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Super Easy, Time-Saving Christmas Shopping With BIG W ONLINE.

Friday, 9th August 2013

Super Easy, Time-Saving Christmas Shopping With BIG W ONLINE.

Every parent knows how stressful shopping with little kids can be, but sometimes, shopping FOR the little kids (even without their assistance) can be just as difficult.

Big W Online Logo Recently I discovered Big W’s online store and in particular, had a good search around their ‘Baby’ and ‘Toy’ sections, to see what’s out there for the kids in the lead up to Christmas.

Did I just say the ‘C’ word…?

Yep, it’s not that far away at all,Β  and with a big family to buy for, starting early is the only way to get it all done!

So I skipped the toy sales this year in favor of waiting to see what the toy companies would jam on the shelves closer to the big day and I have to say I am totally enjoying checking out what’s hot and what’s not from my own lounge room as opposed to trudging through the store, 6 kids in-tow, with the constant drone of:

“Mum……Mum…..Mum……for Christmas can I have…… for my next birthday after the next birthday can I have……. Mum…… Mum…… Mum……………”

Yeh you’ve all heard it!

First up I headed to the baby section to see what Big W has to offer at the moment. After having 6 kids, it’s often hard to find a product that we’ve never had before but I think little Elijah would really get a kick out of this one:

The VTECH Alphabet Apple.

Vtech alphabet apple 1

While it states it’s suited for ages 2-5yrs, I think Elijah would have a blast with all these noisy buttons to press. He already loves to bop along to other toys that sing out the alphabet song so why not encourage him to learn the single letter sounds early too???

For a cost of $40, and potential hours of educational fun, I’m putting this item straight in my online shopping cart.

The website is really easy to navigate, and it wasn’t long before I found myself deeply submerged in the land of online toys, ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over what the MonsterSquad really want and really need.

As far as I am concerned, you can never go wrong with LEGO. Well at least not at Chaos HQ anyway.

Jai is loving the LEGO City Sets at the moment and I know that the LEGO City Fire Station would put a smile on his dial Christmas morning.

Lego fire station 1

We’ve got the police station and the police truck, so adding to the collection with the local Lego Fire Brigade is going to make me a rather popular Mummy that day. $124 is a fairly standard price for these size Lego Sets so it’s straight into the cart too.

Christmas for us isn’t just about the presents and the toys, it’s about spending time with family and friends, but who’s going to complain if we can combine the both in a little outdoor fun??

I’m thinking it’s time for Chaos HQ to get a Trampoline once again and this 15″ Action Round Trampoline With Enclosure might just be the way to go!

Action Trampoline 15"

It’s big enough, reasonably priced and can be enjoyed by all the Monsters! Now I just have to convince MonsterSquad Dad that’s it’s an awesome idea……. πŸ˜‰

Ahh….. Online shopping is just too easy and Big W is certainly one of the easiest shopping websites I have used. I like that they advertise on each item whether it’s available instore, online, or click & collect, and how you can check stock availability of different stores, should your usual store be out of stock.

If you’re starting to consider online shopping, give the Big W website a look, there’s something for everyone on there!


This is a sponsored post for Big W Online. All opinions & toy suggestions are my own.


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    1. Krystal Ferguson

      I love using Big W online. I've used it a few times and they have always been good. Quick postage! Sometime I can't get things in the size I want when I am kids clothes shopping, I would love it if they would stock more of each item size, but otherwise I like it!

    2. Yeah, I prefer to shop online for Christmas. That's what I've been doing the past few years. So much easier and no crowds to "fight" through if you know what I mean. Paying for postage sometimes is worth not having to brave the crazy people during those times! Norlin recently posted...Friday’s Favourites: Favourite Lipstick with Antipodean BeautiesMy Profile

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