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Did I Tell You About The Time…..?

Sunday, 3rd March 2013

Did I Tell You About The Time…..?

So you guys want to know more about me huh?

Well I have put together a list of things that I may or may not have told you all before, so I hope it fills in some gaps for you all in amongst the chaos of my MonsterSquad and the review and sponsored posts I also like to write.

Here goes…..

1. I grew up in Melbourne with my Mum, Dad and Brother. I’d say I had a fairly ‘normal’ upbringing for a middle class working family.

When my dad was made redundant, my parents moved back close to where my mum spent her childhood and a month or so later, I decided that I too would like a ‘country’ break and moved too. I purchased my house with my previous partner and took up some part time work to pay it off.

I was 21, owned my own home and planned a 2year renovation of our purchase before moving back to the big smoke with an investment property under our belts.

Although life never goes to plan and that relationship fell apart. I brought my ex out and remained in the house with no idea of what to expect next.

Shortly after all of that I met my hubby Brian, and the rest is basically history.

We’re still here in the house I purchased 12years ago, although it’s a tad bigger now and the renovations are still not complete!

Photo at our engagement party
{Here we are at our engagement party that seems like a lifetime ago!}

2. Before I had children, I was the most amazingly organised, neat freak you could have ever met. I was so particular about things that even my CD’s were in alphabetical order.

I love being organised and it has taken me all the strength I have inside to begin to accept that with kids, there will always be an amount of chaos and clutter.

Our house is far from tidy, and is a constant issue for me. I like to call it ‘A work in progress’. It’s either that, or I could simply tell people we’ve been robbed and I can’t touch the mess until the insurance people have been??

But seriously, it bothers me. I am not interested in a display home, just a tidy place where everything has a spot to be put away and the ‘Hoarders’ team are not required!

Instagram Jac
{This pic would be 2 years old or more.... When i first had my hair chopped short again}

3. My husband and I have had our fair share of ups and downs. I don’t want any of my readers to ever assume that we have the perfect life, as there is no such thing.

I like to keep it real and real is what you will get here at Common Chaos Chronicle.

There have been times when I have given up and threatened to throw it all away. And there have been times for Brian too. I think that’s fairly normal really.

Relationships are a bit like a roller coaster I guess. Up, down, up, down, slow down, puke (oh wait that was pregnancy!!!), and start again. You get the idea.

The most important part for me though, is that neither of us have just completely given up. We’re still here 24/7 working on our family, our marriage and all that it encompasses.

10 points for trying! (Trying….. my patience!!!LOL)

Veruca and I at Dance 2012
{A dance mum..... Something I never thought I would be!!!}

4. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

Still to this day I am unsure of what I want to do when nurturing Monsters is not enough. At first I wanted to work with children, but now I’m just not so sure, and everything I consider doing means years and years at Uni…. Which will be impossible to pay for and I’m unsure if I could keep up with the workload with the demands of this house.

I guess that’s one reason behind the choice to monetise this blog. Imagine if I could produce a steady enough income to remain a Stay At Home Mum allowing me to be here for the kids before and after school etc… That would be a perfect world and like I said earlier, life never goes to plan so perhaps I wont plan the things I really want!!!

A more recent selfie of jac
{Taken a few months after Elijah was born.}

5. I am never satisfied. Ever.

Seems that just when I think I’ve got things right, had enough or can’t juggle anything more, I want more. I am my own worst critic and nothing is ever good enough. Things could always be improved and so on.

Honestly, it’s a pain in the arse. Why can’t I ever just be happy with the way things are??? I used to blame my creativity. Friends tell me it’s not ‘normal’ to rearrange a house every few months, but I get bored easily, tired of the same 4 walls so to speak.

I love to redesign and create ‘spaces’ for the kids, and even for myself too. And just when I think the set up is perfect, I decide to tweak it.

Will it ever stop? Probably not. I could always just keep tweaking other people’s houses and that would be a blast but who knows where I’d find the time to start that up too!!!

Imagine if I got the go ahead to design my home from scratch…… oh my….. I think you get the picture.

Sunnies Jac
{Oh and one last thing....... I'm addicted to oversized sunglasses.}

So there you go. There’s 5 somewhat boring things about who I am and what makes me, well…., ME!

As we travel along the chaos adventure I am sure I will enlighten you all with some more crazy random facts about who is behind the screen.







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    1. Well there we have it! Nice to meet you, and btw I absolutely LOVE the design of your site! Gorgeous.

    2. I was a neat freak too, and my husband is not a neat freak in any way but is obsessive over his CDs...Our 'custom made' rack holds nearly 1000 cds! Great to learn more about you, although I have to ask...what's your music taste? :-)

    3. I love this post Jac! So nice to learn some little snippets about your life :)

    4. Imagine if the house you created when you first moved in, stayed exactly the same until the day you were old and carried out in a pine box. How bloody boring!! I'm all for changing it up too...completely normal in my book. As a kid, I used to rearrange my bedroom every few months as well. Us creatives can never sit still. Great post Jac!

    5. Not boring facts at all Jacqui! Wow! At least you own the house you live in so no need for that dreaded mortgage. And honestly even I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Wait...I'm not a grown up yet right?

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