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Win Tickets to… Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes in Melbourne this JULY!!!!

Sunday, 16th June 2013

Win Tickets to… Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes in Melbourne this JULY!!!!

This July, Melbourne is in for quite a treat when Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes at Hisense Arena.


This show promises to be a spectacular ice production featuring eight of the most loved Disney Princesses and their Princes, with breathtaking skating, daring acrobatics, high flying jumps, and lovable Disney friends along the way.

Disney Princesses

I will always remember the thrill of seeing my favourite characters in Disney On Ice as a small child (many many years ago now) and to be able to share a similar experience again with my own children is just a dream come true.

For more information about the show, visit

For ticketing information visit

Snow White wishes and Dwarfs

All our favourite Disney Princesses and Heroes will come alive on the ice rink to wow and entertain us and I have been given the opportunity to pass on 2 prize packs consisting of 4 tickets each to 2 of my lucky Chaos readers.

Due to the late notice of ticket availability, the tickets I have available are for:

Friday the 5th of July 2013 at 7pm at Hisense Arena in Melbourne, Vic.

(Tickets are still available for purchase at shows in Adelaide, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Allphones Arena NSW and Perth.)

Massive apologies go out to my readers from other states (& countries), but hopefully many more ‘Australia wide’ opportunities come up in the future.

If you’re available to attend this show and would love a chance at winning 4 tickets for your family, here’s what you have to do….

****** Leave a comment on this blog post telling me in 25 or less words WHO YOUR FAVOURITE DISNEY PRINCESS OR HERO IS AND WHY??? ******

Your answers will be judged on creativity and originality by the one and only princess obsessed MonsterSquad Member Zafirah Odette!

Prince Philip battles Maleficent

The Fine Print…..

* Competition is open to Australian residents only.

* If entering, please be available to attend the show described in this blog post (05/07/13 Melb)

* Tickets are not redeemable for another date, time or cash. If you can’t attend, please don’t enter and give another group of 4 the chance to go!

* Competition closes on TUES 25th June at 5pm AEST.

* Winners will be notified via email so please, please, please double check that your email address is correct and be sure to check your Junk Folder too!!!

* If the winner has not responded to my email within 24hrs, a new winner will be chosen due to the short notice of ticket availability and the need to get tickets arranged for the winners.

Β©Disney. All rights reserved

*** All opinions in the post are my own. I was not paid to create this content. I have been gifted 4 tickets to Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes in exchange for sharing this event and competition with my readers. ***



BRENDAS ANSWER: “We love all of the princesses but totally loves Rupenzel as she has such long hair to brush. And she wants hair just like her”

NORLINS ANSWER: “Favourite princess? Ariel, hands down! She dared to beat the odds, leave the security of her family in search of true love :)


Thanks to all that entered. Please be aware that if your answer was more than 25words (as stated in post) it had to be disqualified. Make sure to count your words to be in the running in future πŸ™‚


    Written by:

    1. Michelle

      Ariel Because she's a mermaid and I love the water. And she becomes a human and has a baby and I love babies. (created by my daughter charlotte who is a long time Princess fan)

    2. Allison

      This is from Tyler yes he like Disney princesses lol. His favourite is Cinderella because she has lots of mice friends (and loves Bruno and Lucifer too) haha

    3. Rachel

      From my princess to yours! I love rapunzel from tangled. Shes funny when she hits the horse on the head with a fry pan.

    4. kay

      My fave is Belle because she loves the beast for who he is and her dresses are beautiful.

    5. Melinda Russell

      Ariel is our favourite. Her singing voice is magical and lovely to listen too. Thanks for the comp!

    6. Brianne Grayling

      Rapunzel, because of the beautiful example she shows young girls that being smart, independent and free thinking makes you shine from the inside out :)

    7. Stacy and Bailey

      Our favourite Hero is Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. He saves the feather duster from being burnt and he is really funny.

    8. Tara

      My princess LOVES Rapunzel. She thinks every princess needs a fry pan-not for cooking, as a weapon!!!...she even tried to try it out on her 8 yr old sister, oh and the cat :/

    9. Mel

      Beauty is our favourite because she shows that even though someone might not look like us, they have feelings too, and give them a chance!

    10. Effie Bakkalis

      I love Cinderella. No matter how hard life treats you, she taught us to never give up. Good things come to those who wait!

    11. Andrea Frisby

      My 9yo often compares herself to Cinderella when I dare to ask her to make her bed etc. This could be her night out at the ball so to speak!

    12. Heidi Holley

      I asked my daughter (4) and she said that Ariel is her favourite because she can sing good has beautiful red hair like Cyndi Lauper! Gotta love how their minds work ;) x

    13. Jacqui Howlett

      The delightful Ella 5 responds "oh Tiana and Belle but maybe Cinderella that's a lovely story, and Ariel is so dreamy" their all beautiful mum

    14. Amanda

      My 3 yo Sam loves Peter Pan !! And Ariel is his fav " she is Beautiful mummy and has a tail "

    15. The Beast because he's scary and tough and his princess wears the prettiest dress.

    16. Andrea Whitbourn

      Mum, my favourite is Cinderella. She gets to wear the beautful blue dress and glass high heels. From Hayley my 7 year old.

    17. Favourite princess? Ariel, hands down! She dared to beat the odds, leave the security of her family in search of true love :)

    18. Brenda Edwards

      We love all of the princesses but totally loves Rupenzel as she has such long hair to brush. And she wants hair just like her

    19. Tegan Barnes

      Rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair, I wish I was a rapunzel so I could only let who I wanted into my castle by letting them climb up my long hair and if they make it to the top they then have to braid my long hair:) from tegan

    20. My 5y/o's answer "I wanna be Mulan. She's strong like a knight and cleverer coz she tricks them. And her dress is pretty"

    21. Mel jones

      My favourite princess is Jasmine, I loved her signing, even done a ballet dance to her song! Now to get my daughter to watch Aladdin!

    22. Jess m

      Tinkerbell: gives all the dads a good excuse To sit down and watch Disney movies with There kids ;-)

    23. When I was a little girl about 5 years old, I was taken to the cinema for the very first time ever. A special lady took me and we went to see Cinderella. It was magical, unforgettable and I will always love Princess Cinderella the most :)

    24. Sandy Burton

      I would love 2 take my princess to see Disney on Ice it will be spectacular to see. We have never had the pleasure of seeing such a great show. It will be fantastic if we could :-)

    25. Mackenzie porter

      I like cindrela because she is like me a rel princess .my mum thinks I am a girl but I'm a rel princess

    26. Morgan Porter

      Out of all the Disney princesses, My fav would have to be marvellous Snow White, She kissed a handsome prince and helps everyone in need.

    27. Alana

      TINKERBELL is my favourite. She says so much without speaking a word. Makes me feel good about my thighs too.

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