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OUR HOME APP – Keep Kids Motivated And Doing Chores Without The Daily Nagging!

Saturday, 25th October 2014

OUR HOME APP – Keep Kids Motivated And Doing Chores Without The Daily Nagging!

** This post is bought to you by Our Home and Common Chaos Chronicle **

Our Home App

Soooo….. What if I told you that I know the answer to getting your children to do their chores, everyday, without an argument, and most importantly, without having to nag them senseless in the process?

You’d probably scoff at me and tell me I have lost the plot…. yes?

Well, never fear because 1,  I’m not entirely loopy, and 2,  I HAVE in fact discovered a mighty good motivating tool to help you get your family crackin’ around the house. TRUE STORY.

Ok, so there is a couple of things that children all over the world have in common, and it’s the love of being rewarded, and most of all, a deep love of technology.

The geniuses over at OUR HOME headquarters have come up with a family based app available through the App Store and Google Play, that allows you to record each family member’s jobs/chores, tasks, to do’s, etc and  allows you to assign a reward for tasks completed.

Household Tasks
Household tasks, hassle free Imagine coming home from work to the smell of lasagna baking? The house is tidy and the pets have been fed. And all this done by the kids! Whether it’s chores or homework, OurHome is the simplest way to keep your family organized.

As jobs are done, each family member can log into the OUR HOME app and mark their chore as done, clocking up reward points to reach a bigger goal.

Whether you keep the app on your phone or on a central iPad/tablet device, it’s easy to use functions allows all users the ability to keep track of what has been done, what still needs to be done, but most importantly, takes the pressure off mum and dad having to nag and remind everyone flat out about their jobs.

Rewards for chores
Get rewarded OurHome’s fun rewards system allows parents to create incentives for their kids, whether it’s pocket money, screen time or a weekend trip. And parents can feel rewarded too as things just get done without even asking.

Not only can you select the tasks, and set rewards, but the OUR HOME app allows you to set point values per task, which for us with 6 kids ranging from 10years down to 2yrs of age, I could select a higher point value for the younger monsters with less tasks, making the race for rewards fair and achievable all round.

Encourage improvement Motivated kids are successful kids. Studies have shown that the introduction of responsibility through chores will significantly improve a child’s future. Kids can work toward goals and build self-esteem – they may even compete to get things done!

Here at Chaos HQ, we have struggled for months and months to set up a new chores routine for our 6 kids because hey (and I quote…) , “CHORES ARE BORING”…..

Yes, yes they are but as I introduced them all to the OUR HOME app with the words “Do you want a turn on my iPhone??”, all of a sudden I had 6 little eager beavers ready to listen and get started. Ahhh the wonders of technology!

It took a little while to set up all 8 of us in the app, but once each task was set and repeated for appropriate days and times, we were off and running, doing chores and crossing off jobs in a race to see who could make it to the big 500pt goal first.

So here we have:

* Technology and permission to use it with the OUR HOME app. 

* A points reward system for tasks. 

* A goal to work towards. 

* A game between siblings & parents. 

* A new level of organisation. 

* A central hub for communication between family members.

* A much less exhausted parent who finally has help around the house! 😉  <<<<< That’s me, and could be you too! 

Our Home App At Chaos HQ
Screenshots taken from the app being used at Chaos HQ. The first reward we set was $5.00 for 500 points!

And of course there is a competitive natured person in every family… Clearly I got a LOT of help around Chaos HQ the first week we trialled the Our Home App. Mr ‘I’m gonna win this and get the $5 first’ smashed out his chores and many extras to earn his $5 for Book Club at school.

Our Home winner
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!! Jai pumped out some major housework to earn his reward fast. Seems an incentive that can be viewed everyday keeps their motivation high! My reward incentive should be a HOLIDAY!


Of course the start up novelty has worn off a little bit, so Jai has stopped smashing the others out of the ball park, but they’re all fairly close in points these days, and they’re still keeping track and getting their jobs done.

I am giving the Our Home App the big Thumbs Up as it’s worked wonders here at Chaos HQ and I’d love for all of my readers out there that are struggling with getting the kids to cooperate around the house to give it a go too.

You can download the OUR HOME app for FREE from the App Store for Apple devices and from Google Play for Android. 

Give it a whirl and tell me how it’s working for your family!


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