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Meal Planning – A New Routine….. Again!!!

Monday, 8th October 2012

Meal Planning – A New Routine….. Again!!!

Right the first step in our new budget and new routine is to get right back into MEAL PLANNING again.

We so often get caught in the trap of ‘What’s for tea? Dunno…. Can’t decide….. I don’t want that…. That takes too long’ and it always results in a last minute dash to Maccas, or KFC.

I know from past experience that when we meal plan we save a packet of money on food.

We feel better because we eat healthier foods and we have much less arguing over the meals and what’s supposed to be served.

MonsterSquad Dad has taken it upon himself to do a fair share of the cooking at Chaos HQ.

This pleases me to no end as I actually despise cooking. I get no enjoyment out of it at all.

While I cook when I have to and I do have a few signature dishes that I always make, I am the planner of our meal preparation team.

I budget for the groceries, plan the meals we are going to have and fill out a printable so MonsterSquad Dad knows what he has to use and prepare.

I like to plan for a month at a time, but while I am getting back into the routine, I will post my meal plan weekly!

Here’s what we’re eating this week. Mostly out of our freezer to save even more money!

Chaos Kitchen
{The wee little stove we cook for 8 on!}


English Muffin Burgers with Chicken & Cheese Schnitzels.


Frozen Pizzas


Chicken & Vegetable Pasta Bake & Garlic Bread


Buffalo Tenders, Nuggets and Chips


Sweet & Sour Stir-fry Chicken & Hokkien Noodles


Ravioli with sun-dried tomato sauce & Garlic Bread


Sausage Casserole

I usually like to plan our breakfast’s and lunch’s too, but since we’re eating bits and pieces from the cupboard this week I will save it for next time!

What’s on your menu this week?

Do you meal plan?

How much money do you think you save by planning your meals a head?



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    1. commonchaoschronicle

      It's the perfect compromise!!!

    2. I don't meal plan at all but instead have a set list of what I buy each week in terms of meat & poultry. For example every week there will be mince chicken, chicken thigh fillets, chicken wings and either chuck steak, lamb chops or mince beef as part of our shopping list. Then, each day I'll thaw any of these and decide what to do with them on the day. With pantry staples already in stock - canned tomatoes, dried pasta, rice, and the usual list of vegetables, it's usually a matter of deciding what dish to make on the day. That's as far as planning I can go. I did try to do meal plans...lasted about 2 weeks. hahahaa

    3. I wish I could convince my husband and head chef to meal plan too!

    4. I meal plan. We're just in the process of the move, almost unpacked now. I'll start meal planning again. I know I've missed it, particularly with my new obsession with healthy eating. It's harder to eat that way when you're not planning.

    5. I try to meal plan but I am really bad at it. I keep meaning to start doing it seriously but, somehow, I never commit to it.

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