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The 15 best iPhone Apps For Kids

Monday, 18th November 2013

The 15 best iPhone Apps For Kids

Today’s post on Common Chaos Chronicle has been written by guest writer, Bronwyn, a member of the Grasshopper Jumping Castle team. Grasshoppers is a Brisbane-based jumping castle hire company specialising in fun and good times.

When our MonsterSquad aren’t jumping and bouncing off the walls at Chaos HQ, they’re often found checking out the latest and greatest iPhone Apps. Bronwyn has taken the time to put together a list of her favourites. I hope you all enjoy checking it out.


15 best iPhone apps for kids

These days it’s easier than ever to keep the kids entertained. As parents, we are spoilt for choice as the number of gadgets and gizmos we can purchase is growing and are getting more exciting and advanced.

And when it comes to games, you can be sure there’s an app for that. The Apple iPhone have got kid’s games covered as their huge variety of apps offer something for everyone. There are entertaining apps, educational apps and apps to improve your child’s motor skills.

There are so many to choose from, but these are a few of my tried and tested favourites:

1. Letter Writer Ocean
Aimed at kids aged between three and eight years old, this great colourful app teaches them how to write letters. Each letter sits just underneath the ocean and a fish shows you where to draw. They will be mesmerised by the beautiful graphics, as well as learn an important skill.
Cost: $0.99

2. Helicopter Taxi
This app is all about having fun. It allows your kids to fly a colourful toy helicopter wherever they are. It uses the phone’s camera to give the illusion that the helicopter is flying in the same room. It’s surprisingly simple, yet will keep them entertained for ages.
Cost: $2.99

Helicopter Taxi

3. Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs is quite an addictive game that lets your kids collect and breed new frogs. It can be played with friends and there are more than 60 rewards to be earned.
Cost: Free

4. Cut the Rope
If you have slightly older children they will love Cut the Rope. This addictive game requires problem solving to collect candy to feed to Om Nom. It can provide hours of fun for older kids.
Cost: $0.99

5. Classic Winnie the Pooh
What child doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? This great free app comes complete with a free story and other stories are available to buy within the app. The images are wonderful and the stories are heart-warming. This is a guaranteed hit!
Cost: Free

Winnie the Pooh

6. Angry Birds
This app is just as popular with adults as it is with kids. Launch the angry birds, using logic and skill to kill the pigs. It will provide hours of fun for children of all ages.
Cost: $0.99

7. Tic Tac Paddywack
Keep them entertained with a classic game of Tic Tac Toe. This app provides cute animated characters and players can compete against their friends.
Cost: Free

8. American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs
If your child can’t get enough of dinosaurs then this is a perfect app to install. They can learn everything they need to know about each different type of dinosaur. The images are fantastic and range from archaeological dig sight snaps, to dinosaur skeletons, to images of the actual dinosaurs. This app is a treat and a fun way to learn.
Cost: Free

9. Smacktalk
While this app does have the potential to really annoy you, it’s quite fun too. Your kids can record anything they say and play it back in loads of different voices – from high pitched to incredibly low.
Cost: $0.99

10. The Pianist
Watch as your iPhone turns into a piano with 88 keys. Each one is labelled with the right note to make learning easier. Your kids can have hours of fun creating their own music and learning to play an instrument.
Cost: $4.99

11. Scribble Lite
All kids love to draw. With Scribble Lite your child can use a wide range of colours to create anything they want. They simply have to shake the iPhone to get rid of the picture they’ve drawn to start again.
Cost: Free

12. Toddler Teases: Shapes
This handy app for toddlers was actually created by parents who wanted to keep their two year old entertained. They are shown which shape they need to touch and there’s four possible options each time. It’s a great, simple shape learning game.
Cost: Free

13. Kids Can Match
It’s never too early to start developing your child’s memory, so this app is a great place to start. Using numbers and pictures, your child has to remember where they are. The app is fully interactive with a great selection of images to keep your child entertained as the try and remember where the animals are hiding.
Cost: Free

14. Penguin Whacker
This isn’t an educational app but it can be a really fun one. Your child ‘whacks’ as many penguins as they can in a set time period – it’s a good one for passing the time and keeping children occupied.
Cost: Free

Penguin Whacker

15. Alphabet Animals
Are you trying to teach your kids the alphabet? This clever app will help you with its colourful cartoon animals. It comes with a number of tips that will help them learn the letters of the alphabet. There are additional writing exercises at the end of each page so your child can learn and practise as they go along.
Cost: $0.99

Bronwyn is a member of the Grasshopper Jumping Castle team.

Grasshoppers is a Brisbane-based jumping castle hire company specialising in fun and good times. Grasshoppers hire castles and zorb balls for parties and events of all shape and size. We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch by email at: and phone: 0438 737 332

Do you have any more App suggestions to add to the list?


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    1. Krystal

      Thanks for this post, I have already found a few in your list that I can't wait to get onto and download! As the mother of a special needs child, we have also come across a range of apps that our son enjoys and are also educational and fun. At the moment he loves the Play School app for creating pictures using the playschool characters. Mr Maker is fantastic, although some of the sounds can get REALLY annoying, REALLY quickly! Example, the eraser and the gloopy-glue! RedWrite is similar to the Letter Writer Ocean, this one uses a lady-bug to trace over the letters showing kids the correct way to form their letters in both capitals and lowercase. For the older kids (or in our case, our little maths wizz) MeteorMath uses a space scene and meteors to smash together numbers to reach the target number shown. The numbers get harder each level the child goes up. I got to level 10 and it started to become a bit of a challenge even for me, which I thought was great! This one will definitely be a keeper, as it will grow with our son :)

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