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Hawiian Chicken Parmigiana – Monster Squad Style!

Monday, 19th September 2011

Hawiian Chicken Parmigiana – Monster Squad Style!

A while back I mentioned on my Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page that I was cooking up some Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana for dinner. I had many readers ask for some instructions or a recipe on how I make it so here it is.

It’s my twist (I’m sure it has been done a million times before too), on a classic pub favourite.

I must warn you, I am no professional chef, nor would I class myself as even remotely skilled in the kitchen.Β  I generally just make things up as I go along and my cooking seems to get better each time I make something.

Now you could make your chicken schnitzel from scratch, but I don’t. It’s totally up to you, I just don’t have the time or the inclination to so I buy pre-made schnitzels from the deli at Safeway (Woolworths). You can also purchase pre-made schnitzels from most butchers and chicken shops.

Hawiian Chicken Parmigiana


* Chicken Schnitzels (Fresh ones are the best, the pre-cooked heart shaped ones tend to go a bit dry)

* Tomato Paste or Pasta Sauce

* Italian Herbs (Sprinkles)

* Shaved Ham from a Deli (Or pre-packaged)

* Grated Cheese ( I use Light Cheese)

* Pineapple Pieces (In a can)


* Packet Pasta or Rice

* Potato Wedges & Sour Cream

* Deli Salads – Pasta, Potato, Coleslaw etc…

* Fresh Green Salad or a Pre-Mix Green Salad


Step 1.

Get out your baking trays and line them with some baking paper. I find this makes scrubbing the melted cheese of the trays a whole lot easier.

Step 2.

Chicken cooking in a fry pan

Grab your Teflon coated frying pan & cooking spray (Or your regular pan and oil – whatever works in your house, I’m just on a weight-loss journey so I try to be mindful of extra fats).

Give the pan a light spray and start lightly frying your chicken schnitzels on both sides. Once they’re slightly brown – don’t over cook them or they will be dry, place them on your lined baking trays.

Step 3.

Tomato paste on chicken

Spread out some tomato paste on the top side of your schnitzel.

Give it a light sprinkle of Italian herbs.

Lay some pieces of shaved ham on top of the tomato paste.

Chicken with ham, pineapple

Drain the pineapple pieces off and use a spoon to place them on top of the shaved ham.

Cover the schnitzel with grated cheese and place in the oven for approx 30mins.

Chicken with cheese on top

** Now, I have a regular old gas oven with bodgy seals on it. Its not super accurate, but I set it between 180-200 degrees Celsius. I’m guessing with newer fan forced ovens and electric ovens, the temp and timing may differ slightly **

Step 4.

When the house smells delightful, the cheese is melted and your side dishes are ready,Β  serve your Hawaiian Chicken Parmas up to your hungry family and ENJOY!!!

Served up on a plate


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