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Chaos Babies – The Newborn Edition.

Friday, 10th August 2012

Chaos Babies – The Newborn Edition.

There’s one thing about having a big family, and it’s people tend to want to compare the kids. It happens a lot when you add a fresh little bubba to the mix.

Who does he look like?

Is his temperament like such and such? And so on….

So I will let all you chaos readers decide for yourselves!

I’d love to know what you think so feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts!

Jai Phoenix

newborn jai
This is Jai only a few hours old. He was tiny compared to the others.


Jai and me (looking fab :-S) LOL


Aria Monique

Aria a few hours old. I'll never forget the length of her tiny fingernails. She was basically born with claws!!


Aria looking a little disgruntled... this was taken on day 2.


Zafirah Odette

Me holding baby Zaf, only 24 hours old.


Zaf and me having a much needed snooze. Look at her cubby cheeks!


Veruca Rani

Baby Veruca on day 4. I think her hair was the longest of them all.


Veruca Rani
Veruca all snug in her bed - 1 week old.

Levi Kaelan

Little Levi all rugged up, 3 days old.


Levi around 4-6 weeks old.


Elijah Harper

Elijah, 3 weeks old!

So there you go, all uniquely different, but all similar in so many ways!


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    1. My goodness you bake beautiful babies!!! They do look similar, but they're their own little people iykwim.

    2. Wow. Can't half tell they're all related, can you! They all have such strong resemblances to one another! Aria, Zaf & Elijah are the image of each other as newborns in the photos you've shared. Whereas Levi, Veruca & Jai are the image of each other as newborns, But in the photo of Levi at 4 weeks old, he looks like Elijah at 3 weeks. There is slight differences in them all, but they definitely look quite similar to one another. Gorgeous family you have there :)

    3. Oh my, you have such beautiful babies, and I can see differences and similiarities in all of them...ahhh you've made my day all smiley now xo

    4. Jac, can I just make such beautiful babies!!! Cluck cluck cluck! I think they all look similar and umm...rightly so too! :)

    5. Colette Davies

      Absolutely gorgeous pics of your babies! :) I know you wanted comments about who we think the babies look like, but I wanted to comment that you look SO much like our Bernadette in those pics. You've defo got the "Davies" genes going on there! :) xxx

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