The Biggest Loser 2014

The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia – Meet The Contestants!

Tuesday, 28th January 2014

The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia – Meet The Contestants!

Season 9 of Australia’s The Biggest Loser is underway and I’ve put together a quick ‘who’s who’ guide for you all.

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So here they are in no particular order….

Sharon Basset – 31yrs old.


Shaz works in an all male (bar her) workplace and hopes to one day be treated less like one of the blokes and more like the lady within.

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Callan Evans – 34yrs old.


Callan is a stay at home dad with a new found respect for mums at home and is studying to become a primary school teacher.

Mary Reid – 48yrs old.


Mary has lived in Ararat her whole life. Her weight has meant that she has never been able to have her own family with her husband. With her weight-loss, he hopes to travel in comfort and enjoy activities that she has been unable to do in the past.

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Kerry Stockwell – 49yrs old.


Kerry (and his wife Toni) moved to Ararat 3yrs ago and purchased one of the local pubs together. Aside from a love of beer, Kerry also enjoys traveling with Toni and they hope to renew their wedding vows in Vegas when they reach their fitness goals.

Caitlin Munday – 17yrs old.


Caitlin left school due to bullying and is now studying nursing at the local hospital. She hopes that being in a house with like-minded people, she will remain motivated and inspired to lose all her excess weight.

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Matt Dalton – 37yrs old.


Matt is keen to start a family with his wife to be and knows he needs to lose weight to help achieve that goal.

Toni Stockwell – 48 years old.


Toni (Kerry’s wife) has been a yo-yo dieter her whole life but craves the knowledge to make healthy meal choices. Since leaving work at the pub she has become a much respected art teacher in the Ararat community.

Cameron Brown – 34yrs old.


Cam was the store manager at the local Ararat Safeway. After seeing some of his staff members apply for this season of TBL, he knew he had to give it a shot. Portion sizes are on the top of Cam’s fix it list and he’s excited about what the future will bring.

Shannon Woolley – 36 yrs old.


Shannon is the shy, introvert of the bunch who is hoping to develop some serious self confidence and belief in herself throughout The Biggest Loser experience.

Craig Booby – 34 yrs old.


Craig is a huge beer drinker, and outside of work, spends most of his time chilling out at the pub! Despite the challenges that this experience will bring, he’s as ready as he’ll ever be!

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Jane Jantzen – 42 yrs old.


Jane is putting herself first for once and really wants to shine. She’s hoping to travel, meet a partner and create a fuller life for herself.

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Rodger Turner – 51yrs old.


Rodger is Mr Sociable and loves to catch up with mates at the pub for lunch after finishing work as a baker each day. He’s a grandfather-to-be, and is hoping to get his health in check so he can enjoy his grandparenting years!

Katrina Pianta – 45 yrs old.


Katrina is the ‘supermum’ of the group having devoted her every ounce of being to raising her boys and looking after her husband all these years. She’s now got the focus on her own health and can’t wait to see a reflection that she actually likes to see.

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Natalie Wohlers – 38 yrs old.


Natalie is a busy mum of 4, cancer survivor and hopes to become a paramedic when her weight comes off and her fitness improves.

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Have you been watching at home?

Who do you think has the best chance of making it through to the end of the series?

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    Written by:

    1. Darryl

      It would be good to find out each of the contestants' height, so I can check out their BMI and their ideal weight. Unfortunately I couldn't them! :-(

    2. Tina

      Mary keep going and ignore what is being said you are trying as hard as everyone else. Prove it to everyone and make it all the way to the end. You have got the will power in you. You go girl you can do it........

    3. trish diehl

      sharon absolutely rocks. What a great personality. Honest and genuine personality shines through. Keep going girl, congrats for this week. You ooze celebrity charisma. Katrina is 2nd in line. Love yourself ladies cause I can see why your families luv you. Cal is a sleeze, I can see right through him.

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