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Monster number 3…. The real monster???

Sunday, 27th February 2011

Monster number 3…. The real monster???

Exactly 12months and 2 weeks after our double trouble bundle arrived we welcomed into the world another precious “Surprise”…

Introducing….. Zafirah Odette. Healthy baby Girl, born May 2005.Β  7lb 6oz.

Alot can be said about our dear little Zaf. It really is quite a challenge to work out where to start. Nagging Zaf

Ok, If we needed a picture to place along side a definition of “Middle Child Syndrome” , She’s your girl. She’s loud, she’s obnoxious, she’s always in your face. Zafirah has to be the centre of attention…. all of the time…… But thats the way we love her. πŸ™‚

Zaf-anna MontannaNow dont go thinking I am all harsh on this one. Zaf is Miss Popularity. She has more close friends than any other girl her age, adults and children alike. While she spends most of her time being the menace of my world, she impressing the socks of everyone else we know. Bless her preciousness!!!

Have you ever seen that movie ‘Cheaper by the dozen’ ? Take note of the girl called Sarah Baker. It’s Zaf to a tee!! Infact we have often joked around with her and called her this in which she has replied.. “yep, looks a bit like me too”Β  OMG!!!

Zafirah’s talents lie in the acting arena and she cant be any happier than when she’s prancing about on a stage, putting on fake accents and creating dramatic masterpieces…. all at age 5…. She’s recently taken up dancing classes and is loving every second of it!!!

So our middle child can be a ratbag….. but when she’s not instigating nonsense she’s busy helping me with the cooking, washing and dishes. She also enjoys helping her younger brother explore his surroundings and has personally taught him the skills of perfect door slamming. Ahhh Yes, another high maintenance GIRL…. But arnt we all?

Happy ZafI think it’s safe to say that Miss Zafirah Odette is the life of our house. It would be a very boring and mundane existence without her. She makes us smile day in and day out….. πŸ™‚Sleepy me and zafKinder Zaf


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    1. Joan Hart

      That is definitley our Zaffy xx

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