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Proud Mummy Moment – Zafirah Becomes A Class SRC Rep 2014

Tuesday, 18th March 2014

Proud Mummy Moment – Zafirah Becomes A Class SRC Rep 2014

The school year is well underway and we were recently greeted with the lovely surprise of our daughter Zafirah being voted in by her class as an SRC (Student Representative Council) member for Semester 1 2014.

Zaf src 1

This will be the 3rd time in Zaf’s schooling career that she has had the opportunity to voice opinions and ideas on behalf of her class mates and her other fellow school students.

Grade 3 is already looking like it will be a successful year full of achievements and success.

Zaf src 2

While we joke and laugh and ask her “how much did you pay the voters???”, we are super proud that she has found a voice in the school community and isn’t afraid to stand up and represent her class.

Zaf src 3

Awesome effort Miss Zaf, you’re rockin’ the leadership roles!

Zaf src 4


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    1. Well Jac, please tell Zaffy we are so proud of her love to you all xxx

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