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The Bloggiest Loser – Week 1 – Not A Great Start…

Thursday, 6th September 2012

The Bloggiest Loser – Week 1 – Not A Great Start…

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Welcome to another week of The Bloggiest Loser.

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Now, for a run down of my week:

I’m not going to lie to you, I have had the most average week in trying to be healthy’s history.

I honestly don’t know why either. I mean I know why, my heart can’t have been in it, but usually when I declare that I’m back on the weight-loss wagon, I behave myself for the first few weeks at least!

This past week has been really busy.

We’ve been here, there and everywhere. Which I wasn’t prepared for in the eating department.

Then because we’ve been so flat out busy, I hadn’t had a chance to do the grocery shopping…. You know what that means…

Bloody rotten Take-Away food.

The occasional treat turned into an almost daily lunch food and my sugar cravings have been at an all time high.

I’m not sure if it’s the exhaustion or if it has something to do with breastfeeding or if its something else but I have been roaming the house searching for sweet things all week.

I’m really disappointed in the effort I have put in this week but I am feeling a little more positive in my attitude towards meals now that I have done the shopping, planned the meals and can limit portion sizes too.

The only exercise I got during this week was incidental housework exercise. I stared down the treadmill on 3 separate occasions but the fear of how much it might hurt put me off.

Treadmill 3 – Jac 0.

This week I am not going to let it get to me again.

Aside from not keeping my promise to myself with the weight-loss, I have had a pretty impressive week.

I kicked some personal blogging goals right out of the park.

I am getting this house back in order since it fell apart after the birth of little Elijah.

I received some awesome feedback about my increased confidence.

Now, I have just got to get this weight-loss thing happening.

My focus this week will be on:




I’m going to have to remind myself of this too….



So this week I have put on a devastating 2.1kgs. Shattered, but I know why, know where I went wrong and know what I am going to change this coming week.

I hope your weight-loss has been more successful than mine.

Onwards and Upwards….

PS Don’t forget to take your measurements. I forgot so will be taking them this morning. xoxox

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    1. The whole being prepared with meal planning and grocery shopping makes a huge difference, hey. Exactly why I need to start doing this. I had an average week. Been walking more but I still need to watch what I'm eating. And drink more water.

    2. I know all too well the horrible cycle that starts when the takeaway food starts as a "necessity" and then just continues. the amount of crap me and hubs used to eat! unbelievable. Now, when we have one of those full on days and there is either nothing in the house to eat or we can't be arsed cooking, our go to takeaway meal is a cooked chicken, wraps (or mountain bread) and salad (the prepackaged stuff) and hummus. it feels like takeaway food and is just as convenient. We also use the chicken to make soup for the next night. healthier and cheaper and just as convenient really. - pretty sure those cooked chickens are full of fat but the salad is good yes? lol. maybe we're kidding ourselves but it stops the cycle and there is no guilt. changing this one habit really worked for us. We still get fish and chips occasionally - we're not the food police, but we are way better than we used to be. Sorry - this comment turned into a post of it's own. I hope you read this as a "this is what we did" comment and not a "you should do this" comment. next week is another week. smash it. here's to a better week.

    3. With water, here's a tip I learned - well, I've noticed that works well - fill up a water bottle so at least you know how much you've drank the whole day instead of re-filling your glass.

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