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Stika-Lulu Sends Our Girls Into A Sticker Frenzy!!! DONT MISS THIS GIVEAWAY!!!

Monday, 14th May 2012

Stika-Lulu Sends Our Girls Into A Sticker Frenzy!!! DONT MISS THIS GIVEAWAY!!!

Remember back in 1986 when we all had sticker collecting albums and collecting the furry stickers and the scratch and sniff stickers was a major highlight of our lives?

Well, I’d like to introduce you to a modern day version of sticker collecting.

Stika-Lulu is new product on the market that has sparked an interest in girls (and boys!) all around the globe. When I was offered a chance to show my girls the products, I snapped up the opportunity.

So Aria, Zafirah & Veruca were very excited to receive the package in the post and start their sticker collections instantly.

As packaging was flung from one side of Chaos HQ to the other, the girls squealed with delight at who had what sticker and instantly began to trade and swap bits and pieces as they went. I have to be honest and say it was the first time in a long time that I had seen the girls work together and share something without a full blown argument!

So here’s how it works,

There are 4 female characters, the Lulu girls, that design the stickers that you collect. Poppy is from London, Scarlett is from Paris, Yumi is from Tokyo and Missy is from New York.

Each of the girl’s stickers have puzzle-like backings that create 4 scenes when placed in the Stika-Lulu Trading book.

Just to add another dimension to the range, Stika-Lulu can also be found on the internet.

The girls can get online and check out the Stika-Lulu girls apartments, and even design their own room too!

The online component of this great range kept the girls busy for ages, taking turns and working with each other to create some awesome looking rooms.

So if you want to check it out head over to, simply create a login account and start your online experience today. If you can’t wait to check out the product range, you can find them nationally in all leading toy and department stores.

I asked Aria what she thought of the products and this is what she had to say:

“I love it. It was tricky at first to work out where the stickers went in the book, but when I did, it was great. I really love the collectable tin that my stickers are in and I hope to get some more Stika-Lulu stuff for my birthday”.

Zaf’s favourite part of the Stika-Lulu craze was definitely the online element:

“I like to see the girls houses on the computer and make up my own room. It’s fun and is really easy”.

Veruca had this to say:

“Mum…..Mum…..Mum……Mum…… Can we get some more please?”

So even though the day’s of old school sticker collecting have long vanished, Stika-Lulu has allowed this generation of girls to enjoy the same hobbies as we had 20+ years ago, with a fresh, modernised approach!

How would you like to win an awesome Stika-Lulu Prize pack?

One lucky Common Chaos Chronicle reader has the chance to win
o    1x Stika-Lulu Trading Folder
o    1x Stika-Lulu Doll and Pet Pack
o    1x Stika-Lulu 12pk Sticker Blister Pack

All you have to do is tell us in a blog comment on this post, what your favourite hobby was as a child and Zafirah will choose the most interesting answer!

The fine print……

* Competition is open to Australian Residents only!

* Competition finishes on Monday the 21st of May at 5pm (AEST).

* Judges decision is final. Zafirah can read and will decide on a winner based on answers only, with no knowledge of entrants names or email addresses.

* Winner will be notified via email and must respond with postal details within 48hrs or another winner will be drawn.

So what are you waiting for?? Enter now and share with your friends and family!!!




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    1. I had stickers of cats and stickers of bats I had stickers of frogs and stickers of dogs Stickers of dresses and stickers of messes But my favourite sticker was a sticker of Mum. :-)

    2. Katie

      I really really really loved 'knuckles' as a kid. I wasn't fantastic at it but it was soooo much fun! I think they have a modern version these days but not sure what they are called!

    3. I used to collect novelty erasers...they came in all different colours, designs and scents! Friends would bring them home from their holiday destinations for me, and any time we went to the mall, I would be begging my mum to buy more! They never ever touched the page...they were purely for show. lol.

    4. I was all about the swap cards when I was young. I remember a precious set of Muppets ones, and a few Holly Hobby ones that I loved. The idea was, of course, to swap them with friends but I never wanted to participate in that - I hoarded them neatly into folders. Who knew I'd one day become a librarian ;)

    5. Bev

      Marbles was a really huge hit when I was younger.... I used to love to beat the boys at morning tea and lunch and take all their marbles off them! My girls however have taken the princess path and would not be caught dead in the dirt. It used to be so much fun.

    6. Krystal

      My grandpa got me into collecting stamps and coins. I also enjoyed knuckles, we would get REAL SHEEP knuckles from the Sunday Roast and sit them on the window sill to dry out for a couple of days and then give them a wash and then run outside to play knuckles! Great fun! Until the dog pinched them... he thought they were fun too... to chew!

    7. I used to collect Troll Dolls - the ones with the awesome hair and gemstone belly buttons. I would set these up as a whole multi-cultural family. Then one day, my darling, lovely, pain in the butt big brother thought the dog might like them as dessert :(

    8. I used to collect cans and then swap them in and make money! My little girl Miss M is obsessed with stickers, she has a book she puts them in and every lunch time her friends all get together and swap stickers.. She would love these for her collection x

    9. Amanda W

      I was a skater girl, just like Lulu Girl Missy I never did grow out of that hobby it's still fun now I'm all grown up to pull on my skates and try to do the tricks like I did when I was eight!

    10. Effie Bakkalis

      My friends and I had a couple of Barbie dolls each and we would collect clothes for the dolls. On the weekends we'd get together and swap clothes and accessories too. At school our favourite hobby was playing marbles - each lunchtime there'd be rows and rows of kids lined up and playing in marble tournaments!

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