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Proud Mummy Moments – Jai Gets A Goal!

Wednesday, 6th July 2011

Proud Mummy Moments – Jai Gets A Goal!

This morning sees me adding a new category to the blog.

Last night I got myself caught up in checking out some old photos on the laptop. I just love looking back at the special moments, the silly moments and the amazing things we have done.

I was flicking through some photos that I had taken with my new camera and a sense ofΒ  overwhelming pride came over me, shortly followed by a sense of overwhelming sadness.

Let me explain…

My son Jai is a sensitive soul. He’s often very reluctant to give new things a try, for a massive fear of failure. No matter what we have tried to do to encourage, praise and reassure him, he often tells us that he is just too nervous.Β  So the day he came home insisting he wanted to play Auskick with his mates this year, we signed him up no questions asked.

Jai at Auskick

Jai had never really even kicked a footy, barely watched a game and basically had no idea whatsoever of what was involved in a footy match.

But he had the passion in his eyes and the dream in his heart so we sent him out on the field in all his Melbourne Demons clobber.

Jai practices kicking the football.

The first few sessions were just training drills etc, but he was keen and even the pouring rain did not deter him.

Last Sunday morning, I satyed home with Levi as he was unwell.

In accordance with my ususal ‘luck’, my hubby informs me that the little Auskickers were actually playing a game that day.


Mind you all sorts of things ran through my mummy brain once I read that text message….

“Does he know the rules?”

“Does he understand the positions?”

“Is he going to get stage fright – well oval fright?”

I tried my best to push the mummy worries aside and waited anxiously for them to return home to tell me all about it.

45mins later a boy with a grin from ear to ear, wet and covered in mud walked through the door.

I said “mate, how’d you go?”

“mum, mum, I kicked a GOAL! Not a point, a goal!!!”

Jai celebrating a demons win

Well lets just say I was close to tears with the childs excitement at what he had done.

I wasn’t there, I did not see my son’s first ever footy goal, but my god I am so super proud of him.

Not only did he kick a goal, he learnt a valuable lesson that day. He went on to tell me that his team did not win, but it didnt matter cos he got the goal. He obviously achieved a personal goal that morning and gave himself one awesome self esteem boost!

Next Sunday morning at 9am I wont complain about the poor timing of such an event. I will go along happily and enjoy it as much as Jai does.

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    1. Cool Jai a GOOOOAL ! High 5's all round :)

    2. Trudy

      Well done Jai!

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