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The Bloggiest Loser – Week 3 – Wanting To Be ‘Normal’.

Thursday, 20th September 2012

The Bloggiest Loser – Week 3 – Wanting To Be ‘Normal’.

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This week has been a wipe out for me.
I know exactly where I have gone wrong and exactly what I need to change.
I know that I am exhausted and have very little energy to achieve anything much more that the bare minimum each day.

I eat to stay awake.
I eat the wrong things for the sugar hit, the small burst of energy.
I have so little time for me that I don’t exercise.
When I do get a ‘moment’ I just feel like collapsing in a giant heap.

I look at myself in the mirror and I am disappointed. It’s not who I want to see at all.
No matter how hard I try to control my thoughts and feelings, I can’t help but fall one step further into my own misery each and every day.

I can feel the negativity creeping back over me and although I try so hard to fight it, it engulfs me like a burning inferno.

I want so bad to be what I call ‘normal’. I know there is no such thing as normal. But my mind likes to tell me otherwise.

This week I managed to fit in a 15min walk. Just one.
I also ate heaps of chocolate and junk.

As a result, I put on 1.1kgs.

I’m not sure if I am mentally prepared for the bad weeks.

I wish I had the money to have the right meals prepared for me. But I don’t. I have to cook within such a tight budget, and healthy eating isn’t always the cheapest option.

My other downfall is time. I just don’t have enough of it.

I want so bad to see a massive weight loss when I step on the Wii Fit board. I really really do.

Do you have an image of ‘normal’ in your mind? How do you cope with the weeks where you put on instead of lose weight?




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    1. Don't beat yourself for not sticking to your plan Jacqui. Remember your body is still recovering from having a baby PLUS you have the task of getting everything and everyone organised. Ok, snacking isn't bad if you're snacking on the "right" foods. Not that there's a WRONG food btw. Have some nuts handy (if you're not allergic to it). That will boost your energy AND they are good for you too. Keeps you full as well. :)

    2. Rachel

      Jaq. I too am trying to lose weight. I'm wanting to lose 20kgs at least. In the first 2 weeks I lost 2.9 kgs which I was over the moon about!!! This week I put on 1.4 kgs. I just need to focus on where I went wrong. I know it's hard :(

    3. nikki montague

      I have an 8 month old jac and 2 others aged 4 & 5 and I have only just in the last two Weeks feel like I have my head above water and starting to slowly get myself organised again. Its amazing what sleeping more than 4 hours of broken sleep can do. Don't be hard on yourself, I know that's a task in itself but you will get there one centimetre at a time.

    4. Kara

      Normal....what's that Jac, everyone has a different perception of normal, you just need to focus on what's normal or feels right for you. Losing weight is really hard work, it's an awesome feeling when you see a loss, but I know how crap it feels to see a gain:( One thing I try to remind myself is that it took me 8 years to put this weight on so I can't expect it to come off overnight, so I guess you need to remind yourself of that too. Exercise is hard to fit in I find getting it done between 6-7am about the only time I can manage, I know that's hard with a newborn, but now the weather is getting better you can pop him in the pram and have some walks, make a planned time before you go to bed and try to stick to it.......good luck and remember to be kind to yourself, you're doing a great job xo

    5. Brenda

      Reading your post was just like reading up on my week and my thoughts. I too am struggling with weightloss after giving birth to my 3rd child in January and with a 3 and a 4 year old I just don't have time for me. I'm barely staying afloat with my Uni work and assignments. Just hang in there and hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel for you in your weightloss journey.

    6. I hear you. I've gone up and down the last few months and it's frustrating....SO frustrating! I just stumbled on your blog (this post - only a month after it was posted...ha) and I'm hoping to connect with some fellow bloggers to create a support network! Maybe you'll stop by my corner of the web and we'll connect :) Cheers!

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