't do they go to the back? lol

    13. Tanya Clarke

      We want to know if Santa and Mrs Claus ever wear anything other than their Christmas outfits?

    14. Terri K

      My darling children and I would really like to know what Christmas means to Mrs Claus and Santa and how they celebrate it. Is it a close family affair or do they like to surrond themsevles with as many friends as well?

    15. Ricky

      My daughter Laila would like to know when Santas birthday is?

    16. April P

      My son wants to know what happens if the elves get sick, who makes the toys then, as he would like her to know he's happy to go help if they are short on elves.

    17. Michelle Gray

      My daughter would ask, "Mrs Clause, can you please change Santa's phone number, I don't like how Mum rings him every time I'm naughty".

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