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Parenting Tip 3,087 – Entertain them with ANGRY BIRDS SPACE!

Saturday, 8th September 2012

Parenting Tip 3,087 – Entertain them with ANGRY BIRDS SPACE!

Angry Birds Space Plushies!

You know that time you were left sitting in the doctor’s waiting room for 3 hours with an unwell child while the doctor ran more and more behind in appointments? Angry Birds Space.

or the time you were stuck on the side of the highway waiting for car help? Angry Birds Space.

Then there was that moment on the train where the person opposite you begged you to shut your child up with their eyes? Angry Birds Space.

Yes, we’ve all been there and do I have the answer for you…

3 simple words people.. ANGRY BIRDS SPACE.

Entertain your monsters with the Angry Birds Space App on your phone for all those ‘long wait’ type situations.

With the success of Angry Birds Space in Australia, Moose have now released a Plush range of Angry Birds Space Toys.

The range includes:

* Back Pack Clips

* 5″Β  Talking Plushies

* 8″Β  Talking Plushies

They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they’re a lot of fun like the game.

Just ask Jai… He thinks they’re awesome!

Angry Birds Space collageAngry Birds Space toys are now available in all great toy/gaming retailers.

Photography by Jai.

We were supplied with some Angry Birds Space Toys to complete this review!




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