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The Friendship Factor – Travelling With Friends This Holiday Season.

Monday, 17th December 2012

The Friendship Factor – Travelling With Friends This Holiday Season.

With the holiday season almost upon us again, many of us are starting to consider holiday options.

With a tight budget in mind, here at Chaos HQ, we have toyed with the idea of spending a summer holiday with some friends to save some $$$$.

While great in theory, there are a few things that we really should consider first.

Today I welcome Chloe Marchbank to Common Chaos Chronicle, who is sharing her thoughts and ideas on traveling with friends during the holidays.

The Friendship Factor.

Taking a holiday with friends or family can seem like a great idea.

Benefits include sharing the cost of the accommodation, the confidence that is gained when travelling in a group and, if you’re holidaying as families; other children to help keep yours amused and shared adult babysitting duties so you get an evening out.

This can be a socially rewarding experience, but it can also become a friendship breaker if basic consideration and etiquette are not followed.

The fact that you have all agreed to this holiday means that everyone should be entering into it with good intentions, but it’s a good idea to have a sit down a few weeks prior to departure to make sure that you all have the same vision of how the holiday will work to ensure that no-one feels let down once you’re there.

Here are a few things to consider:

Rules for the kids.

Do you want to enforce a strict bedtime but your friends are happy to relax the bedtime rules for their kids? These types of discipline issues will become important when you are battling with the ‘it’s not fairs’ from the children on holiday.

Compromise on what you all expect from the children and come up with some basic rules you are all happy with so all the children are treated the same.

Family travel Friends

In each others pockets?

Discuss how much time you expect to spend together. Sometimes, especially with families, it’s a good idea to have a couple of excursions or days apart doing different things and then all meet up in the evening again. This prevents any friction that’s been brewing from becoming a full blown argument, plus your day out gives you something to talk about in the evening.

A good way to ensure that you do get out and about is to hire a car for the duration which you take turns in using. Car hire is easy online through companies like Expedia Holiday Car you can insure multiple drivers.

Anything to declare?

Despite the wine and relaxed environment, holidays are not the time to reveal any secrets you have been holding on to. When you are staying in close quarters there is no time out for someone to process a grand declaration or reveal, so save your news for a more appropriate time.

Pay up.

Make sure that any shared costs are paid up front. Money can be a touchy subject, especially if one party feels that another is not paying their way.

Thanks Chloe for sharing your tips and we’ll be taking all of them into consideration when booking our next holiday with our mates.

Have you had an experience traveling with another family/friends?

Did it go well?

Did you set rules?

I’d love to hear your thoughts……




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