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Monster Squad Meal Planning – Week 4!

Thursday, 14th April 2011

Monster Squad Meal Planning – Week 4!

Firstly I must apologise to my readers for being a day late. I’m afraid I spent Wednesday night frying my own brain trying to teach myself how to use Adobe Photoshop…… Massive Fail.

I will get there eventually but it certainly wont be quick!!!

Masterchef eat your heart out....It's Chef Zafirah

Lets hope my meals this week are nothing like my understanding of HTML coding….

This week has to be super easy and super organised as it will be our ‘busy’ week of the holidays!

We will pick up Mackenzi (My Step-daughter) tomorrow,Β  so we will be out and about doing most of our holiday activities while she is with us. πŸ™‚



Lunch: Steamed Dim Sims

Dinner: Provincial Chicken




Lunch: Take-Out in Ballarat

Dinner: Pasta Bake & Garlic Bread


Lunch: Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Ice-Cream with Ice Magic.... Such A Treat!!!!

Dinner: Homemade Pizzas


Lunch: Picnic Basket Lunch

Dinner: Beef Casserole & Mash


Lunch: Nachos

Dinner: Chicken Kebabs & Flavoured Rice


Lunch: 2 Min Noodles

Dinner: Chicken Parmas & Scalloped potatoes


Lunch: Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Dinner: Homemade Fried Rice with Mini DimSims & Mini Spring Rolls



Tinned Two Fruits

Cheese & Biscuits


Carrot Sticks



Mini Muffins

Easter Biscuits


I might even go as far as preparing a few deserts this week….. LOL, after all, it is the holidays!!! πŸ™‚








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