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Chaos Goals & Dreams 2014

Wednesday, 1st January 2014

Chaos Goals & Dreams 2014


So it’s the first day of a brand new year and I have never felt so second-hand in my whole life.

We rang in the new year surrounded by friends with a few quiet drinks, plenty of sing-a-long songs and around 20 or so kids running rampant with glow sticks around the huge yard that we had all pitched tents in.

All was swell until it came time to get Elijah to sleep for the second time and he started his screaming and crying guff. The only upside to being power chucked on twice, (including all our bedding) inside a small tent on a stuffy night was the fact that now other people know first hand just how bad he carries on.

It was stressful and anxiety inducing and sometime between 3.30am and 5.00am I may have actually cried myself to sleep. Until the strong winds woke me again, that is.

7am-ish came along and there were 20 hungry kids running rampant once again.

Yep, our start to 2014 has been an average one, and hopefully not an indicator of how much sleep I will be getting each night from here on in!!! UGH!

Despite the average start, I have high hopes for 2014.

I know so many people set themselves up with New Years Resolutions, that fail 3 weeks later, and from past experience, I know that I myself am quite good at those too.

This year I have decided to think a bit more realistically and plan some achievable goals that I can come back and look at, update and tick off.

I have broken it down into sections to cover a few areas that I know need some special attention.

1. Personal.

I hope with the help of a personal trainer, I will be able to shift a heap of weight this year and give my tired body a bit of a breather from carrying around all this excess baggage! Chris from CPV Fitness, assures me that with his help, this is totally achievable.

Participating in The Biggest Loser Town Challenge and talking with Shannon Ponton really opened my eyes to how important my health really is, to not only myself, but my whole family. If I don’t put the ‘me time’ in now, there may not be a ‘me’ to give time to in the near future. Scary.

2. Work.

I want to build Common Chaos Chronicle up into a much more regular thing by setting myself work hours and by securing an extra day of child-care for Elijah this year.

I have goal numbers in my head that I would like to achieve (reader numbers and page stats) and with the constant support and sharing within the Chaos Community, I am sure that we can all help make it happen.

I’ll be asking all my friends and family to respect the fact that this is my job and just because it is done from home, it does not make it any less important than if I worked in a business place in town. Common Chaos Chronicle has allowed me to fulfill my dream of writing, and allowed me to work from home while my children are still so young. Please respect that!

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3. Money.

This year is going to be a mega tough one for us here at Chaos HQ. MonsterSquad Dad is booked in to have a full knee reconstruction around July, and with the recovery time involved, our income will drop dramatically. It’s the curse of casual work.

So I am stepping up my work for obvious reasons, but also tightening the budget on everything in hope of clearing all of our smaller debts and hopefully (and I’m being real hopeful here), be able to put away some extra $$$ to keep us afloat once he has his operation.

To keep track of our spending and finances, I’ll be using a program called Squirrelr, which I will be explaining in more detail shortly. If you’d like to check it out, sign up through this link HERE. That way when I waffle on about it, you’ll know what I’m on about!

4. Chaos HQ.

Our home, Chaos HQ, is an old, run down house that still needs bucket loads of TLC. There’s times where I look online and in magazines and get jealous of all those ‘display’ type homes with the new furniture and crisp white paint, but in all honesty, I am just so damn happy to be buying our own home, no matter how run down it really is.

The hardest thing with having a home that needs a lot of renovations and work done is knowing where to actually start. I think about if I were to list all the things that need doing and it’s one very long list.

We’re very good at starting jobs, but not quite so good at getting them finished…. I get bored, start on something else and before I know it, I have 300 half done jobs around Chaos HQ.Β  So this year I am doing it differently.

My number one priority for Chaos HQ is to finish the dining room renovation that has so far been a work in progress for the last 4-5 years. I need a few special beams of timber, a stack of plaster and associated gluey gunk and some pine floor boards for the job to get done.

I am going to MAKE it happen in 2014.

5. Relationships.

Date Night, once a week, and something special once a month – NO EXCUSES. Having a baby that does not sleep has certainly sucked the romance out of Chaos HQ. We just don’t get the time alone anymore to even have a conversation, let alone much time for anything else.

We need to be able to talk about our things, discuss our days without interruption and so on.

I also want to dedicate a bit more time to each little MonsterSquad Member with some of their interests. Even if it’s 5mins to help them out, to play with them or to simply just chill and have a cuddle. It will be nice to connect with them again after the most insane year I’ve ever known.

Brian and Jac 2013

And lastly,

6. Organisation.

I am generally a very organised person. It’s in my nature and nothing thrills me more than a plan and sticking to it. 2013 blew my hopes of organisation out of the water, day after day, after day. In the end, I admitted defeat and let the chaos win.

After a couple of weeks of ‘chill out time’, I have realised that I need to take a step back here and there, rest more, sleep more and then everything seems to fall into place each day.

The organisation is there, I just have to keep at it, tiny little bits everyday instead of attempting world domination over night…. you get my drift.

So that’s it.







Bring it on 2014. I’m ready.

What are you hoping for in 2014?

Do you set yourself goals?


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    1. Bonita

      Good luck with 2014! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you are able to achieve all your goals.

    2. I've written about my goals for 2014 but I'll also be concentrating on helping the kids out with their schoolwork from now on, especially with Miss 11 being in high school. There WILL be lots of homework for her so now, no more the "nice and easy mum" and more "tiger" mum. Sorry kids...the "holiday" is over. :p Norlin recently posted...Top Favourite Products of 2013My Profile

    3. Krystal

      Good on you Jac xx Looking forward to see the big changes in 2014! All the best!

    4. Wow, you certainly have big plans in motion. I think you will do just fine, love the organisation one, that's the one on my radar!! xo Michelle

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