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Aria’s Alopecia – Hair Loss Update October 2015.

Wednesday, 14th October 2015

Aria’s Alopecia – Hair Loss Update October 2015.

Alopecia (aka Sudden Hairloss) has been in the media heaps lately thanks to a young lady named Katie Hale that has embraced her new look and powered on in her life. She has been a fabulous inspiration for our 11 year old daughter Aria, who randomly developed Alopecia at the end of August 2015. You can read about her here!Β 

Whilst we have been told that Aria’s case is anxiety induced, we’ll never know the actual reason her hair is falling out because medically it has something to do with the immune system attacking the follicles….. or something like that.

Needless to say, we’re doing all we can to make life ‘easier’ on her so she can hopefully recover and grow her hair back again.

It’s been a rough month or so, you can imagine how edgy an 11year old, hormone infused girl is when it comes to hair and so forth.

I have cried and cried several times. Not for the hair loss, but for the anxiety this situation has created in a young girl, who should otherwise be getting ready to plan world wide domination…. or you know, just enjoying her childhood.

Arias Alopecia

The guilt then comes and overwhelms me. I worry that her anxiety is hereditary and has been passed on from my depression and anxiety. I worry that if her mood is this low at 11, what will she go through as a teen, will she ever get better??

I also get guilty that I am so affected by her having Alopecia. At the end of the day it’s just hair and it will most likely grow back. She could have a whole plethora of other horrendous things wrong that I can’t bare to even imagine, and I feel that I should be thankful it’s only hair, yet I still cry for her, and the loss of my happy-go-lucky little girl.

Over the space of a month her balding went from an enlarged part on her head to a full patch. I can’t get over how fast it happened.

One day there I vacuumed the lounge room floor and filled the Dyson 3 times with hair. In the one room! Crazy!

Arias Alopecia 2

Anyway, we’ve had some short growth coming back on the top bald spot which is promising. We’ve expanded the beanie collection and only time will tell the rest of the story.

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    1. Kate

      You're a brave young lady Aria and a credit to you Jac! Aria is strong just like her mum, thank you for sharing. When we share our stories it helps others who might be going through the same thing. Your story makes me think of babies born with hair, then lose it, then it grows again. Great news that it's growing back, in the meantime those beanies rock!

    2. Sandy Burton

      You are a beautiful brave young lady Aria and Jac you and Brian are fantastic parents. Thank you for sharing Arias story with us.

    3. Hi Aria, your are a very brave little lady and I am proud of you, did your mum tell you I had Alopocia from when I was Five and it was not very nice, but it did grow and each time my hair grew much thicker so if and when I got another patch, I was able to hide it because my hair was so thick, in tose days we didn't have a clever mum like yours who cut make such lovely beanie hats (you look so lovely in them) I wish I had had them when I had by baldy patches. and again when I had Alopcia not many people had heard of it so I felt so alone, but now almost every body knows about it and you seem to have some nice friends so just be proud that you are a very beautiful and brave little girl lots of love Auntie Joan xx

    4. Hammo

      Wow, I have two lovely daughters and the eldest one does worry me sometimes with the levels of anxiety she has. Her's is mainly coming from having a split family and I haven't been able to pinpoint her main trigger yet. It's obvious she is lying when I ask her to talk about it. My ex-wife gets highly anxious and I've wondered if that might have some effect on my daughters anxiety but I don't know for sure. Thanks for the parenting heads up. Hammo recently posted...How to Fuel Your Inner Creativity with a Blog Name GeneratorMy Profile

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