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Thursday, 25th February 2016


During my early teens I absolutely adored the movie GHOST. It pulled at all my romantic little heart strings and made me laugh time and time again, so I was super excited when I received an email offering me tickets to attend the opening night of GHOST The Musical in Melbourne.

Aside from the initial excitement, I was so keen to plan a night away for hubby and I, and what better opportunity for a ‘Date Night’ than a romantic showΒ at the theatre and a swanky spa room at an inner city hotel?

I made it my business to ‘budget like a boss’ so this night away could happen and had us a nice little evening booked and organised before I laid the surprise down on my man.

It’s safe to say that one of us was excited at least.

The groan of misery that wailed out of him when I said we were going to a ‘musical’ was something equivalent to pulling teeth with no pain relief. I kid you not.

Had I have realised the young fellow in the following picture would be sitting out the front of The Regent Theatre all by himself on the night, then I would have considered offering him the other half of our date night instead of dealing with Mr Whingy-Pants…

Ghost Pic 1

It took some convincing (read – I ranted lots and told the hubby to shut up and get over his dislike of musicals) but he eventually warmed to the idea of a night off in the city, just us, without the MonsterSquad, even if it meant digging out his ‘going out’ shirt….. yep, he loves getting tarted up so much, he has just one… sigh….

We drove down to Melbourne and checked into our hotel room with enough time to quickly shower, get dressed and find a place to eat dinner. I was certainly not silly enough to make the man sit through the show without a belly full of chow.

Finding a food place that suited us both was not that easy in the city. We refused to buy fast food junk, the restaurant attached to our hotel served meals with a whole heap of fancy ingredients that we’d never heard of, and may have needed a second mortgage to pay for and another restaurant we found served nothing but seafood, which was a big ‘heck no’ from me.

Eventually we stumbled across a little basement tavern that served ‘pub’ style meals which did the trick with the amount of time we had left before the show. If you guys know of some great food places to check out in the Melbourne CBD, please let me know so we can plan for next time!

Ghost Pic 2

The Regent Theatre was abuzz with lights, cameras and film crews when we arrived, and it was about then that we realised this event was being fairly well publicised. Hahaha there were celebrities everywhere, and then there was us, wondering how we got lucky enough to be invited, but also slightly freaking out a little that we’d have a video camera shoved in our faces…. Or maybe that was just me freaking out that MonsterSquad Dad would be interviewed and he’d express his love for fancy events. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

We made our way inside the theatre and watched the crowd fill each and every last seat. We may have spent a little time playing spot the celebrity, with the highlights sitting near us being Em Rusciano, and some Desperate Housewives of Melbourne but if one thing became apparent in our spot the celebrity Β search, it was that we were most definitely underdressed.

Apologies fancy theatre goers, our classy country town stylists were busy that day…. BAHAHAHA!

Ghost Pic 4

GHOST The Musical was fantastic. It was everything I hoped it would be. The lights, the music, the comedy, Rob Mills, and so on… A well adapted stage version of the movie and I’m still impressed as heck with how they created the illusion of walking through closed doors.

If you’re thinking of going to see the show I highly recommend it as an entertaining and enjoyable night out. Get on it quick though as it moves states early March.

It is bloody LOUD though, with a few sudden bangs so brace yourself and do remember to empty your bladder before the show.

As for the hubby, he survived his first ever proper musical event, and despite his insightful view of “Yeh, it was alright, but I wanna see the movie again now”, he actually enjoyed himself, had a laugh at the hilariously funny parts and also seemed impressed with the visual effects they created on stage.

Turns out my idea for date night wasn’t so horrendous after all…. πŸ˜‰

Ghost Pic 5

Our hotel room was only a couple of minutes walk away from the theatre, which made getting ‘home’ after the show quick and easy.

It wasn’t as ‘extravagant’ as I had hoped, but by golly, despite it being a teeny tiny room mostly filled with a giant comfortable king sized bed, it was absolute bliss to be able to just worry about ourselves and no one else for a night and we couldn’t have wanted for anything else.

We cracked open some drinks, ran the spa, had uninterrupted conversation, laughed out loud, totally relaxed & chilled out and had the best…… errr I’ll leave it to your imagination. πŸ˜‰

Ditto MonsterSquad Dad, Ditto.


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    1. Looks like you had a great night out Jac! Mr. C and I went as a date night too (thanks to you!) because we so needed a break after that BIG move. We bought yummy burgers from Mr. Burger who had their truck just on Fed Square. Sure it wasn't fancy but the burger was nice, and yeah, we were pressed for time but didn't want to go to Macca's ;)

    2. Lol, Ghost was a favourite for plenty of people back then but, men really do prefer Patrick S in something more like Point Break. Just saying ;-) Anyway, I love the happy snaps, and you must have got there super early for the Theatre to be that empty. Date Night is always a good night. :-) Hammo recently posted...How to Make Money on the Side – Start a BlogMy Profile

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