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Friday, 1st February 2013

The Invisible Blogger!

It’s been 3months since my last confession…..

No wait!

It’s been several weeks since my last blog post though, and I am finally here sitting at my very own desk in my room in what appears to be a state of silence…..


That never happens anymore.

I feel to some extent I owe you some kind of explanation.

Well here it is…..

The school holidays were busy. I assumed I would have a whole heap of down time and I was seriously mistaken.

I did not have 2 mins to scratch myself and at the end of each day I was beyond exhausted.

{Insert mental image of drowsy busy lady here}

Then on top of the usual day to day chaos of life with 6 kids, throw in a Christmas, a decent bout of ongoing PND and anxiety attacks and you have your self one extremely run down moody mumma.

So I didn’t blog. I tried many times but the words just weren’t there.

I felt muddled up, and disconnected with my online space.

I had concerns over writing with such negativity. I did not want to bring all you loyal readers down with my misery.

It was hard. Hard not to blurt so much stuff out but also just as hard to keep it all in.

My blog, Common Chaos Chronicle is my space, my venting room and after reading some critisism of Australian bloggers I was unsure that I even wanted to be a part of it all again.

My emotional health was stretched as far as it could cope, and I wasn’t sure I had the ability to cope should I need to cop a whole heap of flack for anything.

I backed right off.

I concentrated on getting my house in order (still a work in progress!!!) and getting myself organised for another school year.

We spent time together as a family and did some fun things at Chaos HQ and out and about too.

I even attempted to get a bit crafty…..

Now I feel like I am in a space where I can focus again.

Jac in glasses
{See, I'm still here, I just hide behind these giant sunnies!!!}

The monsters have gone back to school.

Levi starts kinder next week and baby Eli is having some daycare to give me the rest that the doctor has demanded I get.

So you know what that means?

I might actually be able to do something here on Common Chaos Chronicle.

Won’t that be ace!!!! I have found myself craving to write and to actually have the time and space to do is just what I need to feel just a little bit like me again.


I thank you all for sticking around these past few months. I know I have been erratic in my posting and hope now with a new routine I can get the regular posts happening again!

Before the holidays and before I realised I just wasn’t coping so well,Β  I committed to several review and sponsored posts.

I will be trying to get these up and out ASAP so I hope you can all find something entertaining and worthwhile in reading these posts as well as the personal ones.

When I write these things, although they may be of an advertorial nature I love to put my own spin on things and will only ever give you an honest and upfront review so bare with me folks!!!!! Sometimes, I just like to share awesome things with you guys too!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Here’s to 2013.

In a matter of weeks Common Chaos Chronicle will be celebrating it’s 2nd bloggy birthday.

2 freakin’ years! Time flies.

And I am so proud and honoured to share my life with such an awesome bunch of readers. What a great little community we have here!

Thank you all so much xoxoxox









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    1. May 2013 be a year of renewal for you. And dont let the GOMI's get you down. ;-)

    2. Hope you are feeling better with me time Jac. Looking forward to what you have to brng forth .

    3. I look forward to seeing where you take Common Chaos this year, Jac xx

    4. Welcome back Jac! :)

    5. hope that 2013 is a positive year for you !!

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