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You’d Have To Be Loaded To Own These Toys…

Tuesday, 26th January 2016

You’d Have To Be Loaded To Own These Toys…

A Guest Post.

You won’t believe these toys for rich kids…

Parents want the best for their kids. Whether it’s education, clothes, food, or fun, we always put in tremendous energy. But parents also want the luxury of kicking back and letting kids play on their own; to have some breathing space. Outrageously cool toys can do let parents do just that.

You might be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with me? I could never afford outlandish toys.” Well, that’s where you’re wrong. The truth is, anyone can afford outlandish toys. All you have to do is get online lottery tickets easily and affordably and stand the chance to win millions beyond your wildest imagination.

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Dollar Bills

Let’s take a look at some of these toys your kids could lose their minds over.

Sports Pedal Car
A $100,000 kid-sized Ferrari won’t even put a dent in your bank account after you scoop a mega-size jackpot easily online. Your kid is going to come home knee-deep in cooties if he rolls into a playground in this thing. To be fair, this thing looks awesome.

Grand Victorian Mansion
Give your kids a taste of the lux life from an early age with their very own mini Victorian mansion that’s something straight out of a fairy tale. It has a wraparound porch, stained-glass windows, window boxes, a skylight, a doorbell and brass knocker. The magic inside is no exception. There are sponge-painted walls, hardwood floors, fireplace mantel, and an upstairs loft. The price? $22,000

Scallywag Sloop Pirate Themed Club House
Ahoy matey! This oversized pirate playhouse will bring the high seas to your backyard and occupy your kids for hours. The base is made out of an old fallen tree. Each of these playhouses come in two parts including a swings, and a ship’s wheel. How much? $18,499.99.

Genuine 7-foot Robby Robot
Okay, now this is seriously cool. The price? $49,999.99. You might be thinking to yourself, “What merits that much money?” Well, this of course! It’s the genuine life-size icon replica of Robby the robot from the 1956 classic “Forbidden Planet”. It can teach your kids some history of modern culture, too. Most kids these days, let alone adults, haven’t heard of this famous robot before. He’s also remote-controlled, and programmed to quote lines from the movie. Kids can also project their own voices through its wireless microphone.

Pro Racing Simulation System
This system comes with a steering wheel and pedals, and can be configured to an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. There’s a subwoofer in the seat, a high-quality monitor, and multiple front and rear speakers to optimise the experience. This will cost $3,999.99 once off. It’s perfect for getting the kids off your back when they want to go on real drives. Keep them safe and sound at home with this simulator and they won’t bug you again until they’re 16.

This could all be yours, and more, if you make the choice to play lottery online. It’s a miniscule investment that can give you an astronomical return. If not for yourself, then do it for the kids! We all deserve a rollercoaster adventure at least once in our lives.

We wish you the best of luck.

Today’s tongue-in-cheek guest post was written for Common Chaos Chronicle by PlayUSALotteries. Whilst winning the lottery can be a dream maker, please remember to gamble responsibly and only take risks you can afford! 


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    1. Wow... I better buy that lotto ticket cause I wouldn't want my kids to miss out :) I'm glad you mentioned it was a tongue in cheek post else I might have thought you were serious.

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