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Meal Planning… Getting back in the swing of it!

Tuesday, 24th June 2014

Meal Planning… Getting back in the swing of it!

So over on the Common Chaos Chronicle Facebook Page I mentioned that I was going to get my act together and try to stick to meal planning once again, as in the past it saved us heaps of shopping dollars and eliminated the “What are we going to eat for dinner?” argument each night.

As food prices keep going up and up and we’re having to spread our limited budget even further each payday, I am determined to cut costs where I can, in hope of putting some $$$ aside for household emergencies, and also to improve our nutrition.

Last minute meals are more often than not….. JUNK FOOD! Which is always OK in moderation, but not a frequent example I want to be setting for my 6 little monsters!

So I have penned down this fortnight’s Meal Plan, which will include some things we already have in our cupboards and freezer, and of course a big trip to the supermarkets too.

{BUDGET TIP} – Always shop from your home pantry or cupboard before making the trip to the supermarket. You’d be surprised how many meals you can come up with using odds and sods you already have at home. It also is a great way to use up items before they pass their use-by date and get thrown out unopened.

I personally like to plan out each meal of the day, simply so the kids have less reason to argue with me, and they also don’t need to nag and whinge if they know what to expect and can see what’s on the plan.


Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal + 1 Slice of toast.

Lunch: Ricecakes & Dip / Lunchboxes.

Afternoon Tea: HomemadeΒ  Air-popped Popcorn.

Dinner: Chicken Drumsticks, Mash & Vegies.



Breakfast: Weet-bix & a glass of Milk.

Lunch: Sandwiches / Lunchboxes.

Afternoon Tea: Home-baked Cake.

Dinner: Pasta & Bolgnaise Sauce + Garlic Bread.


Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal + 1 Slice of toast.

Lunch: Tuna & Salad on Cruskits / Lunchboxes.

Afternoon Tea: Cheese & Vegemite Saladas.

Dinner: Honey Mustard Chicken on Rice.



Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: Tin Spaghetti on Toast / Lunchboxes.

Afternoon Tea: Tin 2 Fruits and Custard.

Dinner: Chicken Casserole & Mash.


Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal + 1 Slice of toast.

Lunch: Dip & Crackers / Lunchboxes.

Afternoon Tea: Oven Baked Chips.

Dinner: Chicken, Corn, Capsicum & Salsa Quesadillas.



Breakfast: Raisin Toast.

Lunch: Steamed Dim Sims.

Afternoon Tea: Biscuits.

Dinner: Baked Spuds with Cheese, Bacon, Beans & Salad.


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs on Toast.

Lunch: Party Pies / Frozen Diet Meal (me)

Afternoon Tea: Fruit.

Dinner: Roast Chicken & Vegies.


Week 2 will be structured the same but include these meals instead…

* Chicken Kebabs.

* Beef Stroganoff in the Slow Cooker.

* Spaghetti Bolognaise.

* Home baked Fish & Chips + Salad.

* Home made Beef & Vegetable Lasagne + Potato Wedges.

* Pitta Pizzas.

* Honey Soy Chicken Stir-fry with Hokkien Noodles.

* Crumpets (Breakfast).

* Bacon & Egg Sangas (Breakfast).

{NEW TO MEAL PLANNING} – Sometimes planning meals out for each day can feel too structured for some, but if you’re giving it a go anyway, don’t be afraid to swap meals around mid week if the planned meal suddenly doesn’t suit. You’ll still have the correct amount of meals for your fortnight so just roll with it. Be sure to remember to adjust it on your plan though, so you’re not searching for something that’s already used later in the fortnight! πŸ˜‰

I hope that gives you a start in creating your meal plans, and a rough idea of what goes into ours. I want to start adding new dishes to our plans here and there too, because I am tired of eating the same kind of foods all the time.

Perhaps adding one new dish a fortnight wont shock my fussy family too much? What do you think?



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    1. Karen

      That's a great plan Jaci. I had never thought of putting in afternoon teas etc as well...great idea. Stops the kids from gobbling up all the food too!

    2. Great tips there Jac. Now, can you share (if you haven't already) the recipe for honey mustard chicken? I would love to make that - sounds delish. I normally don't really meal plan. What I do is to have the same amount of veggies, meat/chicken each week in the fridge & freezer then work from there. I think your meal planning idea is so much better! Norlin recently posted...Fashion Day: Double DenimMy Profile

    3. That's a fantastic idea! Perfect post as I am about to put together a meal plan for the week! Thanks for sharing and love the structured idea for the kids also. May do it for my one year old. He doesn't know the difference but more for me to get my act together and no stress about it last minute. :) Maria @ Mummy Goes Mad recently posted...Blog Design Process: Including 15% - 20% Blog Design DiscountMy Profile

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