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The Weekend Wrongs – Why I end up stressed every weekend…

Sunday, 19th August 2012

The Weekend Wrongs – Why I end up stressed every weekend…

So it has finally occurred to me what we may have been doing so wrong each and every weekend.

The same thing happens each week and I end up one big ball of stress and anxiety.

Here’s my theory….

You see in the past, when MonsterSquad Dad was working full time and out of the house everyday, I would prepare a list of things that we needed to do and get done every weekend.

Another whiteboard list
Another whiteboard list...

Things that I couldn’t do on my own during the week, things that required more than an hour or so after work.

Now that he’s not working out of the house, we have most of the day’s to do these things….. except…..

We’ve been spending our time enjoying the semi peace while the bigger monsters are at school.

We’ve been shopping and spending our days out of the house to avoid the mundane and the housework.

So weekends approach and my mindset is still back in the old format. Something a lot like:

“Let’s complete a weeks worth of jobs plus the usual housework whilst wrangling 6 monsters that just want to chill out and have some fun”

Hmmmm, LIGHT BULB moment!!!

Yes indeed, this afternoon it hit me like a freight train.

We need to be achieving all these niggling jobs that drive me batty during the weekdays. We need to switch off computer work while the monsters are present and do it of an evening until we have caught up.

Eli starts blogging young!
Eli starts blogging young!

The weekends should be more focused on fun and family time and less focused on trying to do a million things at once.

I get so upset when I walk through the house and it is trashed…errrr ‘played in’ from one end to the other but I forget that the kids have been entertaining themselves whilst we’ve been working on stuff.

When they’re not nagging and under our feet that is…. It will also be so much easier to get things done while they’re at school too.

Like any new routine it will take time and need tweaking but I think this is what our family needs and more to the point, it’s what I need to stay sane of a weekend.




3 things that so often get left behind at Chaos HQ,

3 things that are about to make a great big return!

Hopefully with less to do on the weekends – aside from the ‘everyday jobs’ – I should be one much less stressed Mumma…. Fingers crossed!

The MonsterSquad
The Monster Squad!!! Seriously, who wouldn't want to spend their entire weekend with them !?!?


What do you think? Do you do these things in your family?

I’d love to hear your thoughts….





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    1. Good luck

    2. jenny

      Well Done Jac, good planning, good luck. Jenny

    3. Tarn

      I do everything housework/organising oriented during the week and absolutely nothing other than maybe a load of washing, plus the obvious cooking/washing dishes, so that I can leave the weekends for the "spontinaity" of having the kids and hubby home and doing things as a family. It works well - but it took a while for my head to get around the fact that come Monday there would be lots to clean and put away! Mondays are a computer free and stay at home no distractions day so that I can put the house back in working order again. Now the boys are a bit older I find we do a quick "put toys and random things away" time just before dinner on the weekends which lessens my jobs come Monday, but I am definitely less stressed out about the house being "trashed". Good Luck! Hopefully this light bulb moment will make things brighter for you and your squad :)

    4. I have enough trouble wrangling two , hats off to you with 6-7 little darlings. Goodluck Jac.

    5. Yep I agree. Best to do a little bit each day - the mundane stuff - while the kids are at school. That way you have less during the weekends. And here's a tip to keep you motivated to do the boring stuff...the reward that awaits you at the end of it. For me it's getting to do some reading, so I quickly do the chores with the mindset, a few more minutes and I get to continue with my reading! It has worked wonders!!

    6. glenda davies

      I do agree.It should be family time of a weekend. the kids will be playing sport , visiting friends,and so onand you expect the house to be organised. I don,t think so.Be real and enjoy your self too

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