Menu Planner-Planning 2 Weeks Of Meals At Once-With FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER

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I am trying a new approach in the meal planning department.

In the past I have shopped each week and planned for one week at a time.

About a month ago, I went to the supermarket and did a HUGE grocery shop, picking up a few bargains along the way. When I got home and wrote out a list of the meals I could make, I ended up with 22 days worth of dinners.

So I got to thinking….. (LOL, my family shudders in fear when I say ‘thinking’….  HAHAHAHA) and I have decided to do my meal planning from now on, for 2 weeks at a time.

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Reason 1 – I can get 2 weeks out of the way with 1 trip to the shops.

Reason 2 – Anything much more than 2 weeks worth of food, and I struggle to fit it into our freezer etc…

So I have created an awesome PRINTABLE that you can print out each fortnight or print once and laminate, to use for your planning.

To grab a copy of the PRINTABLE MENU PLANNER click HERE!

I am still in the process of writing out this fortnight’s menu for my house, so I will share with you once again, my PRINTABLE list of 30 easy Lunch & Dinner Ideas, to help inspire your menu planning.

To grab a copy of the PRINTABLE MENU IDEAS LIST click HERE!

I hope that helps you get back into the swing of meal planning, I know for a fact that when I plan, we SAVE heaps of money, and it takes the argument over what to cook away.

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