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Win A SKYLANDERS Swap-Force Halloween Pack on Common Chaos Chronicle!!!

Friday, 25th October 2013

Win A SKYLANDERS Swap-Force Halloween Pack on Common Chaos Chronicle!!!

Earlier this month Activision released the new Skylanders Swap-force game and to celebrate the release, and in the spirit of Halloween, they have quite the ‘treat’ for my Skylanders loving friends at Common Chaos Chronicle.

** Actual Game Review to come! **

Halloween Skylanders

We are giving one lucky winner the chance to win:

1 x Skylanders Swapforce Game (for the console of your choice)

1 x Halloween 2013 Limited Edition Giant Eye Brawl (Not available in Australia!!!)

1 x Skylanders character costume

2 x Halloween-themed activity pages!

& A few delicious treats.

If that’s not enough, there are also 5 RUNNERS UP PRIZES of  the Halloween 2013 Limited Edition Giant Eye Brawl. Eye Brawl also works with the Spyro’s Adventure and Skylander’s Giants games too!

Eye Brawl

That’s 6 chances to win – 6 chances to put a smile on a little Skylanders fan’s face!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling us why your child is Australia’s Biggest Skylanders Fan.

It’s that simple.


1st Prize – KAOS

5 Runner Up Prizes:

1. Michelle S.

2. Debb P.

3. Kelly M.

4. Rosemary W.

5. Candice N.

Emails have been sent. Be sure to check your inbox and/or Junk folders!!!

The Fine Print:
* Competition is open to Australian Residents Only.
* Competition ends on 31st Oct 2013 at 5pm ESDST.
* Judges decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to.
* Answers will be judged on creativity and whether you have actually answered the question! 😉
* Please enter using a valid email address and be sure to check both your inbox and junk mail too.
* Winners have 48hrs to contact me with their postal details, otherwise a new winner will be selected.
* Common Chaos Chronicle takes no responsibility for lost or damaged packages sent from the PR company.



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    Written by:

    1. Michelle Sims

      Our 6 year old son is sooo excited about Skylander Swap-force coming out. He has asked santa for the game for Christmas this year. On the day they were launched he begged me to go to Toys R Us to see them. We did and he spent all his picket money on buying his first 1. I asked him why would he buy that when he doesnt have the game. Mum I have decided to be very good till Christmas so that it comes and I want to buy as many as I can before then so Santa knows I am serious..

    2. Brooke

      My Mr Eight is a super Skylanders fan! He's got the iPad game The Megablocks sets - which he saved up for He knows the characters, And their 'symbolly things' And watches videos of them on YouTube. He's told me all about what they do And how it works - even if I didn't understand, But... he's waiting for Christmas hoping he might finally get the console game. When the swap force ads came on tv he immediately amended his Christmas wishes - not just Skylanders, Mum, Skylanders swap force! I think it takes a super fan To be so excited And so 'in the know' Without yet owning the game.

    3. Kaos

      I will leave it up to Glumshanks to make this post, as I am busy being the TRUE portal master. If his post doesn't win in the battle arena, I will put him up against Occulous for 100 matches MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! My Master's most feared rival is a persistent and skilled Portal Master, named Chris! This Portal Master has been able to acquire the help of many of the people in Skylands, while in the process of controlling all the Skylander army, to stop my master in the first attempt to take over Skylands in Spryo's Adventure, then again months later, when he found the Ancient Giants to help our attempt again. Now if this portal master has any chance of stopping my master from taking over Skylands again, he will badly need the ability to Swap his loyal friends to make them tougher once more. Help Portal Master Chris defeat my master, before its to late! PS. Vote for this to save Glumshanks from his cruel fate!!!!

    4. Glenda Davies

      Went to see my grandson today.Guess what ? He was dressed up as TRIGGER HAPPY. We went for a walk ,Trigger happy ,the baby and me. Got back and and had lunch ,Trigger happy and me.Asked him if he would take his costume off and he said NO WAY. Guess he is going to be Trigger Happy from now on.

    5. candice notting

      my 8 year old son loves skylanders so much I have to keep searching for the figures. He sneaks them to school to the shops even to bed. He has the first two games and will be getting swap force for Christmas which I have been lying about getting and has been causing some issues with him thinking I am mean and not getting it for him. he has been getting me to get book and cups and anything he can so long as it is skylanders. he would really love this special figure.

    6. Lizz

      Mr 9 is our fan. He so desperately wants the swap force edition he is doing extra jobs, including cleaning the bathroom to get more pocket to buy it himself, just can't wait for Santa.

    7. Nikoly Richardson

      Master9 has Spyro's Adventures and Giants. He knows all the characters from each, what the differences are, what element they are and what their catch cry is! Skylander's Swap Force is at the very top of his Christmas list - and probably every spot in his top ten! He and his mates even play Skylander's at recess and lunch! He desperately wants everything Skylander's, he is even trying to convince me that he needs a character costume for Halloween!

    8. Jaimee

      I love skylanders because it is a game for all ages. So I am having a hard time picking between my husband and my son, they are both big fans. Mr 7 gets skylanders as a reward and my husband finds many things to reward him for. I let my husband go in the shop for one skylander he comes out with "4 he didn't have". Mr 7 has learnt bargaining skills "I will be so good for 7 days if I can just get this skylander we can never find it and dad will love it" ... So I have 2 of the biggest skylander fans.

    9. Trudy

      Mr 6 has only recently got ton on the skylanders band wagon, but has already begun his obsession. After attending a skylander birthday party 3 weeks ago, every letter, story, and dream has been skylander. Santa has already been sent a letter asking for skylanders, and he's hit up grandma for it too. He has even taken over cleaning and filling the dogs food and water dishes to earn some good favour with the jolly man in the big red suit. I'd love to win this, to be able to surprise him! And then be able to play it with him!

    10. Terri

      Where to start with miss 13 and mr 6. Every time we come across skylanders they are wanting us to buy them. We have the first game and I have had to make sure that they have got all the figures to it so miss 13 can try and complete the game 100%. Ever since they seen the advertisements for Swap Force they keep harping to get it and when we seen the signs in stores. Miss 13 spends most of her time playing imaginary games with mr 6 of skylanders and spends her other time drawing them in her book from print outs she does at school. These 2 are massive fans that I know of.

    11. kelly jones

      I have never been so in tune with a game in my life, my kids have skylanders in every corner of the house and probably in every nook and cranny as well, my 8 year old lives and breathes skylanders, from pyjamas to bed linen and clothing and dress ups he has to have it all or at least try and create what he hasn't got. He loves everything about skylanders. We have been counting down the days until swap force was released since they first heard about it months and months ago.

    12. Diana O

      Skylanders for my son, are like Schmacko's for dogs! Just like a dog will do anything for a treat, my beautiful boy will say and do almost anything for the promise of a new Skylander to add to his collection of them. Works well when I need things done around the house!!!

    13. Di

      Somehow my kids sweet talked their Dad into letting their Skylander's live in my mahogany crystal cabinet, which they've totally invaded and the glassware has magically been rehoused in the cupboard! It really is a luxurious penthouse for all their Skylander creatures, who are all lovingly replaced into their own 'exact' and precise spots after being let out to do their part during game play. They really love them, treating them like gold.

    14. nicole blears

      My son loves playing with them.. not only does he play with the game on his play station he also sets them up around his room and has fights with them.

    15. Rhonda Lockery

      master 7 plays with them at his friends on weekends and drives us mad all week about having his own he said to us I,ll sell my batman stuff if I can buy Skylanders so we told him hopefully santa will bring him some

    16. Sharon

      Okay, where do I start? Three boys, one husband, one fantastic game. Our lives depend on what is going on with this game, who defeats who, whose turn is it and lots of screams of excitement. We got a new puppy and everyone wanted to name him Drobot. There were tears when I said no, so we settled for Spyro!!!!! Yes, our family definitely loves Skylanders and will do for many years to come. Thanks!!!!

    17. bubble936

      My son is Australia’s Biggest Skylanders Fan because after writing letters to Tooth fairy and santa claus ,he is saving his canteen money so that he can buy Skylanders Swapforce Game . Moreover during book week he made his own book with pictures of skylanders on different pages & wore a white outfit with all the different skylanders printed stickers on it.

    18. My Miss 12 is not normally an early adopter - she waits for the trends to become normalised amongst her peer group before giving it a go, but she was part of the Australian test group for the original Skylanders and immediately became hooked. It was the first time I ever saw her trailblazing the way for her friends in enthusiastically promoting such a great new game. Is it any wonder we are happy to top this one up for her when something new and exciting comes out? Elise (@mummyhearts) recently posted...Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show *CLOSED*My Profile

    19. Kim

      I think that kids look up to their fathre's and want to be like them. So, the fact that their Dad is the hugest Skylanders geek, and my kids love everything he loves would give you an idea of how much they love Skylanders (love isn't a big enough word). Skylanders is what their Christmas list is full of!

    20. Debb Pritchard

      My son Thomas has had a lot of trouble with his behaviour the past year. He has been very anxious, stressed and loud at only 8 :(. We have used so many ideas to get his behaviour to change and nothing has worked. Until now, we have promised him a skylander every week for every week of positive behaviour. He loves them so much that he has become a "trying" boy, he gives positive behaviour a go before turning straight to tantrums. He is helping again and enjoying spending time with his siblings and family. Long story short im going broke in skylanders haha. I heard from his teacher who said she is putting him forward for student of the year. For a boy who has never had a behaviour award and come so very far, i would love to reward him with a halloween skylanders pack. His birthday is the day after halloween so its like a party every year....He loves halloween and skylanders!!!

    21. Therese Jeffery

      My 7 year old loves playing with his skylanders. He dosent even need to turn the console on to have fun. He can sit for ages just playing with the characters.

    22. Rosemary Wilson

      Skylanders give my grandson such joy, Carefully kept in a wooden chest, His care and love of his pieces is the best. If he was to win a prize I would be coy, For Wyatt, would be the happiest little boy........

    23. Mr almost 5 does not have Skylanders but has already cleared space on his bookshelf in anticipation of one day amassing his own collection of characters just like his friends. Please help kick-start his collection!

    24. Wendy D

      My daughter loves her Skylanders game and we had to go buy the new swap force game so she is hooked. I give her pocket money and she spends it on SkyLanders figurines.

    25. Kelly

      I have three boys and they live and breathe Skylanders. Whether they are out in the bush amongst the ‘Tree Rexes’ doing some ‘Stump Smashing’. Having a ‘Wash Buckler’ under the sprinkler during our hot Aussie Summer. ‘Slam bam’-ing each other while I’m trying to ‘Jet Vac’ the house. Walking through the paddocks being careful not to step on any Tiger or ‘Rattle Shakes’. Helping their Dad ‘Ignitor’ the bonfire out the back, being careful not to let the ‘Flameslingers’ start a bushfire. Playing footy, ‘Bash’-ing and ‘Crusher’-ing each other and getting in lots of ‘Eye Brawls’. They love to sit outside having a ‘Pop Fizz’ and ‘Spyro’-ing the kangaroos over the fence. They are Australia’s biggest Skylanders fans.

    26. Sheryl McAuley

      My boys love escaping into the Skylanders world - imaginative play at its best and no fighting :)

    27. Barbara

      When my grandson changes his name to Blast Zone, I know he must be a huge fan

    28. Karly

      When we go to Target and BigW I can't drag him away from the Skylanders interactive displays.

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