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The Biggest Loser Is Coming To Town & I Am Inspired!!

Tuesday, 5th February 2013

The Biggest Loser Is Coming To Town & I Am Inspired!!

This is a sponsored post for The Biggest Loser Online Club.

For those of you that have followed Common Chaos Chronicle for a while now, you would well know that my weight has always been a big issue for me.

I started up a blog hop called ‘The Bloggiest Loser’ with the best intentions of being motivated and inspiring others to join me too, but with a newborn and 5 other kids to juggle, plus some health problems, I just couldn’t keep up with my own goals!!!

I feel like I have tried all the ‘diets’ available and while I succeed initially, I always put the weight back on, plus more.

And I know I am not the only one!

As I was reading through my Facebook News feed this morning our local newspaper’s status caught my interest and I clicked on through to their page.

Apparently The Biggest Loser are searching for contestants for their next TV series and they’re searching right here in our pokey town.


Well, poor old Ararat got a bad rep last year for having such a massively high rate of overweight people in the community.

Some even refer to the town as ‘Ara-fat’. Uhuh. It’s true.

So I couldn’t think of a better time to share with you all a story of true inspiration and success from a woman who signed up to The Biggest Loser Program ONLINE, and really transformed her life!

I’d like to introduce you all to Marina Sestan.

Marina before picture
{This is Marina's BEFORE Picture}

Marina was a stay at home mum of 3 (under 6yrs) and had struggled to stay on top of a healthy lifestyle with the chaos that parenthood brings.

After watching an episode of The Biggest Loser, Marina hopped on the scales, signed up to the online program and transformed her life by losing 30kgs.

Here’s what I asked her in our interview:

1. What was that ‘lightbulb’ moment that motivated and inspired you to Join The Biggest Loser’s Online Club?
My biggest ‘lightbulb’ moment that motivated me to join The Biggest Loser Club was when I weighed myself after watching an episode of The Biggest Loser and found out I was a couple of kilos off one of the contestants!!

2. What was the hardest change that you had to make to your routine?
The hardest change was cutting out alcohol altogether. I love being social and would always have drinks with friends but had to stop until I started to lose some substantial weight; then I could have some in moderation. After the first couple of weeks it was easy to do without it.

3. How much weight have you lost with The Biggest Loser Club, and how long did it take you to lose it?
I lost a total of 30 kilos and it took me 6 months.

4. If you could choose 1 part of The Biggest Loser Club to recommend to my readers, what would it be?
The one part of the online club I would recommend to readers would be the online diary to keep track of your calorie intake; the weekly weight loss graphs and especially the blobs of fat – watch them come off each week and the sound of that fat being eliminated was very motivating to me.

5. What kept you motivated throughout your weight-loss journey?
Having to keep buying smaller jeans!!!!!

6. Juggling a family is hard at the best of times, but what are your best tips to juggling a family and a new lifestyle / weight-loss routine?
Trying to juggle it all is hard at the best of times but you must always try and make some time for yourself. You’ve only got one body in this life – so you better look after it.

7. Now that you have changed your lifestyle, is it easy to keep the weight off?
It is fairly easy to keep it off. You have to accept that you will always have to watch what goes in your mouth and how you are going to burn off those excess calories. It’s all about planning, and of course my weight fluctuates the same as everyone’s, but this time I know when it starts to creep up and what I need to do in terms of food and exercise. And I have The Biggest Loser Club for support to get back to normal. This is the only diet I have tried where I have kept the weight off.  It’s been nearly 18 months now which is fantastic!

8. Can you suggest some ways that ‘Stay at home Mums’ can keep active if they can’t afford a trainer?
I was a stay at home mum who couldn’t afford a trainer and was sick of getting gym memberships which I never used.  I once had a gym membership to Fitness First which I went to once a week to have a sauna and a hot shower in peace.  I’d come home every Sunday after 2 hours by myself feeling great but I didn’t lose any weight.

Basically, you have to start moving.  Just start walking once a day – every day. Don’t miss going for a walk, even if it’s raining or too cold or too dark. You have to push yourself and soon you won’t be able to go without it. First thing in the morning was the best time for me – 6am to 7am. Have your runners, and tracksuit ready the night before and DO IT!

Marina-After_Bikini (2)
SP HEALTH -1576 (2)

Thanks Marina, you have certainly inspired me!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I think that is a fair effort.

I mean I assume that it’s easy to stay on top of weight-loss with personal trainers and people pushing you for hours and hours a day, but I take my hat off to any stay at home parent that can transform themselves like that whilst running an household and juggling the kiddies!!!

I am inspired by the determination and motivation that Marina and many other success stories have had to make that change and I will be giving The Biggest Loser Online a real shot.

I especially like the way I can use the Online program to fit in around my own life, as you can imagine, dragging 6 Monsters to a gym is just not a high priority on my list of things to do!!! HAHAHAHA

(Oh I know, I should audition for the show, but lets face it, who would do my job while I was off shrinking??? Yeh, that’s right, I’d need to hold interviews for my job first!!! )

Do you have a weight-loss story to share?

Are you inspired to change your life when you watch the contestants on The Biggest Loser?


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    1. Mick

      Great post, my take on fitness goes like this: 1. Go into the gym with a daily goal, being as efficient as possible. Always less than an hour at most, usually between 35 and 45 min hard session. 2. Train at max intensity - always put everything you have into it. 3. Mix it up and do something fresh to shock the body regularly. 4. Consistent cardio, 20 min twice a day is perfect for me. 5. Finally, have a supportive wife and an agreement that money is no object to being healthy. I'd buy new weights instead of DVDs for example. Or buy salad and fruit even if it is pricey. Good luck if the commando comes knocking, I had a mate who was fit and did his weekend course... "So many squats he quoted"

    2. I do get inspired but I just don't stay motivated. I need to. Badly. And, I'm the exactly same, I should apply but who's going to look after the kids? Run the house? Maybe we can both apply and suggest they run some kind of child minding, house running service?

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