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We’re Back!

Monday, 23rd October 2017

We’re Back!

Oh Hello!

If you’ve found yourself here at Common Chaos Chronicle again, I cannot thank you enough for sticking by us over our hiatus from the blogging world. If you’re new here and have found us because an absolute legend you know, shared our post, then welcome to the Chaos and a big high five for both of you! We hope you stick around.

Here’s the lingo you’re going to need to know;

  • Chaos HQ = Our ‘renovators delight’ home in country Victoria, Australia.
  • Monster Squad = My delightful tribe of six children aged 13 down to 5.
  • Keepin’ it Real = We tell it like it is, no fake cutesy nonsense here.
  • Life Happens = When things get crazy busy and daily life takes over.

For those wondering, the hiatus was not planned, life just happened and in the weeks, months and years to come I will fill you all in and keep you all updated on the ins and outs of life at Chaos HQ.

I had planned this big re-launch of the blog, complete with new design and endless posts but in reality, we would have just been waiting and waiting because, (and I think I’ve just found our new tag line…) ‘Life Just Happens at Chaos HQ’ and I’d hate to put this baby of mine on the back-burner for any longer.

So the design has changed, but it’s not finished yet. Rome wasn’t built in a day they say. Please be patient while I work at getting it ‘just right’.

I’ll keep at it, fiddling with things, adding and removing things and updating as I go. (Can you believe our youngest is now 5 years old and does not have a MonsterSquad Profile!?!)

The kids are older now, so we’ve grown quite a bit and may not talk so much about baby stuff and probably more about finding yourself, as well as being the mum (or dad) and the rock of the family.

I keep saying ‘We’ because a few of our bigger Monsters have expressed an interest in writing some content for this website, so you may even come across some posts from a little Monster’s perspective sometimes too.

And of course, you’ll have to be tolerant of my crafty posts, especially my crochet work. I think I have a wool/yarn addiction. So many pretties, not enough hours in my day!

Lastly, I’ll have some awesome fun competitions along the way so please SHARE SHARE SHARE and enter when you can to spread the Chaos around!

So once again, Welcome Back to our Chaos, we hope you enjoy the ride!

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