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Chaos Cooks – Recipe Of The Week – Honey Mustard Chicken

Monday, 22nd August 2011

Chaos Cooks – Recipe Of The Week – Honey Mustard Chicken

Here is how I do my super quick and easy Honey Mustard Chicken & White Rice.

It is a very popular dish in our house, as it’s easy to make and easy for the kids to eat.

I am not a fancy cook, I do the basics to get a meal on the table each night. I’ve tried elaborate plating up of meals, but it has never worked for us, so meals like this are a godsend!

I do cook in bulk, we serve up for 8 most nights and I ususally have plenty left over to make up a dinner box or 2 for the freezer. If you’re only cooking for 4, just half what I have used.


Ingredients to make honey mustard chicken and rice

4-5 cups ofΒ  White Rice

2 x Honey Mustard Sauce (Mine is Aldi, but you can purchase it in any supermarket)

2 x Large Chicken Breast Fillets

1/2 a 1kg Bag (Approx 500gr) of Mixed Frozen Vegetables.

Oil or Cooking Spray


Water & Rice in the saucepan Rice boiling - Half cooked

1. Put your rice in a large saucepan and add some water. Water should be approx an inch over the rice. I’m not fantastic at making rice and I miss my rice cooker dearly. If you have a rice cooker, just use that πŸ™‚ Put your saucepan on a low-medium heat and let the rice bubble away until the water has absorbed.

Chicken fillets diced up into small pieces

2. Cut up your chicken in to small pieces.

Frying pan with a light spray of cooking spray

3. Heat up your frying pan and give it a light spray of cooking spray or use oil.

Frying Chicken

4. Add the chicken and cook until its white all the way through.

Frozen mixed vegetables and chicken

5. Once your chicken is cooked, add your vegetables into the pan.

Chicken and vegetables mixed together

6. Mix the vegetables into the chicken so it’s evenly spread out.

Honey Mustard Sauce poured into the frypan

7. Add the Honey Mustard Sauces to the pan. Stir them around until it is all well mixed in.

Honey Mustard Chicken simmering Away on ther stove

8. Let the rice cook on and the Honey Mustard simmer away in the fry pan.

Mixing the sauce with the rice

9. Once the Rice is ready, and the sauce has cooked through, add the sauce to the rice and stir through.

(I used to serve it up with the rice first then a serve of the sauce on top, but I found the kids ended up flicking rice everywhere trying to mix it, so now we all eat it almost risotto style mixed together).

Honey Mustard Chicken and White Rice served up in a bowl

10. Serve up in bowls and ENJOY!


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    1. this is such a quick and easy recipe! and honey mustard chicken is yummy! I do my rice in the microwave because of my history of nearly setting the kitchen on fire not once, but twice, while attempting to cook rice in a saucepan.

    2. Caz

      That's a great budget buster!! I really don't know how you do it with 8 mouths to feed. You are inspirational!!

    3. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Toushka! My rice cooker itself caught fire one day, hence going back to the pan and just to be typical of me in the kitchen, the microwave dish I got to do rice in doesnt fit in our microwave! LOL I have checked out your enchilada recipe today too. Sounds easy and delish aswell so I'm going to give it a try sometime this week. Thanks for stopping by. Jac xo

    4. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Caz! Ahhh I do what I can I guess. Like I said, I'm no master of the kitchen. I try to cook as healthy as I can with the budget we have, and I haven't starved a kid yet :-) LOL. I hope to do up a recipe per week/fortnight, to show people how I do keep costs down. Thanks for stopping by our chaos. Luv Jac xo

    5. Erin

      YUM! I am going to add this to the list of kid-friendly recipes I have. I don't have a rice cooker and was going to purchase one until I found this method of cooking. It works everytime, I don't have a pot to scrub and by the time the meat and vege have finished cooking it's ready! I've never tried it for such a large quantity of rice, but maybe you could give it a go!? 1. Put rice in a saucepan and cover with water (three times volume of water to rice. i.e. 5 cups of rice covered with 15 cups of water) 2. Bring to the boil and then boil for 2-3 mins (I usually do it for about 5 mins) 3. Take off the heat and while the steam is still rising cover saucepan with the lid *immediately*. Make sure you turn the lid to create a seal. Don't worry if it seems like there is still a lot of water, the rice will absorb it! 4. Leave the rice to cook (approx 20-30 mins for white rice, longer for brown) :)

    6. Hello thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment :) And for promoting me on FB! Your support is much appreciated. Carly

    7. commonchaoschronicle

      No Probs Carly, I love your blog. I also fancy a bit of 'Rush' too! LOL Thanks for stopping by Common Choas Chronicle and having a read. Jac xox

    8. commonchaoschronicle

      Hey Erin! Thanks for stopping by Common Chaos Chronicle. Glad you like the recipe post, I hope you enjoy the meal too. I must say a massive thank-you for your rice cooking instructions. I am possibly the worst 'glug' cook ever, so I'll be trying your method next time we have rice. Thanks again, Luv Jac xox

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