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WISE BY DESIGN Photo Canvas Memories To Cherish Forever!

Tuesday, 28th August 2012

WISE BY DESIGN Photo Canvas Memories To Cherish Forever!

I am a photo addict.

There’s no point denying it. Since having the children 8 years ago, I have taken over 60,000 photos.

Apparently, that may be a little excessive, but I am preserving memories.

Preserving them for me to enjoy right now and preserving them for our children to enjoy when they’re all grown up (eeeeek!)

I have probably played with most types of photo display too, but there was one that I had never had the opportunity to do before.

Photo Canvas.

Elijah Canvas 3

I love them, they give any photo that professional edge that often goes unnoticed in a regular photo frame.

The lovely folk over at WISE BY DESIGN heard on the grapevine that our baby Elijah had finally arrived and kindly offered us a canvas as a gift.

How very very sweet of them!

So I snapped (pun definitely intended….) up their offer and called in the assistance of a photo taking friend to help me get a nice shot of our newest MonsterSquad member!

And what a fab job she did too, considering that little Eli did not want to play the game at all.

Elijah Canvas 2

Once I had chosen the photo I wanted to make into a canvas, I popped over to to place my order.

Their website is so simple to use and navigate, making the ordering process quick and confusion free.

Within 3 easy steps, you’re ready to submit your order.

* Choose your canvas shape

* Select & upload your photo

* Provide your details so a proof can be sent to you before your order is created.


And do you want to know the most awesome part about it all?? My canvas arrived within a week of me placing the order.

That my chaos friends is super speedy delivery!

If you’re stuck for an idea for a Father’s Day Pressie, a photo canvas could be the perfect solution!!!

So I am sending out a massive Thank-you to Wise By Design for their beautiful baby gift on the arrival of our son.

Elijah Canvas 1

Let’s return the love to these generous folk by sharing some Common Chaos love their way.

If photo canvases are something you’d like to look into, you can stop by and ‘LIKE’ their Facebook page, to stay up to date with any upcoming offers they may have.

Don’t forget to tell them that Jac from Common Chaos Chronicle sent you over to share the love, after all, they did really spoil us.

Wise By Design can also be found on Twitter, so if you like to tweet you can follow them on @WiseByDesign1

Most importantly, if you LOVE our pic of Elijah and think you’d definitely like some photo canvas art in your home, head over to and check out their website.

Their service is outstanding and their product quality is fantastic. You will not be disappointed. I promise!

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    1. Brooke

      Looks amazing!!! I have a gorgeous photo of our kids we want on the wall so I may have to look into this idea. Was only going to print and frame until now. :)

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Definitely worth it!! It looks so cool up on the wall, my photos of the canvas don't do it enough justice!!!

    3. That looks really great Jacqui! What a great idea too! Might try and get a good photo of the family and maybe have a canvas printed up. Been a while since we had one done!

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