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Proud Mummy Moments – Dance Concert 2011

Tuesday, 17th January 2012

Proud Mummy Moments – Dance Concert 2011

2011 saw my 3 girls enroll in dance classes.

Veruca –Β  Combined Ballet & Jazz

Veruca's first Ballet Lesson

Zafirah – Combined Ballet & Jazz

Zaf's first ballet lesson

Aria – Very reluctantly joined a Jazz class.

Aria's first jazz lesson

From day 1, Veruca and Zafirah were keen to start dancing. They had after all been nagging me for the entire year before to sign them up.

Shy Aria wasn’t interested in dancing and insisted on a term of pony riding lessons instead. But when the weather turned foul and the pony rides became few and far between she quietly suggested that she may do some Jazz dancing in second term.

So I signed her up with no expectations of her completing the second term.

While Zaf and Veruca stacked on the occasional tantrum about not wanting to dance, they were for the most part super keen and loving every minute of it.

In their minds they were the dancing queens, princesses and who knows what else!!!

Aria on the other hand seemed to be struggling. Her teacher had concerns about her not wanting to dance during the classes and by the end of second term I had seen no dancing moves or skills come out of Aria what so ever.

I wanted to instill in their minds that once you start something you have to finish it, so I decided to stick to my guns and ask Aria to continue in her class until the end of the year.

You would’ve thought I’d signed her death sentence the way she carried on each and every lesson with a whinging tantrum that would give a toddler a run for their money.

But with the help of Grandma, we got her there each week.

As the classes went on, the tantrums stayed, but we noticed that with each class closer to the end of year concert, Aria was coming home from her lesson with a massive smile on her dial.

Jac & Girls
Me with the girls... Aria, Veruca & Zafirah

Nerves about the end of year concert were setting in and Aria decided it was time to refuse to dance. There was no way she was getting up on that stage.

Zaf was a ball of excitement, Veruca was obsessed with the stage and Aria wasn’t going out there…. full stop.

So I’m not sure what her teacher said to her, or what made her change her mind but when the words “ok mum, I’ll do it for you” came out in her tiny voice, I dropped a tear or two.

Rehearsals came and went and I still had not seen the girls dance. After all I was in the change room juggling 5 different outfit changes, hair do’s and make up.

Veruca make upZaf make upAria make up

By showtime, I was more nervous than the girls were.

All my fears were coming to mind about the girls not going on stage, falling over, you name it, I probably worried about it.

I purchased tickets for us in the audience of the final show.

I left our trusted babysitter in charge of the girls in the change room and tried to remain calm to watch my dancing queens.

Zaf’s Ballet routine was up first where they danced to “That’s what friends are for”. It was beautiful and so was she, twirling and grinning as she spotted us in the crowd.

Veruca danced her tooshy off as a divine looking little jitterbug during “wake me up (before you go go)”. The preschoolers were just gorgeous busting a move all over the stage.

Then we had to wait for yonks and yonks before Aria’s Jazz dance. Her group was right near the end of the 1st half. Every minute I began to fidget a little more as the nerves for her inside of me got worse and worse.

The lights went down and the music came on and before I knew it she was out there, dancing, like I mean really dancing to ‘Footloose’ with all the pizazz of an ultra cool 80’s funkster.

She blew me away with how well she did. Especially for someone who, and I quote “Am never ever ever going to dance in front of people”

Ready to dance

I have never been so proud of my girls.

It wasn’t so much the dancing, it was the fact that they stuck to it when it was hard, they gave it their best and they did so bloody well.

I am still to this day especially proud of Aria, who has declared that she is most definitely going back to dancing in 2012, and might even have a go at Ballet or Tap too.

She is a new child. Once as shy and quiet as a mouse, she now believes in herself and has the confidence to go without being pushed.

Well done girls, I really am so proud xox


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    1. SJ's Mum

      Omg they were soooooo adorable, Sj and i watch the concerts regularly and she can't wait for dance class to start back up again :)

    2. Well done girls! I did ballet as a little girl, and the lead up to the big concert was always very nerve racking.

    3. Awwww...that is so sweet and it's great that she did give it a go.It's amazing sometimes what a little nudge (even from someone else) can do to someone shy. :)

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