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Need to feed an army on a budget?

Thursday, 10th March 2011

Need to feed an army on a budget?

I have often be asked how I can afford to feed such a large family with todays constantly rising grocery prices. It’s not easy I can tell

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you, but it is possible! In installments I will share with you some of our all time favourite budget recipes and meals.


Now I am in no way a dietitian, health food expert or qualified chef.Β  I am a mum on a budget and do my best to feed the tribe without the need for a second mortgage. Here’s how I do it:

Jac’s Budget Meal Planning!!!

* I sit down the night before I do the shopping and plan my following weeks meals. I also check out the catalogs for specials!

* I first shop at Aldi. Here I buy the basics. Generic items that can be used in many meals. I also get some freezer type snacks here too.

* Then I buy the things that I can’t buy at Aldi from Safeway. I find them the cheaper of the major supermarkets and it is the biggest one we have in town here.

* If I have spotted a decent special in the weekly catalogs I will go to that specific store to buy it.


End Of Year Treat - Pizza Hut!!!

* I will often buy in bulk, separate into portions when im home and freeze.


* I don’t buy a lot of fresh veges – I buy plenty of frozen veges, they seem to keep much longer and eliminates the need to purchase them throughout the week. I do however buy potatoes, carrots and pumpkin fresh + others if the meal plan requires it.

* When I create my meal plans I place meals that have the same ingredients close together so I can buy in bulk and share it out over a few days. For example, Nacho’s require sour cream, as do our baked potatoes. Sour cream doesn’t last very long once open so I might plan the Nacho’s for a monday and the baked potatoes for a tues or wed. This eliminates the need to buy 2 tubs of sour cream. πŸ™‚

With my next round of meal planning I am going to try keeping the daily food budget to a minimum. Our evening meal is the biggest meal of our day and I hope to feed us (7) + my mum for $20.00. That’s the goal anyway!!! πŸ™‚



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