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You can’t cure stupid……

Tuesday, 1st October 2013

You can’t cure stupid……

I’ve been saying this a lot lately.

“You can’t cure stupid”.

I’ve been saying it sooo much that even my friends on Facebook have started tagging me in ‘stupid’ memes and so on as they know I’ll nod and grin behind my screen.

I was certain that I was noticing stupid things more often because of Facebook, but yesterday I received a phone call that topped the lot. It’s not just the interwebs people.

Why are so many people concerned about zombies taking over?? C’mon people, you should be more concerned about the ‘STUPID’ taking over. It’s like an epidemic, and it’s getting worse….

The phone call I got yesterday, hands down beat pretty much everything that comes up in my Newsfeed and after lengthy conversations on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page Β I have decided to elaborate on to why I even asked the {RANDOM QUESTION} in the first place.

(Also, a big thanks to those that did comment in that conversation. Seems it’s not just me that finds that whole side of the conversation ridiculous too).

I hope you get as big a laugh out of it as I did, because if I don’t laugh…….. I am dead set going to cry!


I will now share with you my personal status on Facebook, that went up a few minutes before I asked “{RANDOM QUESTION} Does your local Hospital Emergency Department charge you $$$ to see a doctor?” on CCC.

Prepare yourselves for the stupid…. And I forewarn you all that there is big naughty swear words. If you don’t like big naughty swear words please look away now. I was in quite the state of disbelief and really don’t handle ‘STUPID’ so well.

“So the ‘Local’ Medical Centre just called me up demanding I make a payment of $44 for treatment my children received in the Emergency Department in 2011. (Yep a public hospital ED, and from memory it was Veruca with tonsilitis whom they said to give Panadol and come back to the med centre tomorrow).

The chick on the phone wanted an exact date as to when I would make a payment. I said it wouldn’t be this fortnight, and maybe not the next as we were in hardship.

Brace yourselves for this bit…..

She said, “Hardship, oh don’t you live in Ararat anymore?” As though we were living in a place called ‘hardship’.

FUCK ME. They should spend less time ripping people off and more time trying to cure the fucking STUPID that is in this town!!!!”

Yes that’s right people, I had to explain to their debt collections phone call lady what ‘Financial Hardship’ is. Ironic?

So to all my neighbors in our new hometown of ‘Hardship’, I hope we can all make wonderful friends….. GAH!

You can’t cure stupid…..

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Please tell me the most stupid thing you’ve heard, read or come across lately so I can keep trying to convince myself that I am not just stuck in ‘Stupidland’….


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    1. That one still blows my mind! I'm sure the town of hardship is a pretty big place at the moment!! Moron. LisaW recently posted...Mood Board Monday | HexagonalMy Profile

    2. I saw that yesterday too, Now I'm off to google Hardship to see if there it actually exists!! x

    3. Larelle Whittaker

      While in extreme agony, ironically, in the ED and the triage nurse asks me if the 2 panadol I had been given had helped at all. I wanted to punch him. I could not sit, I was shaking, sweating, feeling sick. Ended up needing morphine for 2 days and admission to hospital. So yeah the 2 panadol didn't really help thanks.

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