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SHOPPING? Don’t Mind If I do…. My Local Stockland Hits The Spot {+ AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

Monday, 25th June 2012

SHOPPING? Don’t Mind If I do…. My Local Stockland Hits The Spot {+ AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY}

There are a few things that I classify myself as exceptionally ‘GOOD AT’.

One of them would be whinging. I seem to really excel at that. Ask anyone that knows me….

The other would have to be SHOPPING!!!

I love it, I can’t get enough. I could wander around for hours on end in a shopping center, umming and ahhing and wishing I had unlimited funds.

For me shopping has a stress reducing effect. It relaxes me and frees my mind of worry. Even if it is only a temporary fix.

Living in a smallish town definitely has it’s shopping downside, so 9 times out of 10, when the chaos crew need to shop we head up the highway to our local Stockland Shopping Center.

When the lovely folk at Stockland got in touch to tell me all about their new iPhone app, I was keen to hop on board and check it out.

So I downloaded it, set it for my local Stockland and headed for the shops to give it a whirl…. Shopping with technological assistance…. I LIKE IT!

If you haven’t already paused reading this post to download the MY STOCKLAND app to your iPhone, simply use this link HERE to check it out.

I quickly discovered the savings calculator, which is an absolute dream for me. Usually I am standing there trying to work out discounts in my mind or harassing hubby to grab out his phone to work out the difference but with the calculator, I can know how much I am saving in an instant!

Calculating savings has never been easier!!!

The app also lets me search what stores are in the center, allows me to create a shopping list (and we all know how much I love lists!!!) and updates me with any latest store news.

So whilst at Stockland I picked up the few last bits and pieces that I needed for myself and the baby plus a few little treats as well.

My Stockland Shopping Haul - The necessities plus more!

Now I didn’t just get to have all the fun, here comes the AWESOME part…..

I am offering one lucky winner a $100 Stockland Gift Card. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Simply check out the Stockland App, then tell me here on this blog post what you would spend the $100 Gift Card on at your local Stockland Center. Something special? Necessities like I did? Gift for the family?Β  The options are endless so what are you waiting for???


* Competition is open to Australian Residents only

* Entries must be in by Sunday 1st July 2012, 5pm EST

* Winner will be selected based on answer and judges decision is final

* Winner will be notified via email so please double check your email on the entry is correct.




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    1. Aminda

      I would have to say one hundred bucks would be great!! I just spent it a million times over in my mind! But I've decided it would be best spent at leonards chicken shop stocking up the freezer!!

    2. Darlene Broadbent

      I dont have an iphone so I dont need the app but I would spend the $100 gift voucher on my family as we are going to Qld for a holiday and I want to get some extra bits and pieces to take with us

    3. Rachel

      After promptly downloading the app (wish I knew about it) I must say I love the calculator so I can see exactly how much an item is costing me! I'm pretty happy about the map also, providing they update it as shops come and go so quickly lol. I would do a shop at Leonard's also as we love they're food :)

    4. as my husband was retrenched last week I would OBVIOUSLY spend the money on a new handbag for me. I saw a gorgeous one in Sussan. And then with the change I would buy some beans. They are good eating, fibre and gas producing warmth and entertainment. Heh.

    5. Lisa Robertson

      Definitely would be spent on the family (with maybe a smal portion for myself). We have an upcoming holiday to Victoria, so a few little treats for the kids for the car would be an essential. Some snacks for hubby and I to share would also go down pretty well. Anything to help this holiday would be a huge blessing as it is definitely much needed for this family after three deaths in less than 12 months has left us needing a break!!!

    6. Cindy Lee

      Did I pause reading the post to download the app, you bet I did!! Did I run though millions of things I could spend the $$$ on ??? You bet I did, what did I come up with? Well I thought about stuff for the kids stuff for hubby, but you know what it's not a lot that I think of myself and get something just for me, so I would spend the money on getting myself some new jeans, since I've lost weight my jeans are falling off my hips and are getting rather thin in the bum area!! Whoops!! ;)

    7. I love that app. Our local Stockland just got a huge makover so I downloaded it to find my way around all the new stores. I would spend that $100 on me. I always have intentions of getting some new clothes for myself and end up coming home with stuff for the kids.

    8. Kimberley Belford

      We often travel to see my hubby's family and I love going to the local Stockland (as we dont have one here). I would spend the $100 on things for our next family get together - usually alot of food and beer/wine.

    9. Lisa

      If i was lucky enough to win $100 i would buy my daughter some much needed winter clothes (brand new and not the usual secondhand). I would also use some of the money to buy myself some much needed new knickers :)

    10. hard to choose or me? Well....the answer is...MYSELF of course. Maybe some more shoes???!!!

    11. Cadian

      $100 to be spent at Stocklands, oh me, oh my where do I start! Money that could be spent on anything!! What would I do, I'd probably walk around in a circle for hours looking at this and looking at that, promising my self I would NOT spend it on the kids and I WILL treat myself! In reality though It would almost definetly get spent on the kids birthday presents!

    12. AmberB

      $100 to spend without any guilt about bills! - AWESOME!!! I would buy some cool toys for the kids and then completely spurge on ME!! A new pair of completely unpractical but gorgeous shoes would do the trick.

    13. glenda davies

      I would like to spend it on Christmas gifts for my family.Times have been a bit tough lately and it would be great to give them something that they really liked

    14. We spend so much on nappies, trying to contain all those poo's.... But I'd much rather spend some money guilt-free on shoes. If you spoke to my hubby, he'd say "Shoes? What the heck!?... We want games or gadgets or something hi-tech..." ok, so we'd probably compromise. And maybe something for the kids. Maybe ;)

    15. Merryl

      We need a new camera. The old one survived being dropped in the sea, a swim in the pool, being chewed on and being run over by a car (don't ask). What finally killed it was being baked for two hours. How was I supposed to know that it had been hidden in the back corner of the oven because our son didn't want his photo taken?

    16. Linsey Scamp

      I would spend the $100 voucher on new clothes. I had a baby no. 5, 9 weeks ago and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. With 5 kids it's not very often I get to spoil myself. It would be so nice change to do something for myself :-)

    17. Hayley

      Oh wow! Great giveaway. I could think of several ways to spend it. New clothes for Hubby or I - We've lost 57kg between us and not much fits lol. My son's 5th birthday is coming up soon so it would be fantastic to buy some birthday presents for him as well. I however would love a new camera so I could take lots of pictures of my 3 gorgeous kids... I usually use my phone to take pictures and well.. It has definitely seen better days. My poor phone.

    18. What an awesome giveaway!! I could say I'd finally treat myself with something nice if I won, but we all know that'd be a big fat lie. I'd end up getting something for my Kidlets and Hubby & vow to treat myself another time. Haha :)

    19. Jodie

      Love the % calculator! ... Hmmm $100 would be good for some big plastic tubs from chicken feed to help de-clutter my house.. Then I would take the kids to donut king and maybe a necklace frOm diva for me....

    20. Deborah

      I would love a gift card to spend on baby items with bub no 3 due in Oct, I have plenty to buy!!

    21. Deanna Buckley

      Ooohh I love that discount calculator feature... Cool!!!!! I would so spend the $100 most likely at Big W stocking up on baby stuff for Bub #2 that's due in 11 weeks that I haven't brought one thing for yet!!! I sooo need to get organised and this would help me so much!

    22. rachael

      I am so super motivated to set up my own organisation station after reading your article so I would spend the $$ on supplies and crafty bits to make mine as beautiful as yours! (may not have the same result as you but il give it a whirl!) If I had money left I would buy apples as my son who is 2 has developed an addiction!!!

    23. Sally R

      I live within stone's throw of the smallest Stockland Mall in the world. So, I would spread the spend amongst the handful of shops that make up the mall. A roast from the butcher, a trinket from the post office, some lippy from the chemist, some finger buns from the bakery, a scratchie from the news agent, and some fish and chips for dinner. That covers about 80% of the shops !

    24. Claire Lenton-Cater

      I would spend it at Leonards! i hardly ever get to shop there, and would love to do a big shop and fill my freezer with lots of yummies :D

    25. Crystal knox

      I would spend it on new clothes for bub number 4 due in 5 weeks, as all bub has clothes wise is hand me downs from the last 3 kids and nothing new

    26. Skye novella

      If I had a $100 gift card I would spend it on something for myself! I'm always spendin money on my children, bills and necessitys that I never get myself any sort of treat, so just this one time I would spend the entire ammount on myself.. Well maybe just a little item per child also..

    27. Tari

      I would spend the hundred dollars on clothes for me! If there is any money left over in the budget it goes straight to what the kids need, it's always me that's last. With baby number 3 due in 8 weeks I would love to be able to buy some comfy post pregnancy clothes. I would also buy some much needed makeup!

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