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Mocktails, Mummy And The Bubby Bump -Have You Tried Alchemy Cordials Yet??

Tuesday, 7th February 2012

Mocktails, Mummy And The Bubby Bump -Have You Tried Alchemy Cordials Yet??

So it’s been the season to be jolly.
And it’s been perfect BBQ weather here in VIC.
We’ve celebrated MonsterSquad Dad’s Birthday.
And we’ve heard some fantastic news.

Let’s just say there has been a few reasons to celebrate lately and I would be a complete fibber if I said I wasn’t starting to feel a tad left out.

Champagne Glasses

Not that we drink alcohol very often or in great amounts, but if there’s reason to raise a glass and celebrate we’ll join the party and have one or too.

Except being pregnant excludes me from this scene.
I sit by the sidelines, waiting for my cue to load up the van and drive everyone home.

Much to hubby’s delight, I become Designated Dave – for a whole 9 months.

So here’s where I decided that it didn’t have to be completely boring for me.

The kind folk over at Alchemy Cordials offered me a sample pack of their delicious and different flavoured range of cordials to try, complete with cocktail suggestions….

Now, cocktails sounded delicious and too good to refuse, but of course I’d be making mine Mocktails.
Alchemy Cordials
So that’s exactly what I did.

And they were great.

I especially enjoyed my Lemonade and Love, and some Mineral Water and Dew Drops… MMMMMMMM YUM!

A nice treat to have at the end of a long day aswell.

Now, cocktails and mocktails aside, these cordials can also be a nice change of flavour for the kiddies, although, I do believe it’s nice to keep something a bit special for the adults sometimes.

I did spoil the monsters with some tasty icy pole treats made with the Alchemy Cordials though….. YUM πŸ™‚

So this just gets better and better as the fine folk over at Alchemy not only offered to send me some cordial to try, they want to reward my loyal readers with a special discount code if you order online and the very special chance at winning a gift pack valued at $100!!!

(The code is available to all readers, whether you enter our competition or not!!! Just enter the word BLOGGERDISC at the checkout when ordering to receive 20% off your order!!!)

Want to be in the running to win the $100 prize pack?

Simply tell me what creation you would make with these cordials and I will select the yummiest tasting Mocktail to win… ITS THAT EASY. Get your entries in before the 14th Feb 2012 and you could win a nice Valentines Day surprise.

Flavours are:

LOVE: Rose & Lime

HULA: Pineapple & Coconut

OLE’: Orange & Lemon

MAMBO: Manggo & Lime

HEAT: Lemon & Chilli

DEW DROPS: Melon, Lime & Bitters

You have to be in it to win it, so enter now!

Luv Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle xox

(This is a review post and all thoughts and words are my honest opinion. No payment was received to review these drinks. Competition is open to Australian readers only and will run until 14th Feb 2012.)


And the winner of our Alchemy Cordial Competition is lucky reader


Thank you all for your entries and I apologise in the delay of announcing a winner!

Yvette I will be emailing you for details shortly!!!

Luv Jac xox


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    1. I would make.. lemonade, vodka and hula baby. Perfect on a summer's eve once the chicklet is in bed.

    2. I have seen a few bloggers chatting about these and I think I need to try them. With Valentine's Day near, I would make the the Love, lemonade, vodka and add a little syrupy hibiscus flower to pretty it up.

    3. Hmm..I'm not a huge drinker of alcohol, so I'd make a mocktail instead with the Hula. Simply crush some ice, mix it with the Hula flavoured cordial, then add some plain carbonated mineral water for that extra fizz. Top up with a slice of pineapple just to make everything look pretty. :)

    4. I hear you about always being the designated driver due to being pregnant. These sound delicious! I would make a Mambo cocktail with the mango and lime flavouring, lemonade and a little bit of biccardi

    5. Oh mocktails... all the fun without the kick. Bittersweet deliciousness! I'd make a Mambo fake-iri (fake daquiri, geddit?! *groan*) - mango and lime cordial, with tonic water, 1 mango (to add some pulpy substance), ice, blend, enjoy!

    6. Kristy Spiegl

      OOH Mocktails!! Due to an old injury I am often on pain management, when that includes painkillers, I am unable to have alcohol. Mocktails are a great substitue when I am out and about. I would use Hula, blend with ice then add an equal amount of lemonade. Drizzle in a little Mambo then garnish with fresh fruit..... summery goodness =)

    7. Kristy Spiegl

      *blend with ice and tropical fruit punch* I missed a part!

    8. OH great timing I am on the wagon for health reasons and just to prove I can do it - like when I was pregnant 6 yrs ago. I'd make a like a Malibu add crushed ice and crushed pineapple to HULA: Pineapple & Coconut like a slushy and maybe some coconut on top with a fancy umbrella in a tall glass.

    9. I would mix Love cordial with apicot nectar, fresh pear juice, and a little limonade (for the fizz).

    10. Well. I could only do this if I were actually having a hypoglycaemic attack - cordial is a no-no for insulin dependant diabetics. But you had me at pineapple and coconut! Possibly a dash of that, some crushed ice and soda water? I'm not sure, I don't usually drink anything carbonated either - so who knows if that would work. When I am drinking though, I'm a pina colada type of girl.

    11. I would mix the hula (Pineapple & Coconut) into 1 part of Sparkling Mineral Water add 1 part Pineapple Juice 1 Part Orange Juice 1 Part Bacardi Rum (for those who are drinking) and a splash of grenadine. I too have been designator dave for 3 years now. Its hard to find something different to drink than the usual mineral water or cola.

    12. Deanna

      Oooooohhhhh I would love these at the moment... being pregnant as well I totally need some jazzing up in the drinks department!!!!!!! I think I'd crave a Hula-ade... a dash of the Hula with some lemonade - perfect for a hot day like today... my mouth is watering now just dreaming of how yummy that would taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dew Drop Soda would also be a great choice.... Dew Drops mixed with Soda Water... mmmm ... I may have to track these cordials down!!!!!!! :)

    13. Julie Cadusch

      As we all need to love ourselves more ;) I would use the LOVE poured over a sugar cube in a pretty wine/champagne glass and top with champagne (lemonade or sparkling mineral water for designated drivers) and add some raspberries...

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