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When A Sniffle Isn’t Just A Sniffle- A Post For Jordan O’Riley

Monday, 17th October 2011

When A Sniffle Isn’t Just A Sniffle- A Post For Jordan O’Riley

Today I want to share a story with you, it’s about a young boy that goes to school with my children.

His name is Jordan O’Riley and he is only 10. He hasn’t been to school since term 2.

Photo of Jordan O'Riley

I like to think as a parent, you know when your child is unwell.

I mean sometimes they like to pull our legs a little, try and twist our arms for that extra day off school, but on a whole we know when they’re faking it.

After a bout of the sniffles, a bit of a rash and some general feeling ‘unwell’ Jordan’s family grew tired of being told he had a cold and sought a second opinion.

A second opinion that would throw their daily lives into utter heartbreak and chaos.

After the doctors gathered results from a chest x-ray, Jordan was sent straight to the Royal Children’s Hospital for further testing and a diagnosis.

I can not begin to imagine the heart wrenching pain that was felt through the family when they were told of Jordan’s condition.

At the Children’s Hospital they diagnosed Jordan with Acute Myloid Leukemia, Acute Lymphatic Leukemia and Golden Staph all through his lungs.

Devastating to say the least.

The doctors in Melbourne have started chemotherapy to treat the Acute Myloid Leukemia, as it is the more severe of Jordan’s health troubles and unfortunately, they cannot treat both forms of Leukemia at the same time.

Jordan O'Riley In Hospital

As you can imagine, he is a very sick little boy, in for many ups & downs.

His family are doing the best they can, but they are struggling.

Jordan has his father, step-mother & mother by his side, juggling bedside care while his step-father is doing a whole lot of traveling between home and the hospital.

Jordan’s brother and 2 sisters are being cared for by family members and are getting to see their brother as often as possible.

Costs are adding up and the unforeseen expenses are also causing the family extra stress they don’t need right now.

Right now the most important thing is for them to focus on their son’s recovery.

Jordan in hospital with cap on

Not fuel costs & food, not to mention the day to day bills that we all have to worry about.

Their dear family friend Aaron has organised a huge garage sale, and invited our whole town to donate items to sell and help raise the much needed funds to keep this family afloat.

If you’re in the Wimmera (country Victoria, Aust.) then come and check it out on

Sunday 30th October 2011

Alexander Hall, Ararat, 3377

10am – 4pm

for more info follow this link…

Monster Garage Sale To Help The O’Riley Family

If you can’t help out with items to sell or make it to the massive sale, but want to help this family out, a bank account has been set up for donations.

The bank details are:


Jordan O’Riley Foundation

BSB: 033-201

Account #: 183940

Leukemia Ribbon
Jordan's Ribbon

This is not a sponsored post, nor have I been asked to write it.

I am reaching out to you guys, my readers for that little bit of sticking together families need in a crisis.

Jordan’s story has affected me deeply. With my brood of 6 kids I can not comprehend what this family is going through.

To have a healthy ‘full of beans’ child at the start of the school year wind up at the Children’s fighting for his life, is not something you want anyone to have to suffer with.

If you can help, please do.

I am doing my part, what I can, as Jordan’s story has shown me that ‘you never just know what might happen’ and I know, if it happened to me, I would appreciate your help.


To Jordan,

Hey mate. It’s Jai, Aria & Zaffy’s mum here. I hope your feeling a bit better.

We have been thinking about you heaps and can’t believe how tough you are…

Ok, we know you’re tough, you always have been πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚

My husband Brian tells me you were his canteen helper at school last year.

I reckon when you get back to school that job will be reserved for you.

Till then, don’t give the nurses too much grief, and keep smiling.

Source: via Dave on Pinterest


Love Jac, Brian & The MonsterSquad xox

Photos used with permission.



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    1. Thoughts for Jordan and a good recovery xx

    2. That poor kid & his family!! Sending love and wishes.

    3. I can't even begin to imagine what that family is going through - great post and my thoughts are with Jordan and his family. Also, just letting you know the link for more info is not working for me. Jacqueline

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      I will check it out now and see if I can repair it :-) Thanks for letting me know xo

    5. commonchaoschronicle

      WORKING NOW :-)

    6. Aaron Kerr

      Thank you very much Jacqui, for taking the time out of your already hectic schedule to write this heart felt blog for the O'Riley family.

    7. I am so sorry to hear this sad story Jac, and although I can't send a donation to help them I will certainly pray for Jordan and his family - and will also light a candle in church for him. Heal O Lord little Jordan who is sick, and put his trust in you, send him help O Lord and comfort from your Holy Place. this is a little prayer you could get the children to say, because Jesus said "Where two or three are gathered in my name there I will be in the midst". I haven't suddenly gone all religous but I do pray a lot so hopefully this will help . Take care and love to you all Joan xx

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Joan, I am sure the O'Rileys appreciate everyones thoughts & prayers. Xo

    9. jess

      Donations can always be made the leukemia foundation, Ronald McDonald house and royal children's.

    10. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Jess, we always donate to the Royal Childrens, it's one of the charities that I firmly believe in. Our children donate their piggy bank money every Good Friday Appeal too, so this is very real for them. The account details in this post are for people who would like to help Jordan's family immediately. Donations are are greatly appreciated to any foundation that can help families suffering the effects of Leukemia. xo

    11. bones o'riley

      hi i am jordans dad, i would like to thank you jacqui, as i read this i cry'd my eyes out, rememebering the struggle we had with the doctors down home, which sadened me that things were not done sooner than they should off been, but after we had seen 10 different doctors a skin specialist 4 times an 4 visits to our local hospital, they finaly realised something was wrong, we knew things wern't right but they wouldn't listen, as a parent u know ur own children, i am so happy they finaly listed, as now we r in the right spot, royal children hospital, we have a long road ahead off us, but my boy is fighting every step off the way in true o'riley spirit, so far after the first treatment, the a,m,l, is still the issue but for some reason the a,l,l, has dissapeared, wether its a mirical or modern meds i just not goining to question it, was just happy to here it was not thier, my heart go's out to him every day in prayer that my boy getts through this an comes back to were he belongs with me an his brothers an sisters who miss him so much, in our moment off darkness alot off people have stood up an lit the way for us, we are truly greatfull for this, every bit off support is held dearly in our hearts an keeps us strong, again i thank u all from the bottom off our hearts, an we r truly blessed to have such people in our lives an his, thank you jacqui, for your lovly words an even if i have to write it down word 4 word i will make sure he getts to read this, thank you frm jordans father an family......

    12. commonchaoschronicle

      You're most welcome. I hope the garage sale is a huge success and that the money raised helps you guys out. Please stop by our Facebook page (find it under Common Chaos Chronicle) and let us know from time to time how Jordan is going. All the best, Jac xo

    13. kimberly

      HI O'RILEY"S our thoughts and prayers are with you 24 hours a day you are our inspiration Jordi and Bones stay strong mate call on every ones strength if you have to i know people wont mind thinking of you all talk soon kimberly and Craig Sloper

    14. Thinking of the O'Riley Family.

    15. Nadine Ross

      I have known Bones ( Jordan's dad) and his family since I was a kid. My heart goes out to you Bones and all the family. Jordan keep fighting and with your O'Riley spirit, you will concur all. All my love to all the O'Riley Family. Nadine xoxox

    16. Oh how awful :( My cousin had a form of lymphoma when he was 5, at the same time my grandpa got prostate cancer. Both have survived and in full remission, but I hate leukemia/cancer/etc. Such bastards :( Best of luck with the garage sale!!

    17. Kylie

      Stay strong Jordi, looks like you have a mountain of support out there...

    18. Maree O'Riley

      hi, I am Bones younger sister, Jordi's Aunty, for me, my Fiance and my 3 young kids this has been heart wrenching, As a adult i watched my brother break, I watched my sweet nephew turn from a boy that could move mountains to a boy that had Mt Everest dumped on top of him, But yes in this TRUE O'RILEY SPIRIT, WE WONT LET NOTHING BEAT US JORDI'S PROVED THEM RIGHT........ I break down and cry alot just thinking about Jordi and what he has faced, i know in my heart he carries the strength of 100 men, He is my hero and always will be........My 4 year old daughter looked up to me and asked "Mummy" is Jordi going to god? " I replied holding back the tears" No my darling Jordi is taking a holiday while his body gets better as he needs to rest, she wiped the tears away and said "good cause i still want him to play chase with me"..........So come on Jordi Violet is waiting for that game of Chase and then me & u will go Rainbow Hunting......Thank you for spreading the word more the more people now the more prsayers Jordi gets.....Sitting on Jordi's Bed after he lost his hair i was laying next to him stroking his head, he looked up at me and said with big sad eyes " Aunty Ree no1 will love me when i am older" I was shocked he thought this i looked down at him and held the tears awayt, i said "Jordi we already love u" he chuckled and keeped playing his game PLEASE PREY FOR JORDI xOXOXOX

    19. Nakia

      get well soon jordi

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