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So I Asked For A Maid For Christmas And This Is What I Got… A Phillips Perfect Care Iron….

Thursday, 29th December 2011

So I Asked For A Maid For Christmas And This Is What I Got… A Phillips Perfect Care Iron….

Ok so when asking for a maid for Christmas, I may have been stretching the boundaries a little.

{Google Image}


It would be nice to have my maid-duties time cut in half though.

Who wouldn’t want to spend half the amount of time they do cleaning and organising??

Wouldn’t you agree??

So when the lovely people at Phillips had a read of Common Chaos Chronicle, picked their jaws up off the floor after realizing how much washing we actually do have, they offered to send me a product that could possible save me BUCKET LOADS of time…

And who am I to say no to that!!!!

So in no time a monstrous packaged arrived on my doorstep.

It was in fact the Philips PerfectCare with Optimal Temp Ironing System.

That's a massive box for an iron!!!

Sounds rather fancy really. Really fancy to someone who’s last iron was purchased at the op-shop for $2.00, and likes to leave marks on everything it touches.

So here’s the thing, this Iron automatically knows how hot it should be depending on the fabric you’re ironing. Seriously!

There’s no wasting time switching settings or hoping for the best when ironing that expensive silk shirt.

The steam it creates is amazing and it glides across the fabric so easily.

The pile of ironing that would normally take me close to 2 hours to complete was done in around 40mins.

A saving of an hour and 20mins, and any parent would be grateful of that.

{Google Image}

You can read more about the PerfectCare Iron HERE.

From a perspective buyer point of view, I was flabbergasted by the price of this beauty.

The recommended retail price is $599.

Never in a million years would I have made the conscious decision to spend that kind of money on an iron, especially after ‘making do’ with my $2.00 special for all these years….


I think I may be an ironing convert.

After using this amazing product, I can now 100% see why you would spend that kind of money on it.

In fact, I cannot recommend this iron enough. Seriously.

It has really altered my opinion on expensive household items.

Maybe sometimes spending that extra money on quality would leave me much better off in the end.

Having such a large family means that I don’t have that kind of disposable income just ready to spend on one item, and many of us are in the same boat. But if you are a stickler for ironing and would love to see perfect results every time, start saving now, or even treat yourself to a lay-by just for you.


It’s definitely a winner, thank-you Phillips, you have helped cut down the mundane housework time leaving me more time to spend with my monsters!!!

Happy Ironing Everyone!!!






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    1. You iron? Lol. Sorry. It does look like a freaking awesome iron.

    2. I don't usually see "happy" and "ironing" in the same sentence ;) I don't iron unless I really really have to but I like the sound of an iron that changes the heat setting automatically. Does that base sitting nicely in the iron spot on the board? Looks chunky.

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Hey Tina, I have a bodgy old ironing board, so it was a bit wonky on mine, but I Iron right near the bench so it was easy enough to sit it on the bench. It gave me more ironing board to use!!!

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      I do now I can use an iron that doesn't destroy all our clothes :-)

    5. Definitely a time saver and in the long run, money saver! Imagine how much energy you save cutting down ironing time...and for those who send their laundry out to the dry cleaners...seriously, when you add it all up, it ends up costing more than a super duper iron like this! Happy ironing Jacqui! ;)

    6. That sounds like an amazing iron. My last iron was an engagement present & died a number of years ago, so I don't buy anything that needs ironing now!!! (or I don't wear the things that do). This looks like it'd be worth saving up for :)

    7. commonchaoschronicle

      It definitely would be Melissa. I haven't hit the sales yet, but they may very well be on special right now too. That would be an even bigger bonus.

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Ahh, you make a great point about energy consumption as it all adds up. It's a winner!

    9. It might even get me ironing again ...

    10. the price tag just.. WTFd me.. but after ruining a few precious items with my crappy cheap phillips iron I can understand why spending that little (ahem) bit more can help!

    11. I dislike ironing with passion - the only ironing I do are essential items like special going out clothes and hubbys work uniform (even then hubby has a reputation for not having his shirts ironed somedays - oops!) - but you make it sound so enticing !! I can't imagine 'investing' so much in a product that I would barely use, but i'm you actually have me thinking about it! LOL. Glad you can cut down your ironing time to spend more time with the monsters! enjoy! :)

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