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Is Your Job The Perfect Job For You?

Thursday, 5th September 2013

Is Your Job The Perfect Job For You?

Recently I found myself in a conversation where another person was suggesting that a job is a job and that you’re not meant to love it, you just do it because you have too.

This got me thinking. And talking.

I said, “hang on a minute, I love my job”.

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Aside from being a mum, I love to write, I have always wanted to write professionally, and by accident I have found my little space blogging, which allows me to write what I want, when I want. It’s not paying the big bills yet, but it’s a start and we all have to start somewhere.

It’s hard juggling it around running a house and family but it’s what I do and I really do love it. I hope to keep writing for years to come and grow this little blogging space into a place where anyone and everyone can feel right at home.

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I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

I know many people, my husband included, that have worked all sorts of jobs they’ve not particularly liked, simply to put food on the table and so on. I admire people that can go out and do that day in and day out for the greater good…..

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All this talk about jobs also got me thinking about the countless amount of times I have come across people in employment and thought to myself “Gee whiz, they really should NOT be doing that job”.

I’m sure you’ve probably thought that to yourself before in the past too.

Most recently, the experience we had trying to get MonsterSquad Grandma some medical assistance proved this point dramatically. The first doctor we saw was less than interested in her case, shrugged her shoulders at the questions we asked and sent us home to take some Panadol….. It was clearly a bigger problem than a Panadol could fix.

The next day we ended up back in hospital after we saw another doctor who rushed us to the emergency department to meet with a surgeon. His explanations of everything were fantastic and detailed, he made sense when he spoke and he even managed to make us giggle. I thought to myself, “well this guy has my trust, he even sounds like he knows what’s going on”.

The difference between the care and treatment we received from the 2 different doctors was astounding and it really highlighted which doctor was most suited to the job. In my opinion, if you’re going to work in the medical field, you should at least be able to show some kind of care, interest or compassion when dealing with the ill.

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I’ve also come across countless childcare workers that just should NOT be working with children. I’m going all out there on this one and am going to say that just because you have raised your own children, it does not mean you are ‘quality’ childcare worker material.

There are things that I do and say here at Chaos HQ that I would never ever dream of telling another person’s child, or doing to another person’s child. Some corners we cut with our own, but are not for cutting with others….

The Early Learning Framework is there for a reason. There are safety guidelines for a reason.Β  There are policies and procedures in place for a reason.

In the past, we removed our youngest boys from a childcare facility. There were many many reasons as to why we were unhappy with the care provided, at first, a constant gut feeling, that later turned into proof and we were not comfortable with the carer’s practices at all.

This week while out and about I witnessed the same carer still working in childcare. I saw her drag a little boy by the wrist at a pace far faster than he could manage, his feet scuffing and tumbling along the concrete under him as he struggled to stay upright, (there were other things but due to being in a small town and confidentiality, I will not go on).

As the guilt washed over me for subjecting my own kids to that treatment, I couldn’t help but wonder what that boy’s mother would think if she saw what I had seen, heard what I had heard and been told what I have been told.

If you don’t love the kiddies, are going to treat them like an inconvenience and are only doing it because “the money is good”, you should just not be working with children. Full stop.

And that’s just 2 simple examples.

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What about the people in retail/customer service that have had you raising an eyebrow or two at their LACK of customer service? or the tradesmen that do a completely bodgy job but know that they can get away with it because there’s no competition in your area?

Why do a job half-assed when there’s a job out there that could be just perfect for you? Money makes life easier, but it certainly doesn’t keep you happy…

Sick work

Have you encountered someone that clearly should not be in a particular line of work?

Do you think everyone is entitled to LOVE their job?

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now?


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    1. I think we all deserve and should strive to find employment that we at least enjoy if not love. My parents never did and have passed onto me a hate of going to work. But I now know that it's possible to find a job I enjoy and working for myself is only one of those. Great post, Jac. Dorothy recently posted...I'm sick of faking itMy Profile

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Dorothy, I have enjoyed a few jobs in my time but none of them I truly loved like I am loving blogging. xox

    3. I have had jobs that I love, and jobs that I hate, and jobs that bore the living shit out of me. There's one particular job that I really regret leaving, but the travel distance just would not have been suitable for family life. If you find a job you love...I think you're one of the lucky ones. I'm currently studying so that I can move onto a job that I will love in the future. LisaW recently posted...Mood board Monday | GreenMy Profile

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