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Spring Cleaning made easy, the HomeHello way! + {An awesome GIVEAWAY}

Sunday, 4th October 2015

Spring Cleaning made easy, the HomeHello way! + {An awesome GIVEAWAY}

This post is brought to you by HomeHello and Common Chaos Chronicle.

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It’s that time again when the sun pokes it’s head out and starts to shine, our motivation spikes and begins to pick up and we start the long overdue process much akin to ‘nesting’ around the home… Yep, I’m talking about the annual ‘SPRING CLEAN’ that many of us do to freshen up our abodes….

Ok, back to reality.

Some of us manage to do a decent clean up each spring season but many of us are struggling to keep the house-ship afloat in some kind of order, 365 days a year.

I know I struggle here at Chaos HQ.

Trust me, living in a house with 7 other people requires far more than just a spring clean a year, I am pretty much ‘spring cleaning’ each and every day just to keep it somewhat respectable and I’ve had to take a step back and admit to myself that it is simply not a one-man-job!

I have a squad of mess-makers and I need a cleaning team to help me get Chaos HQ back in order and maintainable again.

The thing is, I know it’s not just me that is in this position, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to share with you all some info about a fantastic cleaning service form HomeHello.

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HomeHello offer a reliable, affordable and convenient home cleaning service from as little as $25 per hour. You can book your cleaner online for a time that suits you and if you book before 3pm, your home can be cleaned the very next day!

All of HomeHello’s cleaners are trained and certified professionals that will arrive on time at your convenience.

HomeHello offer a no contracts based service which means you can book a one off clean, perfect for ‘Spring Cleaning’ or you can book regular cleaning sessions without any hidden fees, which sounds just perfect to me.

Currently servicing the Sydney and Melbourne areas, HomeHello have kindly offered one lucky Common Chaos Chronicle reader a FREE 3hour clean! How cool is that?


To find out if HomeHello service your area simply head to the website and enter in your postcode.

I don’t know about you, but I would certainly love a hand around the place for 3 hours. Imagine just how much you could get done with 4 hands instead of 2!

For your chance to win follow these simple steps:

1. Like HomeHello & Common Chaos Chronicle on Facebook – I’ll be announcing winners here too!

2. Leave me a comment on this blog post stating why you need this more than anything this spring!

3. Share this post via your own Facebook Newsfeed because sharing is caring and brings you good Karma!

It’s that simple. You could be a step closer to a clean and tidy home too.

CONGRATS Michelle V!Β 

I hope this helps your sister out.Β πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



* Competition is only open to Sydney & Melbourne residents. Please check if your postcode is compatible via the HomeHello site.Β 

* Competition closes Monday 19th October at 5pm ESDST.

* Judges decision is final.Β 

* Winners will be notified via email so please use a current email address and check junk folders regularly.Β 

* Good Luck and thanks for entering.Β 


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    1. I NEED this! I have 3 kids and an extra on weekends and holidays. Both my husband and I work full time to make ends meet for Me and mr almost 3's disability costs. I have spent all weekend scrubbing my house from top to bottom and I know that I will be sore tomorrow :(

    2. Jennifer B.

      I've been so busy with cleaning, shopping and driving my elderly parents that nothing's got done of late around my home. I need this HomeHello service to do MY spring cleaning while I do theirs!

    3. Charmaine Campbell

      I need this so badly because I've been painting my house pretty much all year and therefore neglecting the usual cleaning. As well as having cancer, my husband lost his job a few weeks ago and it is very likely that we will need to sell our house if he doesn't get a job very soon. So now I need to finish off the painting, no longer for us, but to sell, have a huge garage sale to get some cash flowing, as well as clean the whole place up. My stomach is in knots and I feel like I'm getting an ulcer!

    4. Ying Ying TAN

      My husband has been swamped by spring hayfever allergies and I am busy looking after 2 kids that spring-cleaning is last on the priority list. However it HAS to be done as my in-laws are visiting this summer, they will be appalled at the condition of our place...HELP!

    5. Michelle V

      I'd love to win this for my sister who is a single mum to two young girls, after fleeing an abusive relationship. She works 6 days a week, full time, to provide for them. I'd love for her to have this gift so she could use the time she would regularly spend on cleaning to spend instead on a outing with her beautiful girls.

    6. Ange

      MY bathroom is a disaster zone too much to do, dont know where to start

    7. Janise Roberts

      I have chronic obstructive Airways Disease, get breathless very easily have to sit down lots,would love this. Thankyou for this competition

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