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“We Don’t Do Tired” at Chaos HQ and Neither Do SLUMBER BUB, The Online Sleep School!

Tuesday, 11th September 2012

“We Don’t Do Tired” at Chaos HQ and Neither Do SLUMBER BUB, The Online Sleep School!

If you have been following Common Chaos Chronicle over on the Facebook page there is a fair chance you’ve read about me not getting much sleep since baby Elijah was born.

I mean of course, it’s a common thing with a newborn, except all our other newborns were sleeping through the night from 6weeks of age!

It’s not just first time parents that have to deal with their babies not sleeping properly, we had 5 great sleepers before we had Elijah, so this is all new to us at Chaos HQ.

Let me just tell you, sleep deprivation at Chaos HQ is just not a done thing. Trying to wrangle 6 kids, a house, a husband and various other commitments leaves me no space to be constantly tired and drained.

You could not begin to imagine how relieved I felt when I discovered SLUMBER BUB.

Slumber bub

SLUMBER BUB is an online sleep school. There’s no waiting on lists to get in to a specialist clinic, it’s the tools you need to regain your sleep and your sanity and it’s online, ready for you to access instantly 24/7.

It’s so simple to use.

You just sign up for a low price of $29 and within minutes you can be using your very own SLUMBER BUB toolkit to help change the sleeping patterns of your newborn.

So…. I signed up.

Slumber bub screen shot

The video tutorials are easy to watch and make plenty of sense no matter how exhausted and sleep deprived you’re feeling whilst watching them.

They take you step by step through what you need to do, depending on the age of your baby, whether bub is 4mths or 18mths of age.

There are video tutorials, a diary and daily planners to follow.

Plus you will become privy to the SLUMBER BUB Secrets!

At the moment, Elijah is sleeping through the night for around 6-7 hours. We would like him to be sleeping 10-12hours in the near future.

With the SLUMBER BUB Daily Planner, I am certain we’ll increase his sleep time at night and have a much happier bub during the day.

Eli sleeping
No more falling asleep in mummy's arms for this little man. He's in for a new sleep routine that will allow me to get something done at Chaos HQ πŸ™‚

Now because I know so many of you Common Chaos Chronicle readers share the need for a sleep deprivation cure with me, I have spoken with the SLUMBER BUB team and they want me to give away 2 free Memberships to their website!

How cool is that?

All I want you to do is:

TELL ME, If you were getting 10-12 hours sleep a night what would you do during the day with your new found energy???

* Competition will close on TUESDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2012 at 7pm AEST.

* Winners will be selected based on creativity and originality of response.

* Judges decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to.

* If winner does not contact Jac at Common Chaos Chronicle within 48hrs of notification being sent, another winner will be announced.

* Winners will be emailed then announced on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page!


Of course if this post has got you excited and you’re keen to see some more info, you can view the SLUMBER BUB Website at and check out their Facebook page HERE.

This is a sponsored post. I was supplied a SLUMBER BUB Membership to trial for review purposes. All opinions and content is my own, and I seriously do hope this product helps us get back into a decent sleep routine.

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    1. How lucky were you to have 5 great sleepers?! 2 of my 3 are great sleepers, my 2 1/2 yr old was born with insomnia! We tried eveything and now we've decided to give up and accept that its just who he is! I hope you have better luck xx

    2. elissa helberg

      10- 12 hours is totally unrealistic in expectations of an infant under 1 year old.each child in different and to think that just because you had a few 'good' sleepers now you think Eli is a 'bad' sleeper? I think you would have been better off spending your money on Pinky McKay advice. Our western world is the only culture that feels that it is necessary for a baby under 12 mths old be able to self settle, self soothe, and we are also the ones who make each other feel like a failed parent if our babes dont live up to a books standard. Your children will remember you for the love and comfort you gave from your arms, not your clean house or rigorous schedule. Good luck, but dont be surprised if Eli 'fails' his sleep school and then sets you on a whole other course of issues and disappointments.

    3. Sleep deprivation sucks! I don't think iv had a decent nights sleep in 13 months, as I mentioned on my blog the other day! With my extra energy I would actually not just fall in a heap as soon as the kids are asleep & hubby and I could watch a movie once in a while! I'v just been so tired & unproductive of late it would be nice if someone had a tip or two :-D

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Just because I enjoy a routine and sleep routine, doesn't mean my children are unloved or do not feel love and comfort within my arms. Every parent raises their children differently and I do believe there is no right or wrong way to do it. It's what works for individual families. In my experience it's not an unrealistic expectation as I have had 5 children sleep that many hours on their own accord. I don't think Eli is a 'bad sleeper', I would just like him in a routine where we can function much better as a family. If Slumber Bub Sleep School doesn't work for us, then I know I have tried that path. I am not going to beat myself up for trying something new.

    5. If this was around when my kids were babies, I would have signed up in a heartbeat!! I cannot tell you how many times I was on the phone in the middle of the night talking to Tresillian, crying (both baby and I). That was the worst time. Great giveaway Jac!

    6. I would have signed up too , very reasonable price for an ongoing service.

    7. Glenne

      Hear, hear, whatever gets you through the night. There's more than one way to raise happy well adjusted kids; my babies are in their late teens/early twenties but I can still feel the physical pain of sleep deprivatation now. If I'd had access to a simple online site where I had felt supported & where someone with a clear, non-emotional mind was offering some ideas it would have been a Godsend! Why is I that we mums, with so much in common, who could BE that support to each other, choose instead to undermine & criticize? Hang in there, you're doing your best, it's all you can do and it WILL be enough :)

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Glenne xoxxxox

    9. Kirsty

      If my 3 month old was so nice as to grant us a full nights sleep (or close to it) every night rather than just every now and then I would do a few things: * I would try harder to stick to my morning routine that The Orgnaised Housewife has inspired me to create & * I would start my exercise plan (as per my morning routine!!) to get rid of a bit of weight that has been hanging around for far too long. I'm sure my wonderfully patient husband would love for me to have a full nights sleep as well so he can start getting lucky again!!!

    10. I think this is such a great resource for mums who are struggling for support, especially in remote areas. Whilst the program might not be for everyone, my thinking is that people should be given the option to choose, and Jacqui, so glad you get to try this out. Sleep indeed is important for us mums to function. And like you said, at least you know you've tried - whether it works or not is another story. I did try the non-online version with my first child. Didn't like it, wasn't for me, but at least I know that I did try and then moved on to other methods. ;) Hope this does work for you though, we do need routine to make things runs smoothly and with 6 kids, I think you need all the help you can get. xx

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