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A Little Jar Of Happy

Saturday, 7th January 2017

A Little Jar Of Happy

I recently saw the following photo on Facebook that inspired me to start a Little Jar Of Happy. I have no idea where it comes from so I cannot credit the owner of the photo, but I hope if they read this they understand how awesome I think this idea is!

Glass Jar Of Happiness
How much happiness can you fit on one little jar?

The idea of the jar is to record happy thoughts & moments from your days/weeks and put them in the jar to open up and read on New Years Eve.

Since I am shocking at creating new habits, and my memory is shot, I have decided to write down one happy thing from each DAY to put in the jar, that way it will become routine, I am less likely to forget, and it’s also a fabulous way to focus on the positives of your day, even if you’ve had a doozy!

I’m using an old glass kitchen canister with a diary pen loop around it. I made a Little Jar Of Happy for a friend out of an old glass coffee jar with some pretty ribbon tied around it. You could use anything really, whatever suits.

Happy Thoughts Jar
A week in and still inspired to find the happy in each day!

I have a small chunky desk note pad (just a fraction larger than a sticky note pad) for the paper and it’s all sitting right here on my desk for easy access.

I’m only 7 days in and I’m already looking forward to reading all my little notes in December this year.

If you’re stuck in Groundhog Day and struggle to see the positives I urge you to give this a go. One happy thought/moment from each day will turn into an entire jar full come New Year’s Eve, and you’ll have a positive and happy start to the following year! Go for it!


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